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Ep: 50 Law Of Attraction, Is It Just A Myth Or A Reality?


Ep: 50 Transcript

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Law of attraction, is it just Myth or Reality? Listen, and Sharyn will describe her discovery of the Law of attraction principles around 20 years ago and how she applied them to her life and worked in another episode of medium well with psychic Sharyn Rose. She also lets you know how she started, from cleaning houses to being a solid business influence in the community. Most importantly, she will share with you how you can change your story using the same techniques that she did. Let’s get started.

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How True Is The Book The Secret?

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Hey, everybody; welcome back to medium well with Psychic Sharyn Rose on this beautiful August day. And it’s our 50th episode. Pretty excited about that. And actually, can you tell I’m losing my voice a little bit? So turn on anything else you got going on there and listen up. Because this is an important episode. I want to talk to you about the law of attraction. And I know, I know, I know, a lot of people wonder, like, is the law of attraction a real thing? Or is it just a gimmicky thing that came out like the book The Secret? And you know, some of the characters in The Secret are valid and valuable members of our teaching and holistic growth community. But the marketing that was done and the way much of the information came out around the law of attraction was misleading. People came away from reading the book or watching the movie was the idea that if you focus on something and you go, I want that, it’s going to happen. That’s misleading. And so what I want to do today is I’m a law of attraction fanatic; I love how the Law of Attraction works. I’ve used it repeatedly; I use it with different things every day in my business and life. And I love it because the whole premise behind the Law of Attraction is, as you think.

Can We Create Our Own Reality?

So you are, you might want to write that down, as you think. So you are, so we create our reality. So you create your reality, and I make my reality. And one of the biggest challenges that the law of attraction, the way it’s been presented so far, and the way a lot of people have understood it is it falls in line with our desire not to have to be responsible for complex, challenging things in our lives. And, you know, we make a wish, and it’ll wish will come true. And if it doesn’t, well, that law of attraction thing does work. It doesn’t work like that. And the actual opposite is, is the truth, the law of attraction is as we think so we are, so if you take responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly in your life, and you choose, you choose because we as humans have the power of choice. So you choose a better way, style, or method than the one that didn’t work, and you are taking control of your story. And you’re starting to create your reality by making choices and saying, I made this choice. It led me down this road. It didn’t work out. But it was my choice. It’s not anybody else’s fault. It’s mine. And it goes even so simple as to say, you know, hear people say things like, well, she made me mad. Well, she really can make you angry. She can do whatever she wants and have action, take action, or say something to you. And you can choose to react in multiple ways, whichever you choose. But understand if anger is your choice, then that’s your choice. It’s got nothing to do with what came out. Yeah. And that is the premise of the law of attraction. That is precisely why so many people misunderstand the law of attraction.

What Is The Law Of Attraction Example?

A lot of it has to do with our cultural upbringing. Much of it has to do with the idea because this aligns with spiritual work and the practical physical work required from us on the planet. And so I will give you some examples of what worked for me and what’s worked for other clients. It’s pretty hilarious. There have been some fantastic stories, and even today, I still shake my head because I didn’t grow up knowing about the law of attraction either. I’m a product of the 50s and 60s, so it was a bit different back then. I want you to hang on to don’t go anywhere until the very end of this because I’m going to pick a card for you, and it’ll fall right in line with the Law of Attraction principles; you’ll like it. Okay, so when I was first exposed to the law of attraction was very similar to most people. It was the book The Secret. Do you know I’ve never actually read the whole book? Why didn’t I read the entire book? I thought it was too far-fetched. It didn’t make sense to me, I grew up with the idea that hard work is how you get where you get, and you do the job, put in the effort, put in the time, put in your hours, and you’ll get the reward. And to some respect, that’s true. But what if you’re doing the work, putting in the time, and getting the compensation at whatever level you’re getting, but you hate what you’re doing? How does that impact your growth? How does that impact you moving forward? If your emotional setting is way down the scale, you’re not feeling good about your job, you’re not passionate about it, you’re going to work, you’re spinning your wheels, and then you go home. And you do that every day? How does that impact the law of attraction in your life? Because, you know, many people out there don’t like what they’re doing. And they’re doing it because they figure, well, that’s all they know. That’s all they can do. They don’t believe in things like the law of attraction, where they could draw

a whole new experience.

How Do I Attract The Job I Want?

So here, I will give you an imperfect example from the start of work. I’ve had many clients who are struggling with their work come to me. And they’re unhappy, and they’ve been at it for a long time. And I’ll tell them, Well, what else do you love? And, so inevitably, what I’ll do is I’ll say, what if I was to give you because we’re a materialistic capitalistic society? So I’ll tell them, what if I was to provide you with a million dollars? What’s the first thing you would do, and they write it down? But the second thing you would do? And then what’s the third thing you would do? And you know what I would ask you to do for that exercise? I would ask you to do that. And if you choose to do that exercise, and you’re not sure why I asked that then you can always get a hold of me, and I will give you the rest of the equation. But the reason is that if you give people a great deal of money because we are money seekers; in our culture, Anyways, if you give them a great deal of money, then they believe all their problems will be solved. Everything’s going to be taken care of, you know, many wealthy people have died from horrible diseases. Many affluent people have lost everything they own; many have lost all those they love. There are a lot of rich people out there that are miserable. So money is not the solution. Money is not the answer. And for a lot of people, I think they get it. I think people understand money isn’t the solution. But we do have this idea that if we get a lot of money, it will

solve all of our problems.

How Do You Stay Positive In A Toxic Environment?

One of the things I learned how to do before I learned how to do anything else was trying to be as positive as I could be. I come from a reasonably toxic environment. And so I thought to myself, I remember going to, it wasn’t even supposed to myself, it was an actual workshop. I went to workshops years and years and years ago; gosh, I was in my 20s, way back. And it was about successful living. It was. I’ll give you the title of it and everything. But I think the gentleman’s still out and about, and I don’t know, maybe he’s not. He’s passed away. He was a flaming alcoholic anyways; I forgot, of course; I didn’t know that at the time. I did not realize it at the time. But anyways, I went to his workshop, and I was; I’d come from a very repressed environment, I’d come from an environment where I was not allowed to make many choices. And a lot of all my options were made for me. So I didn’t even when I first started when I moved out on my own at 17, and I went to the grocery store; I didn’t know how to shop. Because I grew up in the food industry. We always had food from the restaurant, you know, there was one pork chop for supper and get some pork chops. At home, shopping was a whole new adventure for me, and I loved it. And today I love food shopping. And it’s enjoyable because there are always these weird, bizarre things like chicken and a cat or potatoes and a cat. And I’m like, why would people do that? But that’s just me. I’m a country girl. Anyways, I remember going to this workshop. And I remember sitting there and listening to him and listening to Gemini he talked, for it was a two-day workshop. He spoke for two full days. And the only thing I came away with, and I was blown away that I didn’t know this before, was that I had the power of choice. I could choose; I could decide how I wanted to move forward. I wasn’t even aware that when I decided if I went into a restaurant, I tried to eat what I was choosing; just the power of choice never occurred to me; I never thought of it. And in our fast-paced, somewhat abusive love of the human world, we live in now.

What Are The Power Of Choice?

People don’t realize they have the power of choice. So the first thing that has to happen is you have to choose. So after I realized that I had the power of choice, I made a lot of changes in my life by choice instead of just feeling like I was at the mercy of economics or I was at the mercy of other people or that I was powerless and I couldn’t make choices. And just becoming aware that I could make choices gave me empowered me and gave me the ability to choose how I wanted my day to be and I would get I wake up in the morning, and I decide how I want my day to be; I want my day to be great. I got in the habit of starting to make notes in the evenings of things I wanted to achieve the next day, whatever line of work I was in, and I get up the next morning, and I’d feel good because I just knew it was going to be a great day. And I’d get on about what I was doing. And I was also cautious to ensure that whatever I took on as an activity for my work, I enjoyed it, at least to some degree. Now, granted, there are going to be some times and things and situations where you’re not going to be able to do everything because you like it; it’s going to be a necessity. And that happened to me, too. I remember at one point in time; I was ultimately broken. And I have two little kids, and I was a single mom who was utterly broke living in a vast townhouse complex. And I didn’t know what I was going to do. How was I going to pay my rent? So I went down to talk to the property managers, and they said, I’m struggling here. I’m, like, I’m not working right now. And I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent. They said, Well, how do you feel about doing some cleaning? I’m like, Well, sure, anything. So they said, Well, we’ve got move-outs at the end of every month, people come in, and they move out of their units. And we need cleaning crews to come in and clean those units before we can re-rent them. And I’m like, Well, yeah, I’m on it. Great. That’s awesome. And they said, Well, what we’ll do is we’ll advance you the money to pay the rent for this month, coming up, and you go to work for us, and then we’ll see how it goes. And I was pumped. I was like, Oh my God, I’ve got work; I can pay my rent. Now, what did this have to do with a positive attitude? Not much. You’re going to say, Well, you got lucky. Maybe I did. That, then, didn’t have a cleaning crew. But I don’t believe in luck. I think that things happen for a reason. There’s always a purpose. And so I went to work cleaning.

Do We Have The Power Of Choice?

And it was at a point in time, and I don’t even remember what year it was. It’d be in the 70s. But it was when Flashdance was big 70s and early 80s. Flashdance was like the right thing. So I would go, and I’d take my ghetto blaster or whatever you want to call it with me, and I take all my cleaning supplies. And I’d go to these empty units. And I’d start cleaning, and I’d have the Flashdance. Was it a CD? Or was it even a cassette tape or something, anyways? It would play over and over and over; I played that building over and over, just blaring. And you can always find me anywhere in the Complan. This was a large townhouse complex. There were around three to 400 units, and I was cleaning and having a blast like I was dancing with my mop. I’m just having a blast. And I’m enjoying it. Why am I enjoying it? Well, because I solved a problem. I solved a problem with my rent. And I also knew that I could have some money in my jeans for groceries. And for all my utility bills and things I needed to take care of. Besides just my rent, which was exciting for me, I was able to look after my kids; I knew everything was going great. And it turned out they liked the work I did. They wanted the cleaning job I did. And they asked me would you like to do a few more units. And I said, Yeah, sure. Then I just took on the task of cleaning all the teams at the end of the month, each month. And it got so that I was too busy. There were so many units that would be empty at times that I couldn’t do them all. And so I sat down and went, what do you love to do when you’re cleaning these units? And what do you hate to do? I wouldn’t say I like cleaning kitchens, and I hate cleaning bathrooms. So I went to a lady I knew was looking for part-time work in the complex. She lived right in the complex. And I said you feel like coming to work with me. And you can take care of all the kitchens and say that cleaning our place was spotless. And I say all you have to do is kitchens; you don’t have to vacuum. You don’t have to wash windows. I’ll do all that. But you have to do kitchens. Yeah, that’d be great. So she came to work for me. So now I can take on more units because I’ve got some help. And then I ended up hiring another girl who came on, and she just did bathrooms. Again, a super clean gal who liked good hygiene and was pretty neat. And she was also in the townhouse complex. She was on support, getting support from the government. She was a single mom as well. And she wanted to supplement her income, and she was able to do it to a certain amount so she could go part-time. So she did the bathrooms. So here we are, the three of us. She’s one cleaning bathrooms, one cleaning kitchens, and I’m cleaning the rest took us no time to blow off an apartment, no time at all to get down an apartment, or a condo or townhouse. And we’d be moving on to the next one. And then I started realizing that the company would pay me, and then I would pay my girls. And it was so interesting. Because I ended up with a company. I ended up with a company from being broke and going to the townhouse complex managers and asking them, you know, how would I pay my rent like dry to explain to them that I have no money. I ended up in a position where I could return to school; I had extra money in my jeans. I could buy clothes for my kids when they went back to school. It was just it was fantastic. And it helped me over until the next best thing came along.Now was that my dream job? That wasn’t my dream job. Of course, it wasn’t my dream job. But was it a dream come true? Absolutely. What was it? Do you think that might have allowed me to get that position to think it might have had anything to do with the fact that I didn’t go in to see that complex management and complain and whine and moan and groan how the system was doing me wrong and how being a single mom was so strict and how I didn’t have any money in Oh, woe is me and blaming everybody else? Maybe they just liked that I went straight up; I was honest. And I just told him what my situation was. I was looking for guidance and solutions to think they were just like that. And then when I did an excellent job of it because I was having fun. How do you not do a good job and anything when you’re enjoying it right? Then I got more units. And I got more work. I built a bit of a team and a small group, but still a couple. And I had this great job. That’s an excellent example of the law of attraction at work. Another situation that I can tell you about years later, I remember having coffee with some girlfriends. And I remember I always buy these tickets for the home lottery. And I always have because I’ve been broke, I’ve been poor, I know what it feels like. And I don’t want ever a single mom or even a family with a sick child to not have the stuff they need when they go to the hospital. And so I’ve always supported like the Children’s Hospital, the MS Cordia, all the different hospital’s University Hospital for all the research by buying those home lottery tickets. And I never really think about, oh, yeah, be fun to win. But you know, I just let it go. I never really focused on it. But then, one day, I was having coffee with my girlfriends. And I said to them; we were talking about the lotteries. And I said, you know, that’s it. I am tired of buying all these tickets and never winning anything. I don’t need to win the house. That’s fine, as good with that. But I want to win something. And that year, I won six times. I want a piece of complete camping equipment. I want a paddle board; I want cameras; I want audio machines; I want cash certificates to give her Jimmy’s; I want dinners. I won six times and kept winning for the next four or five years; I kept winning every year. I still do; I still keep winning. And it’s fun because I get stuff in the mail. And they’ll mail it to me and say, Well, you’re the winner, you won this blah, blah, blah. And I love it. That’s the law of attraction. How did that work? Every time I thought about buying one of those tickets, I would sign my name. And every time I purchase one, I would think about how much fun is going to be to receive a gift for making this small purchase. And I wonder what it’ll be this time, anticipating looking forward to and knowing that I’m going to win something, and enjoying supporting these hospitals and the groups that are putting together all of these lotteries to help with the communities that we live in. So there was the intent; I had an intention. But you know, when you get into the mode, you’ve got a positive intention. And you’re using affirmations, which are statements, like. I’ll use one in this example; gosh, I’m so excited about buying this ticket because I know there’s going to be something in it for me now might be that I need the hospital someday. There’ll be something my money will have helped support that I can utilize. I could win a $100 cash gift certificate to some store. Or it could be whatever it could be; it doesn’t matter. But I knew I knew somehow it was going to benefit me in some way. Now, does that sound selfish? Sure. Of course, maybe you think so. I don’t think so. I think it just sounds like, you know, I haven’t fun and still supporting the same cause doesn’t matter what my mindset is. But every time I go online and buy one of those tickets, if I’m sitting there mumbling and grumbling and going, Oh, always do stupid or buy those because that’s just dumb. Well, do you think I would have won anything? Probably not. I don’t think crabby. Grouchy people have excellent life luck; I think they often go the other way. And if they do have good luck, they end up sabotaging themselves anyways. Because nine times out of 10, they don’t believe that they deserve it makes me kind of stop and say, Huh, the law of attraction.

How Do I Manifest What I Want?

So then I went to Vegas and was in Vegas at a conference. And it was a four-day conference. And it was all the authors through Hay House. And all these authors were putting on these workshops. And I had a spare afternoon. And I went into a workshop that I didn’t know the speaker; this was in 2004. So it was not a long time ago. And the speaker was filled outside the door, as Abraham with Jerry and Esther Hicks. And I’m like, I want to know who these people are. And I poked my head around the corner, and it was just about time for their workshop to start. And there were some people in the room, not lots, but there were some, and so I thought, well, there are empty chairs. Maybe I’ll pop in here. I don’t know who these people are. I don’t know anything about them. So I went in, and this lady was standing at the podium. The one thing that intrigued me when I thought I had around the door as she had no shoes on. She was barefoot. And I just really thought that was cool. And so when I went and sat down, I was really intrigued as to where this was going to take us, and she was talking away, and then all of a sudden, she says, Okay, goodbye. And I’m like, what I just got here; where is she going? And she closed her eyes. And when she opened her eyes, she was I was intrigued because as she opened her eyes, I could see a shift, I could see a shift around your body. And I could see a shift in her eyes and her facial features. It was obvious because I was on high alert when she said goodbye. I was like, do I need to dash from here to another workshop to catch up before it starts or what’s going on? And what was happening was she was taking on what’s called the energies of Abraham. So she was this is Esther Hicks. And she channels the energy of Abraham. She is a full-body trance channel. Now, for those of you that don’t believe in such a thing as trance channelling or channelling EMS, we’ll sign off on this right now. Because, frankly, we’re all doing it all the time. She’s doing it for her work and at a higher level than any of us. We do it as mediums. We do it as psychics, as humans trying to understand why our parents are reacting the way they are and why our children are feeling the way they are. We are channelling to try and pick up all this energy and this information. And so Esther starts talking in a slightly different tone, a more clipped and a little deeper voice. And I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued. The psychic in me is wide awake, wide awake, and paying attention. And I don’t remember everything that was said in that particular workshop; I did know that they invited people up to come and sit in what they call the hot seat. And people could come up and ask a question of Abraham, and Abraham would answer the question. And by the end of the seminar about that particular session, it was an afternoon session. At the end of it all, Esther closed her eyes and opened them again. And now she was Esther. And her voice was very different. And I watched her walk around and giggle. She had a real, very feminine giggle. And when I walked out, I bought their book, and I came home, and the book is called asking it is given. And it’s learning to manifest your desires. That’s what it’s called asking them is giving learning to manifest your desires. And then I started reading the book. Now I don’t read many research books; I read this book cover to cover, pen and hand, marking the pages, turning the pages highlighting the page, just crazy. I was at the book. It looked like a little kid had gotten hold of it. And then I got to the end of the book. And I’m thinking, well, how do I prove this? And then I got to the end of it, the last chapter. And in the back. They have what they call processes, which are experiments, I guess you could call them. And there was one called Magic creations box. And the magical creations box is like it’s like a vision board. But it’s not a vision board; you put the stuff you cut out of magazines and phrases in this box. So let me explain it to you. You get a box with a lid. And I got one. I get a little heart-shaped box for 50 cents from a garage sale. All laid on it, no red heart-shaped box with a lid. And I sat down with magazines, and I started cutting things out. And I started putting things together in this box. And when you put stuff in the box, the instructions say when you put it in the box, you say what is in this box is, so you’re giving it life. So I did that. I did that for an afternoon. I didn’t Dallas soul that I was doing this. Because if it didn’t work, I didn’t want to look dumb. And I also didn’t want many people coming to me saying, ” Well, is that how is that manifesting thing going? What you’re doing? They are cowards just like everybody else out there. I don’t want to look stupid. Anyway. So I did, I did the box, put all my stuff again, the instructions said to go through the box. Once a week, no more than that. Just dump it out. And when you pick everything, everything you pick up, pick up the pictures and the phrases you put in there, look at them one at a time. And enjoy them from your heart space of love. And put it back in the box. What is in this box? Well, one of the things I got a little carried away when I was doing this was putting stuff in that box that I probably didn’t need to put in there. I put in a new bathroom because I wanted to redo the bathroom on the acreage; I ended up with a whole new house, which is kind of interesting. But the most interesting part of this is I was cutting things out that I had never really had an attachment to. And one of those things was a cruise. I’d never really had the desire to cruise. I knew very little about cruising. I’d never Googled cruising, but there was a cruise ship and the back cover of one magazine very last thing I got out. And I thought, well, that’ll be fun. And I put it in the box. What is in this box is now this was in April. In March, I was down in Vegas at the conference in April; I made the creations box. Every week I’d sit down, don’t put out everything in there. I’d you know I look at it, and I put it in, and I’d say what is in this box is I did it exactly the way I was told, okay. And August, my husband called me from work and said, ” Sharyn, how would you like to go to Hawaii for the holidays this year? And I found that unusual because Dave and I are not usually water people. We tend to go to the desert; that’s more our thing. And I said, Well, okay, that sounds like fun. Why are you asking me that? And he said, Well, let me ask you this. He asked how you felt about cruising the Hawaiian Islands. I looked straight at my box and went, ” Oh my god. Oh my god. My cruise that is in my box is coming to me. I had no emotional connection to that cruise. No, I wasn’t getting in the way of that cruise. I hadn’t Googled cruises. I didn’t know anything about cruising. And it’s coming to be. I didn’t micromanage it, none of that. It’s coming to me. And I was like, What are you talking about? Dave? Why are you asking me that? And he says, one more question, how would you like to go for free? Well, then I knew, and I just got shivers. And I went, Oh, my God, I did this; he did not know about the box. Remember, I told no one. Nobody knew about this box. And I got the details. And the details were that we were going to be cruising in September, and we were going to be cruising the Hawaiian Islands. And it was a promotion that was being done for his company. And he and his spouse were chosen to go and represent his company. And when we gave me all this information, now I’m a little nervous because the only thing I knew about cruising was that there’s a captain’s table and that you have to wear gowns to dinner, and I’m like, oh my god, I’m not that high class, I am just not that kind of person. So he gave me the name of the cruise ship that we were going to be going on. And it was at the very beginning of the freestyle cruises that have now become very popular and common. You could go on this cruise if you wanted an ala carte; you want to go to the Italian restaurant for fine dining or the steakhouse for fine dining. They were all on the ship, you got all gussied up, and you’d make a reservation and go out. But aside from that, you could stay poolside and go to the buffet if you wanted to. You get it was; however, you wanted to do it. It was an amazing experience. That is a perfect example of the law of attraction.

How Do I Start My Manifestation?

It doesn’t matter how it comes because you don’t have to micromanage that what you’re doing is you’re getting out of the way by creating these particular manifesting tools; I guess you could call it; I proved that it works. And in many ways, many things came to be out of that box that creation’s box. And I’ve done vision boards. And I’ve done all kinds of different things to support my wishes, my dreams and my hopes. Did I ever dream that I would be sitting in a chair doing the work that I’m doing right now? Do you remember what I told you earlier? I used to clean, empty suites for a townhouse complex. How did I get from there to here? How did I do that? I went back to school over and over and over again until I had what I needed. I went to England on that train till I had what I needed. I took massage therapy and Raikage reflexology, and I’ve taken many courses to teach and guide, learn and heal, and help and make a difference. And all the time, the whole time.

How Do You Write A Manifest List?

Through all of this. On my bedside table. A little piece of paper says, How can I make a difference in the world today? And that little piece of paper was there, I it’s not there anymore. I took it because of grubby luck. And I’m going to put a new one; how can I make a difference in the world today? And it was by my bedside table for years. I saw it every morning when I got up, and I sat every night when I went to bed. And that wish that desire guided me to do what I’m doing now, where I am making a difference, and it is helping others. And this work has been so valuable for me, and I’m passionate about it. And I love it so much. And I am creating my reality through my desires in my passions. If you want to manifest and make a good life through the law of attraction, I can help you do that. We can do it through coaching; I can teach you how to do it. But number two, you’ve got to come from a high place in your heart. You can’t go at it from anger, greed, frustration, jealousy, or sadness. Because if you do, you’ll get more of that. Emotions are the language of the soul. And if you come at it from an angry place, you’re just going to get more angry stuff around you. But if you can work from your heart self, if you can work from a home of appreciation and passion and love and compassion and gratitude.

What Is A Affirmation?

Do you realize you can do anything? We are spirits having a human experience. We are spirits having a human experience. But we get lazy, and we get so so careless, and we want to blame everybody else was going on. So one of the most significant steps in accepting the work you can do with the law of attraction is self-responsibility. Take responsibility for yourself. So no, it’s not as easy as the secret said. You can’t just close your eyes and click your heels together three times, reveal your nose, make a wish, and expect it to happen. You got to put some effort into it. Now I put a lot of effort into that medications box, but what I didn’t micromanage or put any effort into except for cutting it out, setting it into blocks and appreciating it every time I saw it was the cruise, and it was one of the very first and fastest things to come to be so how bad do you want to go to cruise? How badly do you want to have the home of your dreams? How badly do you want the job of your dreams? How bad do you want to go on that trip to Egypt that you’ve been trying to go on? How badly do you want to take that cooking class? How bad? Do you want to do all of that? You’re in the way, the only one that’s in the way; use the Law of Attraction. And there’s lots and lots more to it. There are tons more to it; get some research, do some research. Look for the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks; Esther Jerry Hicks, the first one, the best one that I’ve ever read. It’s called Ask, and it is given, get that book, get that book, I promise you, you’ll be glad you did. There’s a wall of exercise there, too, on how to up your money and create more abundance in your life. Do you want to try that one? So how about we pick a card for you that will fall into your law of attraction? Okay, so I mentioned just briefly affirmations. Affirmations are a part of the story; you want to ensure you’ve got a positive mindset. So you’ve got positive self-talk as well. And affirmations are a way to do positive self-talk. So here’s a good one. Here’s a perfect one. I picked a card from the deck by Cheryl Richardson for my daily affirmation cards. Here’s an affirmation for you. This is an excellent start to creating your reality to be how you want it to be. And you are using the law of attraction. When you do that. Every room in my home makes me smile—what a great affirmation. Every room in my home makes me smile. Even if you think that’s just bogus. Do it anyways, and walk through your house. Look at every room and feel the memories in that room. Look at every room. And if you’re not like how the space is sitting, do it anyway; you’ll find yourself in that room adjusting this and changing it to make it more comfortable. Every room in my home makes me smile. Here’s another one I’m going to give you, and then I’m going to go. I love living in organized beauty. Isn’t that good? I love living in tagged beauty. Well, you typed it, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So you are the keeper of your flame. You are the creator of your reality. You are responsible for your abundance or not, your lot in love, mine and health, mine and wealth, mine in your plenty of joy, a bunch of friends and family; it’s your responsibility. You accept that. And if sometimes that means stepping away from what’s toxic, you have to do that too. Until next time. Thanks very much for tuning in. This is our 50th episode. I’m excited. And thank you for your support. Please remember to like, share, subscribe, and share this with your friends. And I look forward to talking to you next time—Bye-bye for now.


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