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Ep: 52 Reclaim Your Natural State Of Health

EP: 52 Transcript


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Reclaim your natural state of health! Are you ill? Have you received a disturbing diagnosis? Is your energy low? Or are your emotions gloomy? Do you feel as if you have no control? Listen in, and Sharyn will share with you an energy exercise you can take on to enhance the way your body function and heals. After all, every one of your cells is intelligent and knows what to do to be well! But are you micromanaging them with all the negative stories around wellness? Well, let’s find out!

What is an affirmation?

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Welcome to Episode 52! Today I want to talk to you about affirmations and how they apply and work to help you. Now I’m not saying this will take everything you’ve got. I’m not going to. It’s to help you and work with your medical professionals, or whatever medical system you’re on, to help you reclaim your health, to get well from being ill. So you want to follow the system I’m going to share with you, which is coming out of the, Ask and it is Given book by Esther and Jerry Hips. And it’s Process 21.

How do you reclaim your health?

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Sometimes people look at these processes and think well, that’s just crazy. That’s not going to work. But this process is about reclaiming one’s natural state of health. And here’s when to use this process. This is coming out of this book. And I love, love this story about reclaiming your natural health. We all can use our bodies to know what to do. And let’s go through this bit by bit here. So when do you want to use this experience that I’m just giving you now this process? Do you want to use it when you don’t feel it? You want to use it when you’ve been diagnosed with an unsettling diagnosis. Maybe somebody a doctor met in the medical community gave you a diagnosis, and you’re concerned, thinking, Well, I don’t know what to do with that. And it’s starting to make you panic and feel worried. You want to use this process when you’re feeling pain when you want to feel more vital and alive and alert and awake, and you want to have more energy. And when you feel a vague fear associated with your body. So when you’re thinking about your body and unsure how you are doing? How are you doing, you’re a little bit afraid, then you want to use this process. So it’s called reclaiming one’s natural state of health. So here’s the first thing you want to do. So make sure you get yourself to grab a pen and paper. And what I want you to do is I want you to write down these affirmations. Okay. And I was hoping you could read it slowly to yourself this whole list once you read it slowly to yourself. Okay, here are the affirmations I want to share with you. Number one, it is natural for my body to be well known; write that down. And number two, even if I don’t know what to do to get better, my body does. The challenge we run into here is that we get in the way and micromanage and have all these other thoughts around health and wellness from our childhood years, our growing up years or other previous experiences. So even if I don’t know what to do to get better, my body does; we must allow ourselves to step aside and allow each of the cells in our body to do its job at its max. Number three, I have trillions of cells with individual consciousness, and they know how to achieve their balance. That’s good; I like that one. Number four, when this condition began, I didn’t know what I now know. So let’s say you first got a diagnosis of something and didn’t know, you start doing some research, and you start discovering new things about the diagnosis itself. Number five, if I had known then what I now know, this condition couldn’t have gotten started. So this is offering us the opportunity to learn how this condition came about and how you can help address it in a positive, powerful way so that it may diminish. Number six, I don’t need to understand the cause of this illness. I don’t need to understand the cause of this illness. That’s the truth. You don’t need to know what will happen, and I’ll share a bit of the story with you; we’ll go into that a bit. Number seven, I don’t need to explain how it is that I’m experiencing this illness. I don’t need to explain how often you’ve been feeling queasy or not feeling good or trying to find out why things are going the way they are. You don’t need to explain how you’re experiencing the illness. Number eight, I have only to gently eventually release this illness. So you can let go energetically and allow it to move on past. Number nine, it doesn’t matter that it got started. Because it’s, it’s reversing its course right now. I liked that one too. That one’s good. Number 10. Naturally, it would take some time for my body to align with my improved thoughts of well-being. It makes sense. Sometimes. Have you ever known anybody that would get the sniffles when they came to work in the morning, and they’re sniffling? And they’re like, Ah, man; I’d feel a cold coming on. I know it’s that time of the year. And they’ve got a full-blown cold by the time the day is over. That’s how powerful our minds are. That’s how powerful emotions and our thoughts are; we can think ourselves into and out of illness and wellness. Number 11. This is a good one; there’s no hurry about any of this. Number 12 My body knows what to do. Number 13, well-being is natural for me; think about it. Well-being is natural for us. It is natural in our steady state. 14, my inner being is intricately aware of my physical body. And when we’re talking about that, we’re talking about your soul, your inner being, your soul, your energetic self, your Higher Self, your higher being, however you want to refer to it. But my inner being is intricately aware of my physical body. 15, My cells are asking for what they need to thrive. And source energy is answering these requests. It’s like having a CEO of the health section of your life. And number 16, I’m in excellent hands. Number 17. I will relax now to allow communication between my body and my source. So your source, when we talk about the source energy, what we’re talking about is the energy that we thrive on, the energy that is who we are allowing our body and our source spiritual soul self to talk to each other. Number 18. My only work is to relax and breathe. Number 19, I can do that. And number 20, the last one. I can do that easily.

How do I start healing in meditation?

You might have to pause this to go back. And I didn’t give you enough time because I don’t want to get bored here. But to go back and write these out. But I would suggest you write all 20 of them out. And you notice how they flow. The flow starts at the top, and you begin these affirmations and go from one to 20. Now, when you do, this list is concise. Lie down in a place or sit in a home and read it slowly to yourself after you’ve written it all down. And when you’re done stating all the affirmations, you can say them out loud or in your head however you like. Lie there, enjoy the comfort of the mattress beneath you, the sofa, or wherever your leg is, and focus on your breathing. In and out. In and out. Your goal is to be as comfortable as possible. And breathe as deeply as you can. While remaining comfortable. Please don’t force it. And don’t try to make anything happen. There’s nothing for you to do. Just relax and breathe. Now you’re likely to begin feeling a soft and gentle sensation in your body. Just smile, and acknowledge that this energy source specifically answers your collective request, your cellular request. You’ve got all these affirmations you’ve collected together, and you, the head, are responding. You’re now feeling the healing process. Do nothing to try to help it or intensify it. Just relax and breathe and allow it now. I will be the first person to say that it is challenging, just allowing. We are a control-oriented culture. We are what gets us in trouble anyway in the first place is what makes us sick, to be very honest with you. So if you are experiencing pain while lying down, follow the same process. If you’re feeling pain, adding more words to your written and spoken list would be helpful. And here are a few more since I would be 21. This pain sensation indicates that the source responds to my cellular request for energy. And 22 would be this pain sensation, a beautiful indicator that help is on its way. And number 23, I will relax into the pain because I understand that it indicates improvement. Okay, so you’ve got 23 affirmations here. Now, if you can breathe

and drift off to sleep, smile and your knowledge that all is well. Relax, breathe, and trust.

Can deep breathing make you healthier?

So the next time you’re feeling discomfort, stop in the middle and say to yourself, this discomfort that I’m feeling is nothing more than my awareness or resistance. And it’s time for me to relax. And breathe, relax. And live, relax, and breathe and you can in seconds. Bring yourself back into comfort. You know, I used to do one thing when I was a little girl, and I got such a kick out of it. If I get the hiccups. I got to. I wouldn’t say I like having hiccups, by the way. But if I got the hiccups, I would stop. And I would start to breathe and gently breathe. And I would breathe what I called as a kid, breathe my hiccups away. It’s not funny. I would live my hiccups away. Stop them. I still can do it to this day. There are so many other things I am allowed to get away with because I’m not focusing correctly. And you know, it doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, what type of work I do. We all still have physical aspects of physical bodies, and these physical bodies get into distress for various reasons. We don’t need to know why. But we need to understand that we do have some power when it’s unnecessary to give all our power away. You can utilize some of your energy in your soul self. So every cell in your body directly relates to creative lifeforce. I put that as my client’s intellect is independently responding when you do affirmations, and when you feel joy, all the circuits are open. So the lifeforce can be fully received. And when you feel guilt, blame, fear, anger, or any negative emotion, the courses are hindered, and lifeforce cannot flow as effectively. It’s like having the stopper in the drain; the water can flow down, so remove the plug and allow it to flow freely. Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible. Your cells know what to do. There’s summoning the energy. And so there are questions around all of this. Are there any limitations to the body’s ability to heal? And Abraham Hicks says none other than the belief that you hold? So what stops us from healing the ideas that we have? And then the question is asked, why aren’t people growing new limbs when they lose one? And the answer is that no one believes they can. No one thinks they can. I don’t know if you’ve listened to all the other podcasts or are listening to the others on health, but I’m going to share something here with you as a little girl, and I shared it there too. I’ll share it again because I love this story. Because it’s my story.

What is an example of a manifestation?

My great-grandmother was my best friend when I was a little girl. She was someone who loved me intensely. I knew that she loved my brother, and he knew it. And every day on the way home from school, we would stop at her house, which was between our house and the school. And so we would stop every day after school, and we’d have milk and cookies with her, and then we’d gone home. I don’t think we’re there very long time didn’t have relevance for me. When I was that little, I was seven years old when she passed. So this has happening when I’m four years old, five years old, and six years old. I started by walking to the school grounds to meet my brother at four and then walking him to grouse. We called her grandma. She was our great-grandma. We called her grandma. Boy, did we love her? Oh, we loved her so much. And she still loves us. She has come through so many times. For me. It’s amazing. And I know she loves my brother just as much anyways; we’re going to have milk and cookies. Well, when grandma died. Nobody told us she died. I don’t know why they didn’t choose to, but I missed her. And so I would go to my room and have conversations with grandma. At first, I didn’t tell anybody because I figured everybody was doing that. I didn’t know until one day I was missing particularly much, and the one thing I loved about grandma was she had something I’d never seen in anybody else. She had a stye in her eye, and it was a little style on the bottom lower lid of her eye. And I remember she would smile at sty and move a little bit, but she had the most beautiful smile. Indeed the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in my entire life. And as I was missing her, I asked her to have this conversation. I said, Grandma, can I have your sty? She said, Well, of course, you’re going to have my sty. And it was such love. And there was such joy, and I was tickled pink. And it never occurred to me that she’d say no. She said, Yes. And so every day, every day. Now, remember, I’m seven years old, I would look in the mirror, and I would look, and I’d look, and I’d look, and I’d look for the sty because I knew grandma was going to give it to me, but also knew that there had to be a process in place. And so every day I would look, this tiny little sty started to grow pretty soon. And I still couldn’t show it to anybody because I could see it, but it was so small. So I just waited. And every day I checked, and it got a little bit bigger and got a little bit bigger. Remember, I’m seven years old, but my faith is in my grandmother. I know she’s giving me her sty. Was I trying to prove that I could grow body parts? No, I didn’t have any relevant information or anything relevant to that. I wanted my grandma’s stye to be something that was hers. That was part of her to remind her and remember her.

Finally, the sty got big enough that I could go to my mom and show her my sty. I thought she would be so proud of me. And I went to my mother, and I showed her the stye and said, Look, Mom, grandma gave me her sty, and my mother went berserk. She lost it; she was so unhappy! So unhappy. And she had a temper tantrum, as my mother did a lot. And what I got from that was grandma was going to give me her sty and gave me her sty, but I wasn’t allowed to have her sty. Because Mom said no, and that’s what I got from my conversation with mom about that. So I went back to my bedroom. And I said to Grandma, Grandma, I love you so much. And I miss you so much. And thank you for sharing your stye. But I have to give it back. Because mom doesn’t want me to have it. And slowly, slowly, the stye disappeared. So why aren’t people growing limps? Because no one believes they can. I was seven. What did I know? All I knew was I loved my grandma. And I loved her too intently. And I wanted something of hers, something from her. I wanted something that would remind me of her that I could carry with me forever and ever and ever imagined I would have a sty today. Can you imagine that? Maybe I could grow it now! Perhaps I should try.

What are energy healing techniques?

To get a frightening diagnosis can be scary, can’t it? In my late 30s and early 40s, I started having a lot of trouble with my hands, gripping, and pain. And so I went to the doctor, and they didn’t do much. They didn’t say much. And by the time I was 40. They ran some tests; I went to a different doctor and was in a different setting. Then I went to a different doctor, and some tests were run. And at this point, my whole body was sore. And when I went to the doctor, I was just like, I can’t get out of bed in the morning; it takes me forever because my feet hurt so bad. My whole body hurt, not just my hands. And I received the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, not just rheumatoid arthritis; he phoned me at home and told me I had advanced rheumatoid arthritis. Well, I wasn’t buying it. I have no… I don’t! And I hung up. And I promptly went out looking for a new doctor. It’s a good thing it was long ago because, you know, it’s several years back, 30, to be exact. It’s a good thing because nowadays, I wouldn’t be able just casually to go and find another doctor. It’s not quite that easy anymore. But what was happening was I had received this diagnosis. And I didn’t believe that I couldn’t solve it myself. So when I found a new doctor, she dabbled in energy work and was a practicing physician. And so we had lots of excellent conversations. And she was convinced I had rheumatoid arthritis. But she also wasn’t convinced I couldn’t deal with it myself. Either slow it down, stop it, or completely overcome it. And so, for 30 years, I never went on any medication designed for rheumatoid arthritis because I wouldn’t say I like going on medication first of all. And second of all, what I did is I worked very, very hard all of those years to build my vibration, to raise my vibration and what that did, because of that diagnosis, led me to this work. Can you believe that? You never know what will take you where you need to go. But for me, it was a negative experience that brought me a positive lifestyle. And I discovered that I didn’t need their medication that I could change my mindset. I could change the outcome, and even though I’ve had flare-ups with rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve never really had an I say arthritis because I don’t believe that rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis or I don’t think there’s a known out there as to what causes rheumatoid arthritis. They still don’t have good solid rules. Oh, I believe that my vibration was off and out of whack. And the reason I believe that is because I had stepped into a new relationship. And some bizarre things were going on inside the new relationship. And I was struggling with understanding my new partner, who he was, what he thought and was looking for, what he needed, and how we were connected. And so I believe that their vibration, I was so focused on everybody else, that I wasn’t focused on my well-being, and wasn’t focused on myself, I was very focused and became more and more focused over the years on him, trying to help him find his joy, find to help him find his place. Now, I know, I know, I’ve said it. And I will repeat it; it’s not my job to help somebody find their joy. I can give them tools; I can give them anything I can give them. But it’s not my job to make them happy. It’s not your job to make anyone happy, either. And so I’ve been able to step away from that mindset and continue my healing journey. Now, it turned out that whenever I had any emotional hits, like a power that, like when my father passed, the first thing that happened to my body because of grief, which is a compelling, negative emotion, my hands seized right up. And it took a long time because he died 2020 in July 2020. And it’s now August, so two years it took me 2022 to start losing my hands back up; they’re not fully 100% back. And I haven’t focused much on them recently because they’re functional, like getting them to do what I mean. But any disease can be healed in a matter of days. And it’s a very bold statement to make. If distraction from it could occur, a different vibration dominates. And the healing time is about as much mix-up as there is in all of that, for any disease in your physical body takes a lot longer and coming than it takes to release it when we have an illness that manifests inside our bodies. That illness has been outside of our bodies for a while. It’s coming through our etheric field. Do you remember how many times I’ve said we don’t learn through easy we learn through contrast and challenge? Well, that’s the truth. And I learned that through these different experiences that I’ve had. And, oh, I could go on and on and on about illness and wellness.

Does positive thinking help healing?

What I want you to do, though, it’s an extension of illness; just no condition is an extension of negative emotion. Grief is a negative emotion for me to get to a place of remembering my father with joy instead of missing him or feeling sad whenever I think of him. And I still have moments – don’t get me wrong – and I always will. I loved him so much. But do you have to think specific thoughts? Do you have to consider particular ideas? I want your body to be the way you want it to be. No. But you’d have not to think specific negative thoughts. So I’ll find myself staying in grief, sadness, missing, or anger because there’s a lot of rage around how my father passed. So if you could never think again about your body and instead think pleasant thoughts, your body would reclaim its natural place of wellness. And I’m going to stop this here. Because one of the other things that I hear a lot about from people is I hear a lot about, especially people who grew up religiously or religiously. I hear a lot about when people pass and choose to take themselves out of the story they decide to give, which is suicide. There is the thinking of Abraham’s work. The theory around it is that all death is suicide. All death is… no, you can’t call suicide self-imposed. How does that sound better – self-imposed? I think that sounds better. So if all death is self-imposed, what have we done to contribute to it doesn’t mean we made it happen means we’ve contributed to it, and amongst the other symptoms or systems, we’re playing and working within our physical bodies.

What is an affirmation card?

So here’s our last affirmation. I drew from the cards. Again, we’re doing the Affirmation Deck from Cheryl Richardson. I will give you this previous affirmation and encourage you to do those exercises. So now that I’ve shared with you there, the claim is I am open and receptive to the healing power of Divine love. I am honest and open-minded to the healing power of Divine love. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I’m glad to have you here on my podcast; please like, follow, and share. We’re looking to expand as fast as we can, as you know, and I’m sure you’ve got friends or relatives out there who have not heard the podcast and would like to know, so we’d appreciate your sharing. Thank you so much, everybody, and I’ll see you again next week!


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