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Ep 58: Are You Psychic?

Ep 58: Transcript


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Are You Psychic? And how can you tell if you are psychic? Well, listen to another episode of medium well with psychic Sharon Rose. As she shares seven different ways to know if you are psychic, she will also share three valuable tools to strengthen your psychic self. So let’s get started.

How to Know if You’re Psychic

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Hello, everyone; welcome back to medium well with psychic Sharyn Rose. Remember to stick around after we’re done with this particular session; I will pull a card for you. But in the meantime, I want to ask you how you know if you’re psychic. Do you know? Can you tell? And I’m asking this question because it’s a question that came up for me. I never believed I was psychic. I mean, gosh, I just thought it, uh, first of all, I thought it was brilliant. Ha, right. Because I knew things, I just knew things. And that’s one way to identify that maybe you have a skill or a talent that’s been developing through necessity or through experiences you’ve had over your lifetime that have been able to give you information that’s accurate. And that’s a knowing, and I’ve had that my whole life. I’ve always knew I could tell you what somebody felt like when they walked into the room. I’m not good at precognition; I can’t always tell you what will happen. Because that’s not where I focus, I guess. But I don’t know you. I can also tell you, and this is another second way, if somebody comes up and they’re telling you a story, you can tell right away if it’s the truth or a lie. So your BS radar is up. And you can pinpoint the fact Sayers from not truth Sayers is interesting because that one is funny. Intuitive is quite naive. Psychic people; they’re pretty naive; we are inexperienced, and we can be pranked in a heartbeat. And it’s so funny to say that because we’re supposed to be able to see it as standard, right? But you don’t. And I have friends because there are certain people. I mean, you build relationships with certain people. And there are certain people in my life I have built relationships with whom I trust. And so when they tell me a story or say anything, I’m like, Oh, Really, wow. And then they’d go, gotcha. And I’m like, I hate to, you know how that happens, you’ve got certain friends that prank you, well, then you get so that you’re a little bit gun shy with that particular friend. And they don’t do it again, like for a long time, until they suddenly catch on another day. So that’s another way. So number one, you know, things you know, things you don’t know why you know them. Number two, you can spot a liar coming at you; you can also spot it’s convenient when you buy anything. And you’ve got to deal with a salesman or a salesperson; you can tell when they’re giving you the goods or they’re giving you the truth. I do it all the time.

A photo of psychic fanning cards for a reading.

What is sales intuition?

When I’m dealing with salespeople, they hate it; they hate it. Because they know I know. And they don’t know how I know; they don’t know why I know. But they know I know. And they, you know, you can get some pretty good deals. Another way is place locations; you can often get a sense of a site when you walk in the door of a place like a business or even somebody’s home or main home. And this comes in handy if you’re interested in doing anything like space clearing or any of that kind of stuff. What’s fun about it is you can read the energy inside an environment that is imprinted on the walls if you want to put it that way. And it’s also imprinted on antique furniture; it’s imprinted on things given to you by others. Because it feels different, it carries additional energy than your energy. So environments, and I can remember before I even really got into this business, I can remember walking into a location when I was just in my teens.I was walking into an old building that’s on Vancouver Island. And it was It’s historic. It’s a fabulous building. It’s, it’s historically famous. And I walked in, got partway in the door, turned around came right back out. I felt like I was going to suffocate. It just felt so restrictive. And so uncomfortable. And I never really put a lot more into it. I just thought it was just the environment. Maybe it was dusty in there. I was trying to come up with all kinds of reasons, but it didn’t bother me a lot because it wasn’t really like a place where it would be an end-all-be-all for me. But I felt that feeling strongly. And it was years later that I walked into a business that had just opened up in my community. And I turned around, walked right back out, and I was with a girlfriend, and my girlfriend carried on into the store, and I turned around, walked back out, and I’m standing on the sidewalk going, whoa, that is not a good place. I don’t like that place. I had the feeling I had was that Things were going to tumble and fall, and I was going to something was going toych land on me; I just felt, again, not oppressive the same way as that other location when I was much younger, but just that things, I was going to get buried under stuff. So I guess it suffocated again, but differently. And my girlfriend came on, she said, what’s going on? I said I don’t know; I don’t want to go there. I wouldn’t say I like it in there; it doesn’t feel good. But I never connected it to psychic or spiritual.

I just thought I was just sensitive, you know, just being a weird person; it turns out that particular location ended up closing down in that location, and opening up in another place is one of my favourite stores now. And another store went in there, and they lasted about three months. And that store went out of business; figure a. And then, after that, it was empty for a while. And then it became a location where it was a temporary rental; somebody would come in, they’d rent it, and they’d use it for a while. And then they just rent it temporarily. And then they leave it. So it was empty for a few years on and off on off. And I don’t even know it’s there. Now I haven’t. I should go and look, I suppose. But so that’s another way.

What is it called when you absorb people’s energy?

So there are three different ways to identify if you might have some psychic ability, seven emotions or something that will come out of nowhere; literally, you’ll walk into a room, and all of a sudden, you’re feeling this feeling. And you’re not sure why you’re feeling the feeling because it wasn’t a feeling you had when you walked into the room. And there are other people in there, and you’re like, what’s going on? Why am I sad, or do you know it belongs to somebody else? You’re pretty sure because you weren’t feeling sad? Sometimes, when that happens, it takes a while to figure out it’s not your stuff. And I have people coming to me to talk to me about this exact thing. Because if they think there’s something wrong with them, one lady came to me, and she was talking to me about going to work, and she said, I get to work. And I’m in a bad mood when I get to my office. And she says in his nomic I disliked my work. I liked my work. I don’t love my job, but I want my work. And she said so I do everything in the morning. She had lived out on a little community just outside of the city. And so she would get up. She said I’d do my affirmations; I’d get I’d have my shower, my breakfast, listen to good music, all the way to work on the drive, walk in the door. And I’d say good morning to the receptionist and carry on. By the time I got to my office, I had the wrong moment. And so I tracked her steps. And I said, Tell me about your receptionist. Oh gosh, she said that’s the most unpleasant woman on the planet. She is always miserable. And I say good morning to her every morning because I want a good morning. She never has a good morning. This woman did not realize the impact this woman’s this reception as a bad mood was having on her. It impacted her because she was susceptible to other people’s emotions. There you go. She’s psyche to that level, right? In case this is going on for any of you here. Let me give you a remedy for that. She did because this woman was unpleasant. I said Here, try this. And you’d be surprised what the result might be. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be. I can’t tell you. But try it. See what happens. I said go and get a flower, any flower when you think she might like put it into a bud vase. Get a little card and say I appreciate you. And when she’s not looking, nobody else is looking, put it on her desk and walk away and see what happens. She was so excited about doing this because her nature was gentle and kind, and she wanted to make this woman feel better if she could, although we can’t make other people feel good. That’s their choice. Anyway, she did it. She went and got a flower and put it in about vase for a little I appreciate you on a card. And she left it on her desk. Two weeks later and this woman went around this receptionist went around. She was baffled; She put this on her desk who was asking questions like who did this, et cetera, et cetera. Two weeks later, she left that position and went on to a different situation. And they got a new receptionist in place of the one that was so crappy. And they ended up just loving her. She was fabulous. Her work ethic was exemplary. She was pleased with everybody. And it changed the whole dynamic in the office, and my client no longer felt crappy when she got to her office. She felt perfect because she walked in the door, and that imprinted on her house that picking up other people’s emotions was making a difference. So there’s another option for you.

What do dreams actually mean?

Dreams sometimes your dreams you can if you go to bed at night; this is an excellent way to tell if you are psychic; go to bed at night and ask questions. Ask questions before you fall asleep, and always have pen and paper by the bed, by the way. Tell yourself you and your spirit self, your Higher Self yourself, that you want an answer to a question in the morning. And many times, it might take a few nights, but you’ll get the answer you’re looking for might not be the one you’ve expected. It wouldn’t be one you would have come up with on your own; it would be just a clear, obvious answer to the question. Another thing you can do is if you’re missing somebody past when you go to bed at night, ask them to come and visit you in your dreams, and then relax. Because when you’re dreaming, you’re much less resistant to speaking with other energies or being connected to your soul self. Because your consciousness is asleep, it’s not awake. And you can get unique, excellent interactions with people you miss. And feel completely different and much better because you can invite them in to converse with you. And remember to write these situations down when they happen because you want to remember them. There are a lot of artists that get stuck, maybe writing a book, painting a picture, writing poetry, writing a song, creating the lyrics for a song, doing the rhythm, doing the tune, or just trying to build business people to that are just trying to come up with a solution to a difficulty they have that they’ll dream the answers. And often, especially for creatives, they wake up in the morning and go, I know what it is; now, I see what it is that’s wanting to come out of that piece of clay, or I know how this story is supposed to go. Or I can feel the song, the melody, how it’s supposed to be. And that’s another way through your dreams. And it is true that your intuition is like a muscle; it can be nurtured and groomed, and you can help yourself become much more intuitive. Deja vu?Afraid Deja Vu is misrepresented in many cases because it’s called Deja. A lot of things are called deja vu. Deja vu means Been there, done that got the t-shirt. So Okay, forget the t-shirt. Been there, done that. So sometimes you get a sense of something, you said, Geez, I feel like I’ve done this before. And it or I feel like I’ve been here before. And it sounds and feels so familiar. And it’ll sometimes happen in waves. So you may have six months where it happens continually. And it’s not the same deja vu; it’s not the same thing about the exact location or any of that. It’s continual. And you’re like, oh my god, this is just going on and on. And then it’ll stop. And it’ll stop for quite a while, but you’re experiencing this deja vu. And it’s bringing to old memories and old stories. And, so for some people also. So that’s another way to experience it or to tell there are also specific fears that you might have. And this is an exciting one about fears around childhood, especially childhood fears. And for me, I was claustrophobic as a child; I was very claustrophobic. This is an excellent example of a fear that came from a past life. And sometimes you can add if you go to somebody who studies has worked with past lives, somebody that’s psychic, or even a Reiki practice, you can often do this and talk to them about your past lives. And you can often discover through your reliving a past life experience that you had a past life with that, and there’s a lesson to learn etc. And in my particular case, it was about being captured as a soldier in the war. And being put into these tunnels, which I now know are the tunnels in Jersey on the islands of Jersey in the Channel Islands that were being dug by the German mill military where the prisoners of war were dubbing them. But the Germans were prisoners of war, and I had died in these tunnels. The tunnels were pretty

oppressive, and they were smaller. I mean, you’re digging a tunnel and you’re underground; there are no windows or lights.

What does claustrophobia feel like?

Consequently, I had these complicated issues with claustrophobia growing up, and I just thought it was something I was stuck with. But as it turned out, as soon as I had that recall, and when I was in my 20s, it went away, I no longer had claustrophobia, and I don’t have claustrophobia to this day, different fears. There are also other fears that people might have that have evolved; you can resolve those by getting overwhelmed and overstimulating. Psychics are very sensitive to energy. So you may find that you used it before you started getting older and growing your psychic ability used to want to be in crowds. It didn’t bother you; it bothered you a little but not much. And, you know, as long as you didn’t stick around them all the time, you could recover and not be overwhelmed. But active psychics tend to have difficulty with noisy noises like big loud bands will tend to drain you or make you feel exhausted. Things like Like crowded rooms, crowded rooms for me, I still don’t enjoy being in crowded spaces. And yet, when I was younger, I didn’t have a problem with it. But as I got older and developed my psychic ability, I became or became known as an ambivert versus introvert-extrovert; I’m somebody that I can deal with people regularly. And I can have no people around me regularly. And either way, I’m lovely. But so be careful with that. And because you have to take some time, especially if you’re sensitive like I am, you will burn out if you don’t regenerate and recuperate. And you will struggle with things like Adrenal Exhaustion, or you may even develop an autoimmune disease. So you want to be careful with that. Being consciously aware, and feeling the emotions inside of you, one of the hardest things I found to do was to identify what feelings were mine and what belonged to others. But now I don’t have a problem with that. And I happen to be living with a man who is not as emotionally available as some women would like their men to be. Okay, and so often, he’s feeling particular emotions, and he won’t say anything or do anything; I’ll be sitting quietly, anybody I can feel these emotions of anger, sadness or frustration boiling up inside of him. And I’ll ask him, Why are you upset, like what’s going on? And he’ll deny that he feels that way. So here’s an example of somebody who’s not paying attention to how they think and not practicing conscious awareness of the feelings and sensations around them inside of them. Because if he did, he would be more aware of his feelings.

How does environment interaction affect your life?

He chooses not to, and that’s fine. That’s his choice. And it’s not like it makes a big difference in his life. I don’t, I guess; I don’t know. So practice conscious awareness. Ask yourself what you’re receiving and what you’re seeing. And silent meditation. It’s one way that you can allow yourself to start experiencing more and more and more strong connection to the self, strong connection to your environment, and strong connection to the universal energies; I now do a lot of energy space clearings in environments because I know how it affects and impacts people. I’ve seen the changes that have taken place, and I enjoy it so very much. And I love discovering the stories of the sites, which is validation for my clients nine times out of 10. They know what happened in their houses or businesses, but I don’t. I pick it up and feel it now and share it with them. Buy yourself an Oracle deck, and these are solutions I’m giving you here. These are things that you can do to start practicing conscious awareness and silent meditation with an Oracle deck, but you can use the cards in an Oracle deck to guide you and to provide you with guidance, and it’s perfect for you. It’s enjoyable so, so those are some of the ways that you can identify if you are sensitive so you have a built-in radar when it comes to people telling you stories or even dealing with salespeople feeling sensitive around specific environments and coping with sudden emotions that come out of nowhere and realizing it doesn’t belong to you anyway belongs to somebody else. Making decisions and knowing things from your gut, just getting a feeling and saying, okay, I’m going to go down this road today because you just sort of a sense and you find out the route you usually take is under construction, but you didn’t know. Dreams are paying attention to your goals and experiencing deja vu. Pay attention to that and try to get the message you’re being given. And specific childhood fears that are relevant made a difference to me when I started to tap in. Being overwhelmed and overstimulated easily can be a big part of it too. So make sure that you allow yourself to regenerate and revitalize so you can sow and strengthen your practice of conscious awareness. Become aware of what’s going on when emotions are in your body, practice some meditation, take some silent meditation, and use Oracle oracle cards; many people like to use crystals as well. Some people will, in their meditation, use things like candles or images that they’ll use to guide them. Okay, now I’m going to pull the card for you that I promised this is, which is coming from an Oracle deck. Speaking of oracle decks, I want to also remind you that we do have to go to Sharon You can see all the services that I have what’s available, and if you’re interested in any of them, I can help you out. Developing your psychic self. Don’t be afraid to get a hold of me. There’s a booking form right there on that website. Of course, medium well has. We’re now in our 50s in our podcast and having a lot of fun. If there’s a topic, you want to hear about. Let me know by emailing me, Sharon, and Here’s the card for today, the polar bear. So the Polar Bear says this is for the message for all of you. Stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately with no one attachment to the outcome. Do you hear you stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately without attaching to the work? That’s a good one. That’s a sound card for you guys today. All right, everybody; thank you very much for tapping in tune-in. I’m looking forward to talking to you again. And until next time, stay strong, stay healthy. And stay happy. I’ll see you again. Bye-bye for now.


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