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Ep: 57 Does Inspiration Create a Motivated Mindset?


Ep: 57 Transcript

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Let me ask you this question. Does inspiration create a motivated mindset? Well, Sharyn believes that motivation is what motivates us. Listen to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose and see if you agree with her. And maybe your inspirations can come to life more straightforwardly than you thought. Let’s get started.

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Motivation Vs. Inspiration

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Hello again, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I am excited about this topic! So excited about this topic because it’s something that’s been on my mind for quite a while. Motivation versus inspiration – which comes first? Kind of like the chicken and the egg thing, right? Before we get into it, though, I want to remind you that I will draw a card at the end of this podcast. And I’m going to remove it from the Daily Affirmation cards from Cheryl Richardson’s fabulous card deck – if you don’t have it, you can get it. It’s an Oracle Card Deck. But Cheryl has done a lot of work on putting these affirmations together. And there’s some excellent information there. So stick around to the bottom so that you can get that information.

What is the difference between motivational and inspirational speaker?

So inspiration versus motivation. And where does it come from? Which comes first? Are they connected? What is the difference between the two? And I can remember, when I was growing up, it was all about motivation: motivational speakers, motivational teachers, motivational gurus, motivational people. And everything was about motivation. We’re going to motivate you, and we’re going to help you. I used to laugh because I, when I was in my early 20s, found that a lot of the speakers that were showing up around where I was in my part of the world were coming from elsewhere. And they appeared to be very exotic because they were all, you know, in their $500 suits, and primarily men, very few women, mostly men, and they were all about telling you what you can do. And I didn’t find it inspiring because it was one sentence in a whole 3-hour session that made sense, and the rest was all fluff – what I called fluff. And so I considered that to be somebody trying to motivate people, but not inspire. It wasn’t inspiring at all. It was the kind of stuff where you sit, it’s scorched, and you take notes, and you hope you get something out of it so you can move forward. And maybe you’ll make more money, or perhaps you’ll get a better job. Or maybe you’ll find the love of your life. And you’re motivated to do that. So, where does inspiration fit in? Well, inspiration to me is in spirit – it comes from nature. And it’s inspired. So what I did was I looked up motivation and inspiration. And the definition of motivation is causing motion. It’s concerned with the initiation of action. So what makes us act on something, you know, what would make me work on something?

What are highly creative people?

So when I thought about that, I was thinking, you know, I’m very creative. And I think a lot of you are very creative people as well. I know everybody has a creative genius inside of them. As children, we were very clever. If they gave us a crayon on a piece of paper, man, we could do miracles with that, couldn’t we? We could draw virtually any animal. We could remove anything we wanted because we were creative geniuses when we were children. Nobody told us differently; now that we’re adults, everybody’s told us differently most of our lives. And so we think, oh, why I’m not very creative? I don’t sing; I don’t dance; I don’t draw. I’m not a creative person! And I hear that from a lot of my clients… inspiration! Let’s go there! Directed by divine influence. That’s the definition in the dictionary, okay? The dictionary I looked at is a concise English dictionary. And it’s fun because it’s Wordsworth referenced as a hard copy. I’m talking. I go online. No, no, no, this is a book! Okay! And I love this definition because directed by divine influence. But this is the other part that gets me, influenced by elevated emotion, or, (hello) passion, excitement, joy, positivity, optimism, all the things that we look for – hopefulness, all the things that we look for in our daily lives, the things that we enjoy. And if you think about children, if you leave them alone and allow them to process the way they choose to process instead of trying to teach them your way or tell them what’s right or wrong, you’ll find that they live inspired life. They don’t live a motivated life. But the inspiration they feel, that passion they feel for something, it motivates them, sets an elevated emotion to go and do something, and they do it usually very well because they’re really into it and are inspired to do it. But it motivates them, so.

What causes lack of motivation?

So what comes first, I believe now, this is my belief. And, you know, I welcome emails! Say hello to me on my Facebook page! Email me – at If you disagree with me or even agree with me, I’d love to hear your feedback on this. Because I have often sat back and found myself taking on a task, and I’m just bored. Have you ever had that happen to you? You’re just bored. Do you take it on? And you’re like, why am I doing this? I don’t want to do this. You’re not motivated; you’re not inspired; you’re just bored. And you feel like you’re slogging through wet sand. And it made me stop and say; life is so valuable. And it’s essential that we engage with our lives, enjoy them and live them. And I think the most important thing is to be inspired because that’s where our motivation comes from. Now, yes, inspiration. Once you’re motivated to do something, you’re inspired, and you decide, oh, wow, I’m going to do that because you’re inspired to do it. There’s where the challenges run; people run into challenges for most people because they drop the ball, they get laid back, and they start to procrastinate; I put my hand up on that one. They make excuses why it won’t work today, we’ll do it tomorrow, or why that won’t work. And they dropped the whole idea. And you know, it’s been said, and I heard this years and years and years ago, there is not a shortage of money in our world, there is not a shortage of money in our world, there is a shortage of good ideas. Do you know why? Because people come up with good ideas floating around in the cosmos, they float around in the universe; think about that as you’re sitting in your room and doing whatever you’re doing. And your mind is involved in something; maybe you’re reading a book or studying a text, or perhaps you’re writing a song or painting a picture, or even meditating. And all of a sudden, you get this amazingly great idea. You weren’t motivated to get that idea – you are being inspired, which would translate to, in spirit, being encouraged.

How do you express your inspiration?

So, where do you go from being inspired to getting to the end of that story? Moving forward so that you can accomplish and achieve what you’re inspired to do requires discipline, focus, determination and faith in yourself – BELIEF in yourself. And so, between inspiration and motivation are self-esteem and self-belief. And desire is significant in their inspiration brain’s desire, but can you sustain it when you run smack up against low self-esteem or when you run smack up against societal pressure or other people’s opinions? I keep many of my cards close to my chest when it comes to creating anything these days. And the reason for that is there are very few people I share stuff with. The reason for that is that so many people out there will tell you 10,000 reasons and ways it won’t work. We all know those people; maybe we are those people. Perhaps you are that person. Why won’t it work? Look at this, look at this, the economy’s doing this, and this is doing that, and this and this and not the other. And I have those people around me. I have them around me all the time. And I have to just shut them out. Turn the TV on for some of them. That works well. It distracts them. It’s like a squirrel. And all of a sudden, there they are. They’re watching TV, and you’re like, Okay, now I can sit in my little inspired puddle of stuff. And play it and play it and work and work and work. And now, I am the kind of person who feels inspired by something. I know what my fallbacks are and what my flaws are, really powerfully. I’m a procrastinator to my toes. If I can get out of doing something hard, I will. I’m also the kind of person that’s never going to do the most challenging thing first. If I’ve got a – I’m a list maker – I do at night, I’ll often make lists of things I must do the next day. And I will always take on the menial, less critical, trivial tasks. And then, by the time I get to the one that’s the most crucial task of the day, to begin with. I won’t do it because I run out of time, or I’m uninspired, tired, or just feel blah, blah, blah. And pretty soon, my great idea, my deep inspiration, and my joy went out the window. Six months later, I’m looking back on man; you had a good idea. Because let me tell you what, this is where the rubber hits the road here if you get a good idea about a project, a book, or a workshop you want to do or take. About a job you’d like to have, about a job you’d like to create. About a world you want to make yourself but more primarily the creative idea process. You can bet your boots the minute you come up with that creative idea; 10 other people near you are also coming up with the same clever idea. Who is going to come up with it first? You know, it’s been said that 2 or 3 people invented the light bulb. One person stepped up and said, Hey, I’m going to do it. I will show people I will dig it out to the world. And he’s the one that got the credit. But there were more people involved. And that’s very telling, right there. Inspiration being inspired, we must follow our inspiration.

What does pure inspiration mean?

When I became a psychic, it was pure inspiration, pure. This is undoubtedly why I wasn’t motivated to do this. First of all, why would I be inspired to do this? Who wants to be a psychic in the Bible Belt? That’s just silly. I mean, that’s, to me, that didn’t make any sense. And I, when I first got into this line of work, didn’t believe in psychics. Anyways, can I say that out loud? I didn’t. I’m an efficient person. I’m very logical. But I was inspired to teach, I was inspired to know, and I was inspired to pick up every book I picked up. And those of you that have been to my studio, you’ve seen all the books, I have all the research, I’ve done hundreds of books, 1000’s of hours, 100’s of 1000’s of dollars I’ve spent going around the world and going into different training classes because I was inspired to do it. And from this inspiration, I was motivated to set up a workshop because I learned something about financial management. So I would set up a workshop for intuitive financing. Or I would set up a workshop like my Kitchen Kitchen workshop. I was inspired by the loss of my father, which was. It was a deep grief that I was feeling. I was inspired to create a spiritual cooking group practical cooking, and inspiration inspired in spirit, learning how to be as psychic as I can, tapping into my creative aspect, becoming the best that I can be, well, you’re enjoying yourself back in the kitchen, or for the first time in the kitchen. And its inspiration; I run my life on inspiration. But recently, I wanted to take on a project I’ve been trying to do for years. And it’s a writing project. And I’ve wanted to take it on. And as soon as I start doing it, I start finding myself distracted, and I start watching videos. And I started doing this, and I started doing that. And I’m like, Ah, Sharyn, come on, you want to get this project done. Does it get on it? Well, it’s easier to be inspired when you don’t give yourself a hard time. When you’re beating yourself up, it’s tough to be inspired.

What age is too late to change your life?

So if you have something that you want to achieve in your lifetime, don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t done it yet. You’re not gone. You’re still here; you’ve got time. So relax on that part. Okay? Let me give you an example. And this, I think you’re going to get this, I think you’ll understand this. There is a man who I met all 45 years ago. And he is a he was a motivational teacher at the time. And I was working in that industry 45 years ago in motivation. And I was working for a gentleman who was a speaker. And this gentleman I was working for had trained with Brian, the man I’m referring to I met 45 years ago. And Brian, in the last 45 years, has written roughly 80 books. He’s moved between the motivational and inspirational fields, helping people feel inspired by tapping into their emotional cells and how to motivate themselves, get off their butts, develop a focus, start developing a discipline, and stop procrastinating. So you can see where the tools are, right? I haven’t thought much about Brian. I was in awe; he did a lot of work around the Phoenix Rising and that stuff until I was inspired again recently; I want to write this project. And all of a sudden, I came across Brian, and it came across in my email; I got an email this is shows you how you can be inspired, but you got to be awake for it; you got to be looking for it. You got to be paying attention. You can’t just let the stuff you know it’s not going to slap you in the forehead, right? And this email came in it. Was it Bryan offering a course on how to put together the kind of writing projects I’m trying to do? And all the steps that he used to do his writing projects. And I was like, Oh my god. This is a man I’ve known for 45 years I’ve known of, and I’ve known him because I knew him personally; he is actually from Canada, living in the States at this point in time has been living there for years and years and years, famous around the world. A multimillionaire has done everything we all dream of doing in our 20s, and here I am. I haven’t done it. I’ve done a lot of the things I wanted to do. And I didn’t know this direction would be where I’d be going. But I haven’t done my writing project. And it’s been on the table for years and years and years. And there’s a cost attached to taking his course. So here I am. Talking to my husband and saying, Oh, I don’t know, do I want to pay the fee? Do I want to take this course? Within two days, I had enough clients signing up with me for consultations for me to be able to take this course, HIS course! And it was the universe saying to me, you are inspired to follow your nose and look at what he was teaching. You’ve been inspired to write this project you’re trying to work on. Your problem is you’re not motivated. You drop the ball, and you procrastinate. You stop before you start; your self-esteem has gotten in the way you don’t believe you can. My biggest challenge has been I don’t think that I know how to put together this project. I’ve got all the components to it. It’s like a giant puzzle. But I don’t know how to put the pieces together. When I got those signups from clients, I indicated, Yep, Sharyn, go ahead, do it, sign up, and pay for the course. So I did; I went right away, sat down, signed up, and paid for the system. And in lesson ONE learned – and I’m still taking the course; by the way, I’m still in the middle of it – but in lesson one, I learned one of the most important things I needed to know on how to put my project together in lesson one. And there are six different components. I believe there are six to it, but I can’t remember. But I’m going to be starting to listen to it today. And I got so excited. I was like, oh my god, oh my god, this is it! This is that! And all of a sudden, guess what? I’m re-inspired! Can you be inspired? I’m re-inspired! I’m excited! I’m getting so pumped! Because I see my project becoming a reality. I can see my project coming to fruition, and it will make a difference. And I can visualize it! I can see it! I can feel it! And it’s just a matter of staying motivated and keeping everything on track.

How does sleep and diet affect mental health?

So let me tell you what I’ve done. Because I know that if I don’t take care of my physical wellness, or my mental wellness or my emotional wellness if I don’t get enough sleep, if I don’t work out if I don’t eat properly, if I don’t drink enough water, all those things, I’m not going to be motivated, because I’m not going to be even inspired. It will all go down the tube; you must take care of your human aspect to have a good spiritual experience on this planet. So what did I do? I found an accountability buddy. And I’m going to talk about an accountability buddy down the road. But this woman had inspired me to such a degree that I am in a different place than before I met her with the same writing project that’s been on the table for years. And now, all of a sudden, everything’s falling into place. And I’m finding myself moving forward. And I’m still struggling with procrastination, but I’m aware of it. It’s in my face; it’s in my business. So I ensure that I have a purpose for my day when I get up in the morning. I have an intention for my day; I have timelines cut out for specific projects I’m doing during the day. I think that inspiration precedes motivation. But I believe in the middle between inspiration and motivation; what has to be handled is procrastination and fear of success or failure. And self-esteem and faith. Belief. Belief.

Why motivation is not working?

If any of you are struggling with that connection between inspiration and motivation, you know, most people who start businesses and own companies are inspired to do that. They’re not motivated to do it. They’re inspired to do it. There’s some reason they’re encouraged to do it. And they say that most businesses will fail that will fall within the first three months to one year of their existence. Well, why is that? Is it because they become demotivated and are unwilling to work through the hard stuff? And inspiration is fun. Inspiration heats you and lights you up! It makes you feel like the shiniest person on the planet and gives you joy, and you can smile. You don’t even need anybody to tell you; you’re lovely. You believe you are! Inspiration is that good! Because it is elevated emotion. And inspiration is directed by divine influence. It’s a part of your soul self speaking to your physical human self and saying, ” Do this. This will be this. Oh, this will light you up. This will get you going and then contact you where you are prepared. So if you’ve got something going on and you have felt inspired, but you couldn’t finish it, you felt like you just kept dropping the ball, keep dropping the ball, dropping the ball… pay attention to the way you are procrastinating or become demotivated or the people you’re telling your story to. If you have people telling your story about what you’re inspired to do and they’re pooh-poohing it, you’re not going to stay inspired; you’re not going to be motivated. You’re going to end up dropping the ball, so be careful who you talk to, and what you can do is every morning, take a moment. And every evening, take a moment and offer up an appreciation for your inspiration and motivation; damn, I don’t know! Motivation is the work! Motivation is action! Inspiration is the feeling. It’s the joy. And that’s where you got to keep that high, or the motivation can’t happen. Because as I said, I’ve sat down and started doing different projects here and there. And I’m like, why am I doing this? Because I wasn’t inspired. I wasn’t doing it for the right reason. And sometimes, the right reason surprises you. You’re doing it because you want to teach the world and make a difference. Whatever your reasoning is,

it’s totally up to you.

What is the process of motivation?

The point I’m getting at is inspiration precedes motivation. It really does. And motivation. Without motivation, you cannot complete it. So inspiration comes from spirit. Motivation is your human journey. And there are the two working together; we need to hook up with our soul selves in a more significant, better, more robust way. And one of the best ways to do that is meditation, sitting quietly, meditation, and even if you sit, meditate and offer appreciation for your life, your body, your health, your wellness, your friends, your family, for your world, get yourself an accountability buddy that you can I send her a note every Friday. She sends me a message back every Friday. How was your week? How was your week? This is a woman I have nothing else that I do with. We’re only our accountability buddies. We met at a social event. And I liked her. She liked me. We got along fine. And this is what we’re doing. She doesn’t even live in my town. And I won’t see her again ’til next summer. But I know what she’s doing. And it’s so fun. It’s so much fun. And I wrote her one day – and I was honest with her – and I told her I was having this kind of week and this was going on as we went on. She says, Well, maybe you want to check out this and that. And oh, my Lord… changed my world! And I’ve been able to do the same thing for her. So sometimes having an accountability buddy, not somebody you’re going to see every day because accountability buddies, I think, need to be just accountability buddies. I think we tried too hard to make our partners, parents, siblings, and friends everything to us. But no, don’t do that. Find an accountability buddy motivated or inspired to do something a little out of the norm. My accountability buddy is doing a long-distance marathon, a cycling marathon. And she’s doing it in the States in a couple of weeks. And I’m excited for her, and I’m pumped for her. And she’s working out, and she’s doing her diligence. And she’s having so much fun! Because she’s reinspired, my projects are getting off the ground because I’m reinspired! What will it take to re-inspire you? What are you inspired to do? Maybe it’s time to write it down. Write down your inspiration.

How can I make intelligent choices?

Let’s pick a card for you from this deck. And I hope you do take a little time and sit quietly and look for your flaws, too. That’s important. Don’t just assume that you’re going to do everything right and everything. Well, you’re not. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re human. That’s part of the journey. And it’s the motivational aspect of you that will make the mistakes; you’re inspired aspect will never be wrong. It will always be correct. Here is the card for today. Your affirmation is, I honour my time and energy by making intelligent choices. That leaves me feeling good about myself. Oh, I like that. I keep my time and energy by making smart decisions that go me feel good about myself. I am so glad you popped on today. Thank you for listening. And I hope you decide that you’re going to tap into some of those inspirations you’ve had over your lifetime and that you’re going to work towards being motivated to complete and see it through to some fruition for you. So until next time, this is Sharyn Rose, signing off. Take a moment, and make sure you listen to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose on the podcast. And if you would subscribe, that would be great. We’re on YouTube now! You can look for us! And I’ll see you again next time. Bye-bye For now.


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