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Ep: 55 How do you not let toxic people ruin your life?

Ep: 55 Transcript


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What happens when toxic energetic thoughts are aimed at you? And what can you do to stop it? It takes some time and practice to recognize when someone – even from far away – is sending energy daggers at you. But you can learn how to deflect them, so your life is happier. Let’s find out from Sharyn how you can do that right now.

How do you know if your intuition is strong?

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Hello, everybody! Welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I’m excited to have you here today because I have a burning question for you. How do you know when your intuition is working? And have you become aware yet, the way you feel about what somebody else is thinking of you could be accurate? There’s a reason I’m asking you this question. As you all know – and by the way, I will be pulling a card at the end of the session. But let you know what, let’s do two cards today! So this will play right into… I’m using the deck for Cheryl Richardson, my Daily Affirmation cards. And so I’ve got a card I want to share with you. And then we’ll talk about the content – that is important – I don’t want you to go away; I want you to listen. So the card I picked is, “I surround myself with authentic and loving people who will share my journey of personal growth and awakening.” That plays right into my topic!

How Do You Know if Someone Doesn’t Like You?

How do you know when you know how somebody else feels about you? I mean, there are a lot of ways. You could say, Well, I know what they tell me. They turn around and walk the other way if they see me coming in. There are a lot of physical signs or verbal cues. Sometimes even just an expression can give you a cue. But what if they’re not in the room? What if you’re being disrespected? Listen up, people, this is important! What if you’re being disrespected, they’re in another place? But you know it’s happening. You can tell. You can feel it! I just had this experience! And I’ve had this experience on and off my whole life. I can always tell what somebody is thinking or feeling regarding me. I always can. I’ve always been able to. But because I was raised in an environment that I was in, that didn’t allow me to have my thoughts or my mindset. I always said, Well, you’re crazy, Sharyn. You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong! And so, of course, I damaged my self-esteem in that process. But I also halted my ability to read people to some degree. Unfortunately for me, it never really altered. But I’ve said it before, and I’m going to repeat it, we are all psychic, everyone is psychic, and everyone has psychic abilities. Some people are psychic to a minimal degree because they’ve never done any work in it; they don’t believe in it; they don’t. So they think they got lucky when they intuitively can get that parking spot in front of the building they’re trying to park at or when they’re thinking about somebody in the phone rings, and it’s them, or that’s your psychic self-work. And if you don’t practice your psychic muscle, you’re going only to get those little random hits here and there. Because they’re the only ones, you’re going to recognize. You’re probably getting them all day long. What I want to go a little deeper into here is that sometimes, have you ever looked at somebody and they look fine, they’re reading a book, or they’re driving their car or you look over them? You go, why are you sad? Why are you feeling sad? Or why are you angry? Because you’re picking it up? You can feel it. And they turn around and look at you. And they’re all pretending to be surprised. And I’m not sad. I’m not angry. Have you ever had that happen? I’ve had that happen so much. And initially, when stuff like that would happen, I would say, Oh, well, Sharyn, you just like bought out, you know, and what it caused. I’ve always visualized people with wings. I know we’re humans, not angels. But we’re not a lot of human angels, angels-humans, human-angels on the planet. But I’ve always pictured people with wings, and those empowered and enlightened, have their wings spread fully. And they’re engaged with humanity, and they’re confronted with their own story. And they’re engaged with their community. And they’re engaged with their sense of spirit and who they believe they are. And I think that whenever we do that diminishment of self happens, we end up folding our wings in and saying, Well, I must be crazy. I must be wrong. Like, I’ve got to be quiet. And we don’t. Next time we feel that feeling from that person, maybe somebody would care about just, even a stranger or us. We tend to blow it off. I’m asking you this because I wonder how many times you’ve been in a position where you’ve just committed to doing this something, and you did it all of a sudden. Somebody asked you to do something, and you did it, and you believe you did well, and they’ve said, Oh, you did? Well, that’s great. And then you know, once it’s all been done and time has passed, you know. They didn’t like the way you did it. They didn’t like what you did. You know it; you can feel it. And so you find yourself avoiding them in specific scenarios? Or maybe they’re people you don’t see all that often. So you’re just sighing and going, ” Oh, well, that’s good. How many times have you second-guessed your instinct? We do it all the time. Being an active psychic, because there are some things that I can’t do, let’s put it this way, I can probably do whatever I want to do, which is the truth, right? But I won’t do it because I won’t compromise myself. And one of those things I won’t do – so maybe give you an example.

What to do when you feel other people’s emotions?

I won’t go to highly emotional events. I go to weddings. I love weddings! I’m officiating a wedding this afternoon! I will be here for some time; I’ve got to change and get out here. But I’m talking about funerals, things like funerals. I won’t go to a funeral where it’s going to be mainly a spiritual process where there’s a lot of Bible-quoting, people crying, and pictures have shown, and the emotions that flow through that type of place are so tricky for me to manage. Now, for many people, they are, and people will. It’s kind of like dominoes, you know, one person starts to cry, and another person calls because that person’s crying, and all of a sudden, everybody’s crying. It’s like laughing. It’s the same thing with laughter. One person will start to laugh, or you can hear a baby laugh. Pretty soon, the whole room is laughing. It’s like those are more physical expressions. But I’m suggesting that you can feel how others feel about you internally. And let me give you a little bit of an experiment you can do. And I’m going to ask you guys to do this experiment. What I’m going to ask you to do is bring to mind somebody – it could be a relative, a friend, a parent, a neighbour, somebody. So you have to sit quietly. Now, this is a process. You want to sit quietly and gather your thoughts and be quiet in an environment where you’re not going to be disturbed. And think about this person. And then visualize the two of you in the same room. Can you tell the mood? Can you read the spirit of the room? And can you read the perspective of the person you’re communicating with? This is a precious exercise when there’s somebody you’re in contrast with, somebody you’re having an experience with, that is negative. And you’re not maybe talking to them or not communicating with them, but you know they disrespect you. And they’re not just the words they say. They may not even say anything, but the way their thoughts are processed. Did you know thoughts are things? They become a reality. And so if somebody is thinking disrespectful thoughts of you, then you can feel it, it’s going to impact you, it truly is going to affect you. Now, when you’re living in a positive mindset, you’ll find that you’ll be given guidance. And it’s spiritual guidance that helps you avoid the landmines of those people in your presence. So in other words, if there’s somebody that is having, I have a person in my life, who is very, very toxic, and who really doesn’t like me, and this person, often I come into this person’s mind, and I know it because I can feel it when it happens. And when it happens, I move energetically into a place where I’m having a good day. And generally, I am having a perfect day anyways. But I don’t want to start to obsess, dwell, get panicky, or be frustrated by their feelings because you can’t control another. You can never walk the walk of another. You can only walk your hike. So, anybody that’s got negative toxic feelings towards you, it’s their story they’re expressing, and it has nothing to do with you.

How do you know if you have toxic thoughts?

Now, this person in my world that I’m referring to is on and off, hot and cold. And this is somebody I haven’t spoken to for a couple of years, but they often will have dark and negative thoughts. And I can feel it. I can feel it when they do that now. Yes, I’m a practicing psychic. So I’m heightened. I have a heightened sense of awareness. Yes, I do. And you have an understanding as well. And when you’re in an environment, for example, this would be a skill, if you could develop it to some level, that would be handy in social settings, or in meetings, where you’re having board meetings or group meetings, or creative meetings. Or even when you’re just socializing with a small family group, it’s enjoyable! And I can tell you if you don’t get a grip on it, a lot of the time, physical ailment Ill Ill, illness and ailments will come down on you because you’re allowing other people’s opinions just to be absorbed into your body, especially if they’re toxic or harmful. Now we talk a lot about how we can impact the world in a powerfully positive way. It’s called the law of attraction; what you put out there, you get back. So we kind of with that thinking sort of have this idea that, well, if I don’t put out any harmful or toxic thinking that I’m not going to get any back at me, you can’t control another person. So here’s where it gets sticky for people. Other people still have the proper no matter whether you believe in the law of attraction and they don’t, or they do, and you don’t. You still have a right, and they still have a right to think your thoughts and feel their feelings. We are divine beings here on the planet having a human experience. And so they have a right to have their negative toxic thinking if that’s what they choose because it’s a powerful choice. And you have a right to have your power of choice. So if somebody’s thinking negative, toxic thoughts of you from a distance, and you’re picking up on it, the higher you bounce in your emotional center, the less it will impact you. Now sometimes, see, I’m susceptible to energy. So when the person I’ve been referring to in my own story is thinking negative thoughts of me, I feel it immediately; I can immediately feel it. And I will; what I do is detach; I’m very detached from this person. So it’s given me a separate energy with this person, but I will slide my point back. And I will observe the hits that I’m getting the emotional hits; I don’t know what that person is thinking of, I don’t know at that moment if they’re angry at me because of something I did or said or had or was or am, or I’m doing. I don’t know why they’re; they’re throwing toxic at me. But I know that they are. And when I started to realize that I was picking up on their energy, and I was then trying to diffuse it, then what I’ve done is permitted myself to be able just to let go of those toxic people and get on with my life. I love being surrounded by good, positive, influential, friendly, happy, thriving people; we do not need to be in an environment where we’re being impacted by negativity. When this person does send toxic thoughts my way, it doesn’t affect me, I know what’s happening, and I know that this person is unhappy. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Because I can’t control that person. I’m only in control of myself. And so I will observe it. And then when I’m bored, I’ll wander off and drop it, let it go. And so it doesn’t land. But it can land if you’re unaware that it’s happening, especially from a person you interact with daily.

Do you have difficulty expressing your emotions?

Now, I have another person in my life who is very has a difficult time expressing their emotions. And I will look at them every once in a while and ask why you are upset. Like, what’s wrong? And they will try to baffle me with BS, then well, I’m not bitter; I’m fine. But you can even tell by the agitation in their voice when they say it starts speaking. And it’s not that they have body language or energy coming off them. So even from a conversation we were having, they’ve gotten smart enough now to go healthy kind of, yeah, I’ve got this going on, or I’ve got that going on. Or this is bothering me. And then we talk about it, clear it up. And it’s got nothing really to do with me in many cases. But the simple fact is, I can read it, feel it, and tell. You can too. We are all energy beings here on this planet, having a human experience. And it’s so much fun. When you interact with good, positive, influential people. Holy cow, it’s a fun place to hang out. But when you get tied up and put into an environment where the emotions are out of control, or where the emotional impact of a person or even when they’re at a distance is toxic and harmful. It can shake your world up. It can bounce your day up. I have had people come here from other countries and different cultures. I had a couple come at one point, and they believed that their friend had put a curse on them because they were very successful in their businesses. They had two companies. And they were very successful in their businesses. And they believed that this person put a curse on them so their businesses would fail. And their businesses that were struggling. And when they came to see me, they said, we can’t let our businesses fail. What can we do? Can you remove the curse? Well, as you know, in my work, I don’t believe in curses, but I think that what they’re using the word curse for is their ability to pick up on the toxicity of other people and believe that it has power over them. To get that, if you think it has power over you, by golly, it’s going to be your truth. You don’t want that. You don’t want that to become your truth. Stay in your highest, best, most positive self. And so what I did is I taught these people about positive thinking and deflecting and allowing energy to bounce off and stay in a positive, powerful mindset. So they start attracting only the positive to them. And then there won’t be that negative hit; it will happen. Because, as I said, if I have somebody sending me negative toxic energy, which has been an experience recently with an exercise that I did prod project that I took on, and it’s just there, they say one thing. Then they turn around, and they think another, I can tell, wouldn’t you like to know when you want to know that? I am amazed at this work with energy, this field of energy; I’m surprised at how much, excuse me, we can do as humans on this planet with our soul energy; we are powerful, you guys! We’re powerful! All you want to do is be your very best self. Make sure your days are laid out the way you want them to be, not according to somebody else. I don’t care if you work for somebody else; you still have your job and can still have fun. And if your finances are kind of in a mess, you create a new financial story for yourself. And if some don’t talk about the negative, now talking about harmful and toxic people brings negative and poisonous people. So it’s acknowledging the toxicity know what’s going on in our world right now. We’ve had so many things happen and are still happening as of late,

most recently.

How are negative things happening around the world affecting you?

God bless her; our Queen passed. We now have King Charles the 3rd. I am a royalist – I love the royal family and everything they stand for, everything that they represent. And that’s one of the most significant changes the world has experienced in a long time outside of COVID, outside of the war going on in Europe, out of the war going on in Afghanistan, outside of the floods in India, outside of all the terrible crimes being committed in North America. Those are all things that are very real. But those are not my story. I don’t want those to be my story. And you create the layers of who you are by staying in your positive best self. The person I’m talking about that is throwing daggers, let’s call it daggers, okay? Me, he doesn’t even know that I know. They don’t have a clue that I know. Because I don’t say anything, please don’t call them and say why you are so angry at me. Or why are you this? Or why are you saying that I don’t do that? It’s not my business. Because it’s not my stuff, to get it, it’s not my stuff. How I feel is my responsibility. How I interact with the world is my responsibility. What I put out there is my responsibility. So that means my responsible self is my thoughts, words, and actions. And I can choose how I want those to represent me. Does that make sense to you? I hope you guys get this.

Visualize a conversation with someone you have a conflict with

So again, the exercise, sit down, get quiet. Pick somebody you’re having a bit of a contrast with or conflict with, and visualize the two of you sitting and having a conversation. Just visualize it. And don’t tell anybody. You’re doing this because, let me tell you what, I pulled that card at the beginning. I surround myself with authentic and loving people who share my personal growth and awakening journey. That’s very important. You want to be able to do that. Only share with those people. Don’t share with anybody that’s toxic or negative. Sit down, visualize, and then reach for the other person’s mood. Reach for a feeling with them. You will get it. Please write me and send me emails. – send me emails. Let me know. Tell me, how did it work out for you? Did you enjoy the exercise? Because I’ll tell you what might take a little bit of practice. But don’t stop! Keep it up. And when you start realizing how powerful you are in being able to read the emotional set points of others, oh my goodness, that’s going to give you heads and tails above anybody else in your realm, and you’re going to draw out to you, great joy. And you’re going to draw to you great things like abundance and joy and good friends and joyous,

fun adventures and experiences! So have some fun with that. And let me know. Let me know how it goes.

Time for your Daily Affirmation

For those of you that are listening right now, I don’t know what you’re listening on. But you can listen on Apple; you can also listen on Spotify. And I want to invite everyone to go to – my website. And if you’re interested in having a reading, get your name in because there’s a booking form right on the very first page. Okay, back to these cards from Cheryl Richardson. My Daily Affirmation cards. It’s a 50-card deck. I picked a second card for the end of our session today. And it says, “As I celebrate and support the financial success of others, I opened my life to even more good.”

Did you get that? Did you get that? As I celebrate and support the financial success of others… how many people, how many of you, have got some success or had some success? And you’ve got people all around you that said, Well, you just got lucky, you know, and they’re disrespecting you because they want to put you down somehow. Celebrate and support the financial success of everybody because that opens your life to more good and prosperity, joy and abundance, health and career options and love for you. Thanks for tuning in, you guys. That was a fun one. I was inspired to do this today because of my recent experiences. And I’m looking forward to hearing from those who wish to write me, tell me how that exercise works for you. Until next time, take care. Bye-bye
For now.


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