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Ep: 8 Sharyn’s Thoughts On The COVID-19 Vaccines

Ep: 8 Transcript

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Welcome back to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. She loves sharing her thoughts and opinions and stories. And today, she really wanted to talk about the vaccines. We’ve been hearing a lot about COVID-19 vaccines over the last few months as more and more people are getting vaccinated, but she wanted to share her personal experience around getting the vaccine. So she wanted to have an open and honest conversation with you. So let’s get started.

Preparing For Travel During COVID-19

Sharyn 0:37
Hey, hey, hey, welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic, Sharyn Rose! I had to go today to get a COVID test. Now, I’m in Canada. And I have to be COVID tested because we’re flying on Thursday, today’s Tuesday, we’re flying on Thursday to the States. So we have to have a negative test result to take through customs. I don’t know if it’s for the airport or the customs. But either way, we had to have it done. So I got into a conversation with the tech that was doing the nurse that was doing the COVID testing, just checking whether it is just kind of how are things and she said, you know, she said, I was really excited when they called me in March to come back and do this because she’s a part-time mom, part-time work. She likes spending a lot of time around home with their kids too, and supporting your husband’s work. And what was interesting was, she said, I was really excited – in March, I was asked to come and fill this position. And she said because what I saw was that probably within three or four months, I’d be out of work. Because it wouldn’t be a need for us to do COVID testing, or there wouldn’t be a need for us to be doing vaccines because everybody be vaccinated. Or there would you know, there wouldn’t be all this, what’s going on right now people need COVID testing to travel, they need to cover testing for their work. They need COVID testing for whether they’re sick or not. If they’re not feeling good they come in, and they get a COVID test. So I said I’ve been busy and she said I’m busier than I’ve ever been. It’s just crazy. There’s testing and testing and testing. And shots, of course doing all the vaccine, which is great. She’s really happy about that. But then, of course, on top of it all, it’s flu season, well, according to the government or not the government, but according to medical science, that flu has a season. So this is flu season. And so she’s really busy with that, too. And I just found it really interesting that she… her comment again, she made another comment. We were kind of chuckling about something else. And she said again, I really thought I’d be out of work. I really thought this would be done. I thought it would be over. And I want to ask you guys, I want to ask every one of you that are listening. And by the way, thanks for hanging out here. This is really fun. I like chatting with you. And thank you for your emails, you’re welcome to email me anytime you want. with questions or if you’ve got a topic you want to hear.

Photo of a suitcase on the beach.
Photo of a suitcase on the beach.

Travel COVID Restrictions

Anyways, but I wanted to ask you, what did you think was going to happen when this all hit last year in March, because right now it’s October of 2021. And March of 2020 is when everything kind of hit the fan and the whole world shut down and things just went a little crazy. And… a gazillion people have died since then – okay a gazillion is exaggerated. There’s been a lot of people who have died since the beginning of COVID. There’s been a lot of people who are doing what they call the long haul process who got sick with COVID and just can’t seem to get back on their feet. They stayed alive, but they just aren’t really doing well. They’re not thriving as well as they were before. COVID has affected groups, I mean, initially, we thought oh, it’s just going to be the seniors, you know, primarily it’s going to be those that are really compromised. The seniors are on medications, their immune systems aren’t as strong, etc, etc. And then the autoimmune compromised part of the population that’s got immune deficiencies, but what did you think was gonna happen? How did you think it was gonna fall out? And did you think that here we are, what is it 18 months now? It’s yeah, 19 months later? Did you really think it would still be here? Did you think that it would still be raging like right now we’re in the middle of Delta 4, what the Delta 4 variant, I think they call it? I don’t know, I, you know, it’s kind of like the day that the Facebook crashed, which was a couple of weeks ago, October, the fourth on my birthday. Facebook crashed on my birthday, and I didn’t even know it. That’s shows you how much social media time I spend. And of course listening to the news, I don’t do a lot of that either. I’m just really curious, I kind of have a different view on things than somebody who’s been really exposed to the way the media is presenting all of this information. And I just wonder how many of us expected that there would be another first of all another variant that would come up and be real strong and be affecting everybody and we’d be wearing masks for 18 – 19 months we’ve be wearing masks. And that’s going to continue on for a while now. I’m traveling on Thursday, and that’s why we did the COVID test today. My husband and I, because we’re traveling on Thursday and we have to have it, and we’re going into the States. And it’s kind of going to be an interesting venture because I work out of my home, my office is in my home, most of the work I do is out of my home. So my forays out into the big wide world have been – I haven’t done any traveling at all, virtually – I went and camped a little bit this year. But walking around the neighborhood, kind of my touring time. But I haven’t gone anywhere, and so it’s going to be really interesting to go into the States. We’re going to Laughlin and then to Las Vegas. And it’s going to be interesting going into the States and kind of seeing what’s going on there. Because everything we get here, we do get around any other location besides our own. It’s the news, it is the news. And it’s either the news somebody is telling you something or it’s the news, you hear on the news, you’re actually listening to the radio, or you’re listening to the TV or whatever. And so I really don’t know what to expect, I really don’t know what I’m coming into. All I know is, and you’re gonna laugh at me, because shows you how vain I am. All I know is that when I get to Las Vegas, if I have to wear a mask, I’m gonna go find myself I glitzy one, with all kinds of sparkle on it. If you can have fun, and you can’t laugh about it, it’s just gonna make you cry. It’s all there is to it.

Is Following Your Intuition Always Right?

So I’m really hoping for this lady’s sake, that she can be out of work real soon. I had a client, I was talking with one of my clients, and she was in a quandary. She – when we’re talking – she called me up and she was delivering her children to the university and further education outside of her community. And she lives in a northern community. But the kids are going to a larger center, of course, a big city, one is going to the university, and the other is going to the tech school. And she said to me, Sharyn, I don’t know what to do. And I said, about what? And she said, the COVID. I said, are you not vaccinated? And she said, no. And I said, well, is it because you just aren’t sure whether it’s a good thing to do, or what is your reason? And she said, I’ve just had access to so much information, I just don’t know. And she’s very much a holistic person. She likes to meditate. She likes things that are clear, clean, pure and natural, and it feels unnatural. And that’s what a lot of the holistic community feel. Well, that’s sort of the way everybody felt many years back to when there was other things that we had to have vaccines for, because it was literally decimating some of our population. So vaccines aren’t a new thing. But this particular virus and this particular time that we’re in with the technology and the amount of information that’s being given out there, people don’t know what to believe. So I sat with it for a minute, when I was talking with her, I just sat with it for a minute. And I went internally and I said I need to help this lady, how can I do this? How can I help her? And it came to me… do what I did! So I shared with her what I did when I went to get my vaccine – my first shot. And I’ve got to tell you guys this because it was really quite hilarious. Now, when I was going to get my shot, I wasn’t scared of it or worried about it or anything I, I just, I also am one of those people, I don’t want something unnatural put into my body, I don’t. And so I was somewhat resistant to the idea. But I started to really look at the science and I started to look at my family. And I looked at the people I care about and I really wanted to make sure everybody was safe and well, and I want to be safe and well. So I couldn’t see a reason good enough, there was nobody out there giving me a reason good enough to say that it was too bad, it was a bad thing to do. So I went into a meditation prior in the morning of my first shot, my first vaccine, because we had to get the double, of course, and I spoke to all the cells in my body, then I spoke to myself and my higher self. And I asked my whole self and informed my whole self, that we were going to get the vaccine that day, and that there was going to be some very beneficial aspects to this vaccine. There was going to be injection put into my body and some of it was going to be of great service to me, my health and my future. And of great service to those around me. And of great service to my community. And there might be some aspects of that vaccine that might not be of great service. So what I suggested to my body, instructed my body to do, was accept that aspect. Because every cell in your body has intelligence. Every cell in your body is smart and knows what to do. So I asked my body to accept the assistance from the medical community with the vaccine and allow the aspect of what is in the vaccine that is of service to me, to us, the cells in me, to be placed where it needed to be placed. And for the excess for the stuff that wasn’t a value, whatever that might look like, to flow on through.

What Is The Feeling When You Travel?

That’s what I did. So then that day later on that day, of course, I went on to get my vaccine. Now when I got to the place, to this center where they’re giving out the vaccine, it was really quite hilarious. When you go to airports, you know how they have everything roped off, and your people are dragging their luggage and they’re going through and they’re kind of looping back and forth through these roped-off areas. Well, that’s the way they had it set up the vaccination center, and you went to the table and you got your little card wherever you needed to get. And then you went into this line, and you’d go down this loop. And I all of a sudden felt like I was in an airport because the line was quite long. So it was a little bit of a waiting period. And then moving along slowly, you know, doing a little airport shuffle. And so I turned around to the lady right behind me. And I said, So where are you flying off to today. And she picked up on it right away. She was about my age, she got a twinkle in her eye, we all had masks on. So all we could see was each other’s eyes. She got a twinkle in her eye. And she says, well, I think I’m going to go to Thailand today. Where are you off to? And we ended up with this great conversation. Well, you know, you’re in these lineups. And there’s people all around you going down the line each opposite way to where you’re, you know, in the the roped off lineups. Everybody started to smile, you could feel the energy relax, people jumped into the conversation – and by the time of course, people that were managing getting people to their different locations when they got to the front of the line – so you can hear these conversations going on. And so I’ll never forget when I got to the front of the line, the one says, so, we are ready to board. You ready for your flight? And I said yeah. And she took me to where I was going to be sitting….

How Do I Start Being Positive?

…so I could get my vaccination. And I sat there and I giggled. And it was you know, I was there for maybe five minutes or so before the nurse came around. And the nurse is in a rolling chair because she’s literally rolling up and down the rows of these people with their sleeves rolled up. And she’s got an assistant with her and they’re doing these vaccines. And, she rolls up and we start joking around and I said to her, I said, aren’t you glad you have wheels, and now we’re, everybody’s just, it’s just I am in the highest best most positive vibrational place I can be because I’m happy. I’m having so much fun. And the people around me interacting with me are having fun too. So she I said, I appreciate you putting this in my right arm because I’m left handed. So you know, if I do have any problems, I can still mark, very strongly left handed, dominant left hand. So she gave me my shot. And they asked you to sit there for I think 15 minutes. And so I sat there. And then when I was done, I off I went on my way. Now I forgot about it. I completely forgot about it. I forgot about side effects like that, because I hadn’t really paid attention to what people were struggling with. And I found out later, after I’d had my first shot, I think my son and daughter in law got their first shot the same day, but they were in a different city. Anyways, I found out later that she had a real problem with her arm, she had a really sore arm, she could hardly lift it was very sensitive. And my son, he was tired and felt a little off for a day or two. But aside from that they didn’t have major problems at all like that. That was it. I had no side effects, none. Kind of reminded me of menopause. I never had any side effects there either. Which I got to tell ya, it’s upset some of my girlfriends who have had some wicked hot flashes. And they’re looking at me going like, I hate you, I really, really hate you. So it’s kind of like that, I didn’t have a lot of stuff going on around menopause. And I haven’t had anything go on around the vaccine. So when I went in for the second shot, I did the same thing. Sat down in a meditation, talk to my body, talk to myself the whole process over again. And said, let’s accept what’s going to work and make a difference that the medical community believes in. That they’re presenting to me to make me be safe in my community be safe. And we’ll accept that. And anything that’s in there, that’s not going to be a value to my body will let it go right on through. And off I went back to get the vaccine. And this time, it was a lot faster, there was fewer people in line. So I was whipped in whipped out and I was gone and done. Never had a reaction never had a reaction. Now my husband got his first shot, never had a reaction, thought all was well and good. Got His second shot. He was a little bit out of the weather for for a day like he was in he’s one of those super healthy guys.

How Do You Do The Things You Need To Do?

So I’ve just been thinking, wow, I’ll tell you what peeps, if we talk to our bodies, it’s no problem, talk to your bodies, talk to yourself, go get vaccinated, go get taken care of the way that the medical community is asking us to do, because they have validation that this works. And I mean, the people that aren’t getting sick with COVID have validated that it works. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to get COVID it just means that you’re not going to be as sick with COVID because it’s protecting, you know, but if you ask your body and allow your body to just accept what is of value and kick out what isn’t of value… you’re going to be able to go and do everything and anything anybody that’s vaccinated can do, and you’re going to feel good about it because you’re not going to be putting your community at risk. So this isn’t a lecture. This is a concept. It’s an idea. It’s something that I did and I just wanted to run a by you. I think there’s something to the science, but I am a holistic practitioner, but we do straddle both worlds. If we don’t we’re fools. And science also is beginning to straddle some of the holistic community concepts. If they didn’t, they’d be fools too. And so, I’m just, I’m just saying, I didn’t expect it to go on this long, I didn’t expect there would be a fourth variant. I didn’t expect people would still be dying in my province in my town, that we’d still be wearing masks. I didn’t expect it. And I’ll bet you you didn’t either. But you know, something, the more of us that help the communities around us, be well and strong and happy, then the healthier, happier and stronger our communities will be. Step in be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Just step in, just do it. And you’re going to have such a good day.

How Can I Hope For The Future?

So, hopefully we can all together collectively with our prayers and our wishes and our dreams and our, our desire to be well. We can put that lady out of work like she’s asking for because she really didn’t think her job was going to last that long. How long do you think this is going to continue now? From here October, do you think we’re going to be going into next spring doing the same thing? I don’t want to, so that’s why I got the vaccine. I don’t want to – what about you? How do you want your next year to look? Take a peek at it. See what you think. Tata for now. This is Sharyn Rose. I’ll talk to you next time.

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