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Episode 39: So You Want to Be a Medium?

Ep: 39 Transcript


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So you want to be a Medium? Let Sharyn share with you what it’s like from the inside! Mediumship is an emerging craft; more and more people are claiming to be or wanting to work with mediums. Sharyn shares in detail the steps she had to take to begin her journey as an active working Medium. So let’s listen in and learn more!

What Is A Psychic Medium?

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Hey, everybody, and welcome back to Medium Well with psychic Sharyn Rose. Don’t forget before you leave the podcast today – first of all, thank you for tuning in – but before you leave the podcast today, remember, at the end of it, I’m going to be pulling a card. And today, it will be something that just might interest you! So stick around and listen while I talk to you about something I get a lot of questions on. I get a lot of questions from people who are developing psychics, mediums, and empaths. Wondering what is it like living in my world? What is it like? It’s kind of fun because I finally found a way to try and explain it so that maybe you can understand.

What Is Virtual Reality And How It Works?

A Woman Using A Virtual Reality Machine, Looking At Various Images.

Now, most of you are familiar with virtual reality – I think the concept of it anyways – and there are machines. You can get little gadgets now, electronic devices that will help you enter virtual reality. And they’re called… well, the one I have is called an Oculus. There is a virtual reality machine, and you put this mask on your eyes. And you hook in; it’s all set up, and so on. Well, I have one, and I was fooling around with it the other day. And I decided to go to National Geographic virtual reality because I love animals. I was interested to know how that would come across. I mean, I use it for you can use the rooms to do meditations in because they’re so peaceful and calm, like, there’s the crystal room, and there are all these other rooms, but it takes you and transports you out of the world you’re currently in, into this virtual reality. So I was sitting on my sofa when I had this on, and I decided to go to National Geographic. And I thought I liked elephants; they’re big. I’m gonna go to the elephant virtual reality episode that National Geographic has published. So I did. And I was transported immediately to this jungle scene where it appeared; I was sitting on the water and couldn’t see a boat around me; all I could see was the water. And it didn’t matter where I looked on either side; I could see water ahead of me. And so it was kind of a swampy, marshy area. And there’s kind of his marshy sort of field-looking area and then trees. And it’s very, very realistic. Now I know that AI is virtual reality. I know, I’m sitting on my sofa. Okay. But the elephants started moving around me, moving in real time. They’re moving real like they’re real. It’s real. It’s all real. It’s National Geographic. One of the elephants that were leading this group, all of a sudden, started coming directly towards me, trumpeted, and his ears were flapping. And I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna get trampled, oh my God! And my heart started to beat fast. And I was like, holy; I’m gonna get stomped on, oh my God. And at the last second, the elephant worked its way to my side and went right by me. And I turned my head and watched it, literally watched it walk by me. And if I looked up, I could see the other underside of his belly. Pretty much. It was beside me, and I was like, oh. And I was, oh, this is just this is amazing! And I stayed with it. And I just kept watching. And then another elephant comes, and it goes on to the other side of me. And then the reality switches, and now I’m in an area again, close to water. And there’s a shrubbery ahead of me and this clearing between the water and the shrubbery. And I look to my right. And all these people are on an elephant watching. And when I looked to my side directly, I was in the middle of this group that was on this elephant watching. And everybody was very still and very quiet. Somebody would move once in a while, but it was all genuine. I was very much there. And the text came up that we were sitting in the area where we weren’t aware that it was a migratory channel where the elephants would come to and cross and that the elephants had begun their migration. The elephant started to go out of the shrubbery in the trees ahead of us. And there’s about 20 or 30 of these elephants. And they stopped. And they just surveyed all these people laying along the banks of this waterway. And sort of some of them swung their heads. And I just held my breath, wondering what they would do. And they slowly started ambling off in my direction because I was on the left-hand side of this group. And when they started coming in my order, I thought, Oh, wow, they came very close. And they could I could just, I could look right at them, I can look them right in the eye. And they went on right beside me, again, off to my left side, and they crossed on that side of me. And my heart is beating again. And I’m watching them. Now this time, it’s a little more interesting; it’s a little bit less intense or intimidating because of the experience I’d already had with the big ol’ elephant first time. Because now I’m seeing the babies and looking at their size compared to their moms. And they’re tiny compared to the grownups. And I’m watching how they interact with one another, et cetera, et cetera. When I came out of that experience, I was still sitting on my couch.

What Does It Mean When You See People That Have Passed Away?

That’s what it’s like to be a medium. Now, I don’t have that. I just got it. When I came out of that experience, I thought, This is what people want to know. They want to know, what is it? I see when I go into visiting with spirit when someone comes to me for a mediumship session. And it’s not elephants, of course. I mean, maybe I’d see elephants if that was appropriate. But, it’s because I’m clairvoyant; I see spirits. And I see symbols. And I see environments. I see differences that are similar to the virtual reality machine. The exciting thing was when I started working as a medium; it wasn’t working yet. It was very similar when I first became active in my awareness as a medium. I was working in my Massage Studio on a client who was a regular client; it was a very comfortable massage. He was lying on his stomach, and I was working on his calves. And the room was very… damn; it was very zen – soft music going. He was, I think, asleep, at least I thought he was. And I was very into the work that I was doing. And I glanced up, and there was a figure standing at the head of the massage table. And I just blurted out, Oh, there’s somebody else here! And my client immediately said, describe him. At first, he said, What did you say? And I repeated myself, feeling kind of foolish. And then he said, describing him. And I told the gentleman I was seeing, standing at the head of the massage table. And as soon as I described him, he disappeared. And my client said, Oh, that’s a friend who passed a few weeks ago. And I was just dumbfounded! And I was like, I don’t do this! This isn’t what I do. I do massage. I do Reiki; I do reflexology. I do a little drug therapy, but I don’t see people who have died. I don’t do this. And immediately just tossed it and went, Okay, that was freaky. I don’t want that happening again. Okay? Fine. And it scared me, and my heart was beating. And it was the same effect.

What Is It Called When You Start Seeing People That Aren’t There?

And then, I had another client come in who wanted a reflexology session with their feet. We were helping her with their circulation. And she was an older client. And she came, and she sat on the massage table. And her husband was sitting in a chair beside me, and we were yakking away. And then they started talking; I started focusing more on doing the reflex on her feet. Then I glanced up; she asked me a question. She said, Who do you see with me? Now you have to remember that I’m not working as a medium. I’m working as a psychic. But many people don’t know the difference between mediumship and psychic work. But I’m working only as a psychic. Anyway, I’m doing this. I’m not working at that point as a psychic. I’m working as a therapist. I’m working as a healer. And talk therapy is the only fundamental psychic part. Anyway, the healing aspect was where my energy was going. And when I Lugo have stopped.

There was a figure right beside her. I had of a woman right beside her when she asked me that question. So I described the woman’s face. I said she’s, you know, she’s older. She’s got gray hair. It explains how it looked, and I said she looked depressed. And her eyes are pretty milky. And she went, Oh! And it just baffles me how nonchalant my clients are in this, and I’m the one freaking out. But she went, Oh, well, that’s my aunt. She passed during cataract surgery. And as soon as she said this, I looked at this lady’s face, and it cleared up; she had a big smile, showed her eyes cleared up and disappeared. And it made it aware.I said, Well, I think she wanted to say hi to you. So then she told me, while I was close to her, she told me the story of her aunt. And, again, it was similar to the experience, although it was a little bit less intimidating. Because I hadn’t had this happen before. I still didn’t consider myself a medium. I still didn’t want to connect with people who had died. I still didn’t want to do that work; I was pretty happy with what I did. But ultimately, because this was many years ago, my reality changed over time. And I started doing mediumship work. And that’s when I went to England. And I began to understand what I was doing and how to do it with focus, discipline and integrity. And the one thing. I had to overcome to be able to do the work;
I had to overcome preconceived judgments and ideas that others were not worthy of their divine right to be here. I have to overcome judgment and criticism of others. And I have to overcome judgment and criticism of myself. And when I’m in those spaces in time, where I’m working with clients. I am not being judgmental; I’m in a pure, light, loving area. That’s where I go when I do any healing work, any psychic work now, any mediumship work
; all the work I’ve ever done has been done from a place of pure love.

Fears Of The Paranormal

I realized that I could see and connect with those crossed-over loved ones for my clients because I was working from a place of pure love at that time. And it opened the door for them to be able to come through, and my abilities showed up. And so when I went to England, it was really, I was thinking that I was going there to overcome the fear of doing mediumship work because I just was terrified. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know. Am I going to run into demons? Is there such a thing? (I didn’t believe in demons, but I didn’t know.) And I, anyways, there was so much I didn’t realize that I needed teachers and tutors that were active in the field of mediumship. So therefore, I went to England and went to school and trained and learned, and one of the things that came through very clearly was that I was terrified. And one of my tutors asked me about the fear. He says, Why are you so afraid? And I said because I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what’s going to come through. So we went for a walk. And he said to me, Sharyn, when you’re doing any mediumship work, you got to remember, I’m still a student at the college. This is my first time there, and I’m immersed in mediumship work while I’m there. And it’s new to me, but it’s more comfortable every time we do. Every time I make another connection with another crossover loved one. It’s more and more comfortable. I had to get used to it. And he said to me; he said who’s in charge when you’re doing your mediumship sessions, who’s in order? And I didn’t know. I said I don’t know; who is in charge? Always thinking less of myself and more of spirit. Thinking I was the more diminutive one, the spirit was the bigger one. I was the less dominant spirit was, the more prevalent. I always had that in my head that these energies had more power than I had. And he corrected me because I dug for an answer and finalized a spirit. He says you are the medium. You are the one that’s in charge. You are the one who opens the space for it to be safe and straightforward for you and your spirit to connect. So you can deliver messages to loved ones from them. You are the medium; you’re in charge. And you don’t have to be afraid! And I said yeah, but can just anybody come through? And he said, As long as you hold a loving heart, pure intention, and you stay in integrity. Be honest with your work. It will always be a clear, pure, pure light, pure love and all-knowing experience for you and your clients. There is nothing to be afraid of.

“Psychic VS. Medium”

So when I came back home, I didn’t go right to work right away as a medium. I went directly to work right away as a psychic because previous to that was doing Reiki and all those healing arts, and I went back to England and took another course, and I did that four times. And eventually, over time became confident enough to be able to do a mediumship. And found that when I was opening that door of pure light, pure love and all-knowing spirit and asking to join us in our sessions, I could connect easily, very quickly. And it was becoming apparent; that I was getting clear messages and stuff that there was no way I would know. I mean, there was no way that I would have known that information. Even in some cases, my client didn’t see the information. And they have to go back to other loved ones. And it was validated from there. For example, a gal that came through came to see me, and she was our grandfather; I think I don’t remember the readings much after the fact. But her grandfather, I think it was, they came through. And he was wearing some particular colours. And he was, I believe, he was a pilot in the war. And she didn’t know anything about him. She didn’t know anything about his life or what he had done. And it was her father’s father. And so when she went to her father and told him about her experience with me, he validated for her that he was a pilot during the war. And that there was the colours he was wearing in the uniform were the army that he represented. I can’t remember which country he fought for, but it wasn’t Canada. But the colours were unusual to me. And they were the colours of that country and the uniforms they wore as pilots. And because I was working, and I always do all my work with integrity, I can receive this information through pure light, pure love and all-knowing. But you want to remember that I didn’t have any when I didn’t go into the virtual reality world of elephants. I was there with my entire intellectual aspect. I wasn’t checking my intellect out and my intuition in. Holy crap, I was so scared! I’m sitting on my couch, pretty sure I’m gonna get trampled by an elephant. But my couch became irrelevant. This world that I currently reside in became irrelevant. It didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was the world I was experiencing. My whole body, mind, and everything about me reacted to the elephant world I was in. And now it was I look at it. And it was terrific. It was so amazing! But it reminded me of when I first got into mediumship and started working as a medium.

What’s The Difference Between A Medium And A Psychic?

Now many of you realize, and you know, that all mediums are psychic. Not all psychics are mediums. I don’t know why that is; I don’t know if it’s you’ve come with certain developed abilities. I don’t know what it is. But I have worked to develop my consists consistently developing mediumistic skills. Because I like now the work that I do, I love being able to help the clients that come to me; I love sharing messages from spirit. But more than that, and I gotta tell you more than that, I love that I love going into what would be considered the virtual reality of spirit, and seeing the colours, seeing the world being exposed to spirits experience the experience there so that I can see what they’re doing and what they’ve got going on and where they are. And it’s so vivid and clear and joyful. And it’s just so wonderful that everything is peaceful, calm, and beautiful. And that is exactly what it would be like if I were one of those people that went on an Elephant Walk, and I knew what I was getting myself into. And the elephants came out of the woods. And I was they were, you know, I’m standing laying on this ground, everybody’s laying on the ground to not be intimidating, I’m assuming. And it was exactly! Initially, when I got into the work, it was exactly how I felt then. I know that I can go now more into virtual reality on this game, this Oculus 2, and I can enjoy it more because it compares so much to the emotional reaction I had the first time I did mediumship which turned out, by the way, to not be the first time I did mediumship. Mediumship evolved for me from a childhood event. I was medium active medium as a child. I saw spirits all the time. But I shut it down and didn’t remember any of it because of the disapproval I met with from my significant others – from my adult group around me. So for those of you, one of the essential things, I have a lot of people that want to be trained, they want to be mediums, they want to be psychic makes, and I am happy to help you evolve into your higher best self, his best self, because it’s your highest best, most enlightened, the self-empowered self that carries the energy of psychic work and your abilities as a clairvoyant or clairaudient. claire, clairsentient, claircognizant. Whatever your Clair-strength lies. But if you are not coming from a loving place, if you come, if you go into this experience, and you have an expectation – I never go into a medium session with expectation. And I tell my clients that I don’t know what’s going to happen, but let’s go. And once I, once that will happen, I just raised my energy. And there’s a technique I learned in England that you use in meditation. That I use in meditation. And it’s something that I don’t know how to teach very well. I learned to do it while I was in meditation there. But nobody showed me how to do it. It was just something that happened to me because I became fearless. And I became peaceful and calm. And I became more empowered and aware that what I was doing was okay. So when people come to me, and they say, Well, I want to be a medium, I want to work as a medium, or they say they have medium, I can ask somebody two or three questions, when they come to me, and they tell me that they have medium experiences, I can ask him for questions. And I know, is it their ego talking to them? Or are they truly tapping into the spirit? I know immediately. I can tell. And it’s the way they answer the questions. You have to be out of yourself. You have to be out of your intellect. Your brain needs to stop – your brain doesn’t have any emotion. In it, your brain is not an emotional being energy form. It’s a knowledge base. And the only point of reference for the brain or mediumship is that it is a point of reference for the medium to be able to say; this reminds me of what and go there so that you can translate the messages. But over time, that becomes so fast that you don’t even realize that your intellect and intuition are working together. Because your intuition is so much more dominant. You are working in spirit with spirit. So it’s really important. And I don’t, I don’t pull any punches too. Some people come to me for coaching. And as you know, I’m a second life coach. And I love teaching people to develop their abilities and become more empowered and enlightened, less judgy, less critical and kinder to themselves and the world around them. But when people want to be developed as psychic mediums, and they come to me, which is the request very often, it’s difficult for me unless I’ve been able to go through an hour session with them. I need to be able to see that they are coachable. Many people that come with a desire like that they’re not coachable. I didn’t come to this with a desire that started as a desire; I came with experiences that have started and forced me to go to a place where I would get taught, guided, and directed. I could be guided so that I wouldn’t be so afraid.

What Is The True Meaning Of Arrogance?

But arrogance is not the same thing as knowledge. And arrogance has no place in mediumship work. And desire or expectation for financial return has no position in mediumship work do I charge? Of course, I do. I set a fee for all my services because it’s my job. This is what I do. But it is a moot point and irrelevant. When it comes to the work. The work is primary. The money is secondary. It’s just a byproduct of the work I do. The great joy it brings clients and then it brings me is primary. So you have to know, what’s my motive? What is your motive when you want to develop? What is your intent? What is your purpose? What is it you want to do? How is it you want to move forward? And who are you serving? And why? What is your purpose? Why do you want to do what you’re doing? I wanted to share it with you. And if there’s a run on virtual reality machines out there, I’ll know you’re listening to my podcast. Because I got to tell you something, it was the most fantastic experience. And it allowed me again, you know, sometimes you have that first experience and you don’t get a chance to relive that first experience again, it gave me that chance to relive that first experience again. It was just it was amazing! It was wonderful! And I just appreciate the elephants so much! And my swift beating heart was intimidated by the whole process.

What’s The Meaning Of The Word Platypus?

Okay, since we were talking about elephants, and this was really about me visiting the National Geographics. I’m going to do the Animal cards. I was going to do a different deck, and the night I was doing this podcast, I realized that’s not want to do the Animal cards. So I will pull the Animal card, and I will do it intuitively for you today. This is your message until the following podcast, and we got the platypus. The platypus says, stop complaining and focus on the blessings in your life. Are you complaining? Don’t complain. Focus on the benefits in your life. Pure light, pure love, all-knowing, talk to your higher self. Enjoy your spiritual inner physical reality; this is a physical reality. It is a virtual reality for the spirit, just like the Oculus is a virtual reality for me. Have fun out there, folks, and enjoy your lives and days. It’s turning into a beautiful, beautiful summer. Take care. And until next time, be safe. Bye-bye for now.


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