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Episode: 64 Do You Believe in Angel Numbers?

Ep: 64 Transcript


Jennifer Gunson 0:04
Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. We’re talking Angel numbers today. Do you believe in Angel numbers? And what are Angel numbers? And how can they help you in your daily life? Listen to this exciting topic as Sharyn tells you about numbers and how they can be magical if you only pay attention. So let’s get started.

Photos of numbers.

What do synchronicities numbers mean?

Sharyn 0:34
Hey, and welcome back to Medium. Well, with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Thanks for being here! Today, I want to talk to you about Angel numbers. What are Angel numbers? And is there such a thing? I mean, numbers are a big, big part of our culture. Numbers are everywhere. We use numbers to direct us through our daytime wise 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock, and 2 o’clock. We use numbers to add up what it economically costs to purchase groceries. We use numbers to call people. We have a number that identifies our phone. We have numbers everywhere. So today, I want to talk about the fringe of what numbers mean because many people come to me and say, you know, Sharyn, I often see repeating numbers. And actually, the topic today is because I’vbecausereceiving repeating numbers repeatedly, like 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4… lots and lots of repeating numbers. And I’m always adding numbers up in my head. What does that mean when I see addresses or what I’m looking for? What does that mean? What does that mean? And I know a lot of other people do too. And the more you move into a spiritual basis for your life, the more you will want to understand numbers better. So I’m going to give you some guidance today on what that looks like. So Angel numbers, generally spiritual numbers, are called Angel numbers; we see numbers everywhere. But when we see repeating numbers like 111, 1, 1 or visit 222, or whatever, the understanding is that it’s a sign from the universe that it’s working on your behalf. That’s what sequences and numerology say, that it’s an amplification of energy. So if you put those two things together, when you see a series of numbers like 111, if you know what the 1 represents, it’s amplified three times from just being 1. It’s now 111. And numerology says it’s amplified in energy, but the universe works on your behalf. So numbers are highly relevant in spiritual work. So what I want to do is there’s a ton of resource information out on the internet right now around numbers. So when you encounter repeated numbers like 1, 1, 1, 5, 5, 5, 7, 7, 7, virtually everywhere, if you’ve noticed such patterns, it may not be a coincidence; it might; there might be a valid message being directed toward you. That is something you want to try and understand. And one of the things about developing your spiritual aspect, your psychic self, is paying attention to synchronicity, patterns, and reoccurring sequences of various things. So, for example, if you see a butterfly, you think about, let’s use an example here, you think about a butterfly. And when you think of the butterfly, you think of your mother who passed, and when you think of your mother who passed, you have a solid emotional connection. But throughout the rest of that day, everything is different time you turn around, you see butterflies; even in the dead of winter, you’ll see it on the page of a book, you’ll see it on the television, you’ll hear somebody talk about butterflies. It’ll just show up over and over.

What are angel signs numbers?

And numbers are the same. So Angel Numbers are reoccurring sequences of numbers that have a spiritual significance, according to Numerology Angelics. Now, let’s go there for a minute – angels. If you don’t believe in angels, you won’t think in Angel Numbers. You won’t believe in the magic of the synchronicity of numbers and what they could mean for you. And that means that listening to this isn’t do you any good. I’m just saying. But suppose you are interested in receiving as much guidance as possible for the rest of your journey on this planet. In that case, it behooves you to pay attention because angels speak to us synchronously. And also, I want to point out that angels cannot step into our lives and interfere with our journey without invitation. If you’re looking for guidance from the angels, prayer helps, or meditation helps get some advice. Okay, synchronicity means we’re seeing something repeatedly so that it goes beyond what we would consider a mere coincidence. And I don’t particularly believe in coincidence, but numbers are one of the ways that we can get messages through synchronicity with the repetition of numbers. Of course, numerology works with numbers; I love numerology, and the Asian Science of numbers also works with numbers. They believe that through your birthdate, they can identify your primary personality traits, your natural reaction to stress and anxiety, and your life purpose and your life challenge. And I do a lot of work with that here in the office for my clients; almost everybody gets their nine-star key read. And it’s enjoyable though the Asian numbers; we also go into the numerological aspect of numbers.

What does it mean spiritually when you see Angel numbers?

All right, now let’s talk about just Angel – let’s focus on the Angel Numbers. So you can see that it’s a huge field. You can see that it’s a vast field of study. Seeing a repeating number is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard. The angels are identifying that they’re getting your attention, and the numbers they send you to have meanings. So think of it like a little marker, like looking at a map or your GPS to get directions. Think of it as that next corner you’re going to turn. A lot of numerologists believe that Angel Numbers, working with Angel Numbers, getting to understand them and understanding their meaning is a way to get your toes wet. In spiritual practice, Angel Numbers are the beginning of understanding spirituality with numbers and how to take it further if you’d love it and become a full-fledged numerologist – getting messages from the spiritual realm. It isn’t reserved for psychics; we all have a spiritual team; every person on this planet has a spiritual team around us, of angels of ascended masters of our loved ones that work and support and help us in any way that it can—and using numbers as a way to catch our attention. It’s one of the ways that they work. And so people are starting to realize they’re truly connected to the magic around them. And Angel Numbers are a gentle and loving invitation to build trust in your spiritual connection. So it’s a great way to introduce you to spiritual living spiritual life. Now, there are many, many sequences and ones and twos seem to come up a lot. And, of course, as I mentioned earlier, repeated numbers are seen as an amplification of energy in numerology. So the more number shows up around a person, the stronger the vibration behind it, influencing that person’s life. So seeing a number triple means the full potential of that energy is present.

Why is 999 a special number?

Let me give you an example, just for fun. There are a lot of ways to use numbers, but I’m going to use one. And what I have in front of me here in my hand is I have Angel Numbers 101. It’s a tiny little book about all the numbers we use on the planet. So it goes from one up to the triple 999. And it’s got the meaning of each of those numbers. But I want what I want to share with you to be okay; let me read what number one means to you. Number one says to stay positive; everything you’re thinking about is coming true. So be sure you’re only thinking about what you desire, and give any fears to God and the angels. That’s number one. But let’s take a look at 111. So that would be amplified out to its max to his full potential 111. Now remember the first message; this is the one amplified three times. This number brings you urgent messages that your thoughts are manifesting instantly. So keep your mindset focused on your desires and give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation. So basically, everything you’re thinking about in number one just on its own is coming true. Be sure you’re only thinking about what you desire. So this number says, don’t get carried away with going into a negative mindset and then going back into a positive one because that cancels it out. Stay in your mood, stay positive, and stay true. Believe in what you desire. Give any of your fears to God and the angels. And then 111 says this number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly. So keep your mindset focused on your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation. Now, that’s just working with number one. And the reason I’m choosing Doreen Virtue’s book – Doreen is no longer in the industry I’m in right now. She’s stepped away from this work. But she created 60 or 70 books while working in this field. One of them is Angel Numbers, and I love it. So that talks about 1, 1, 1, 1. And then it goes beyond that too. IYoucan go to 11, which would be j little different,

but it works with every number.

What is the meaning of seeing number?

So there is something else that Doreen talks about in her book. And I found this fascinating. She is talking about if you see numbers, to see a number sequence, and you keep seeing the same number sequence. So she uses an example here that I’m going to use and share with you. She uses 219524219524 could be a number sequence you’re seeing that comes up all over the place all the time. And what she suggests is it is better off to break it into chunks of one, two, or three digits. So, in this case, your sequence would be 219 and 524. So she suggests first looking up the first three digits 219. And this book has the combination of all potential combinations, so it has 418, 325, and any combination of numbers up to 3 digits. So the 219 says your thoughts and focus are on your career and purpose, right?

Now, optimism brings a reward. You’re seeking to stay positive. So then you would look up the second set of three digits, 524; angels and archangels are watching over your new projects and helping you transform your ideas and dreams into reality. You know, you can see a definite connection between those two different sets of numbers. And then, you blend the meaning of both of those three-digit sequences, and your thoughts are focused on your career and purpose. Right now, optimism brings the rewards you seek. So stay positive! Angels and archangels watch over your new projects and help you transform your ideas and dreams into reality. You can see where the impact of the angels is powerfully impacting it. The more optimistic you are, the better everything goes for you and your life. I’ve got you to know; I can’t help it. Working in spirituality, if you’re going to be in a negative mindset, and you’re going to be a Debbie Downer – sorry, Debbie’s out there – you’re not going to have a good day. And you’re not in a spiritual mindset; you’re in ego. A spiritual attitude works from a place of joy, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, hopefulness, and contentment. Those are the vibrations you want to have behind what you do daily and on a minute-by-minute basis.

Angel Number Meanings

So when it comes to numbers, you know, in my particular case, the numbers I’ve been seeing, I’ve been doing a lot of work. I’ve wanted to get my Kitchen Witchen program back up and running for February. And now I’m in November of 2022. And it’s going to start up again in February 2023. But I was working on trying and getting that done. And now it’s all ready to go. And we’ve got all the numbers in place, everything we needed to do; we’re looking at changing the name of this podcast, as you might know, if you’ve listened to Episode 61. Episode 61 suggests that if you can come up with a new name for the podcast, we will, and we use it to will give you a free reading; we’ve got a new identity coming up as well. We’re changing the image of the podcast. So there’s a lot of change and whatnot going on. And I’ve had 222, and 444 gadgets show up. And so 444 showed up, which shows up a lot for me. And so I will read to you what 444 means, and you’ll see how it connects to what I’m doing right now. There are angels; they’re everywhere around you. You’re completely loved, supported and guided by many heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear. Of course, when you’re building any business development doing any type of business, you’re worried if this will work. Is this going to be functional? Is it going to work out? And, so, this is a great message for me; I liked that. So and that’s out of Doreen Virtue’s book. Now if you go online and Google Angel Numbers, you’ll also be able to get all kinds of meanings of all the different numbers. But I liked the way that she combined the six digits that were all different. I liked that. I thought that was cool. And it gives people a new form instead of always having to have the numbers synchronistic that sometimes the random numbers are just a series of numbers you’re coming across. Okay? So things like here’s more meaning if you’re okay, here, it’s more meaning to the 444. If you’re navigating a challenge and have been trying to get guidance from your spirit guide or signs from the universe, which I was looking for, noticing the number 4 can be evidence that you’re being heard. Okay, so when I’m out there, and I’m asking for certain things to deliver delivered to me, I’m asking for me to receive certain things that I would like to do to move forward with my business. I’m being heard. It says your angels are guiding you, surrounding you and answering your prayers of protection. The Angel Number 444 is a spiritual hug from your ancestors in good times and bad. And for me, that means a lot because I have many people who have recently transitioned into spirit. And I love knowing they’re right there and around me, supporting and guiding me. I love that.

What is the powerful angel number?

So you might want to pick up this Angel Numbers 101 book by Doreen Virtue. If you can still find it now – a lot of her stuff is being pulled off the shelves because Doreen has threatened to sue if it continues to be sold because she has gone entirely into a completely different line of study. And she doesn’t work in the spiritual realm and condemns my work. So, you know, I’m not going to speak and judge; I’m just going to say that’s the case. So if you can find the book, great, you might not be able to, but you can find a lot of references to numbers online, many different numbers and talks about repeating numbers that come up a lot. And how to use your intuition. So how do you decipher the meaning of Angel Numbers using your intuition? So here’s some feedback for you. Create a quiet and still place. Okay? So just, even being aware and noticing Angel Numbers popping up, it’s the first step to working with them. The second, of course, is deciphering the meaning of those numbers. And while looking up their purposes online can be helpful. It can’t necessarily tell you the whole story. So in my particular case, I knew, I knew, I intuitively knew I was getting guidance and that I was getting help. And I was; it just gives me joy. And it helps me persevere it, you know, when you get to that place where you’re doing something, and it’s hard, and you don’t know if you can finish it. You’re just frustrated and want to quit; it stops you from leaving if you can step into your spiritual aspect and trust that the Angel Numbers are working with you and guiding you. And that’s precisely how I feel about the 444s showing up. Now before that, it was 111s into 222s. So they all lead to the same result. So I’m excited about this next year. And even every day, I’m just so excited. So even though Google search can give you a jumping-off point, it won’t tell you what those numbers specifically mean for you. You have to use your intuition. So to tap into your intuitive power, figure out what the Angel Numbers mean. Get quiet. Ask yourself what the numbers mean, and then listen for the answers. You can do this through meditation or mindful practice; it doesn’t matter. You can use prayer at work. Now our intuitive gifts are not a one-way street where all we do is interpret the given symbols. Psychics, of course, are constantly analyzing and receiving. But you can meditate on questions or challenges, ask for specific signs, and engage with your intuition in whatever suits you.

What are the signs of seeing Angel numbers?

And then notice when the Angel Numbers show up; that’s another thing, too: timing. Right? Notice when the numbers show up. We call them Angel Numbers, of course, because they signify you’re being helped. And to follow the impulses of the path that you’re on. Many are tied to a specific state or energy available to you now; timing is no coincidence. And the next is to pay attention to how you feel. Take note of how you feel in your body. Did your body respond in a certain way when you saw an angel number come up? Because it doesn’t, they don’t lie, and your body doesn’t lie. If you’ve been disconnected from your intuition, it may be tricky for some people, but stick to it. It just takes practice and cultivating more of the feeling, whether it’s a flow, trust, love, faith, or something else, to help bring your messages to light.

What does the repetition of angel numbers mean?

So what to do when you see your angel numbers repeat? They’re not just messages but instead calls to action. So a call to action. We’ve talked about this before in other podcasts, but a call to action. We’re spirits on this planet having the human experience; we are souls having a human experience. And so when you consider that we are souls first, before being human, then what we want to do is we want to implement our spiritual knowledge into our human journey. But we also don’t want to forget that we’re on a human journey. And that when we receive some of these messages, we want to trust our intuition and our downloads. Many people don’t trust their intuition because they don’t believe it could be easy. It may not always be a specific thing you must do either. It might be about changing your perception or shifting your beliefs about something; you can choose how to use these messages. So it’s kind of like when I do the cards on Wednesdays on Facebook on Sharyn Real Psychic Coach and Medium page; when the cards go face down, you’re using your intuition to select what card message you want for the next day; you know, for that week, and then on Thursday, when it comes in, turn the cards up. I’m amazed at how many responses I get from people; I get notes from people to private DMS that tell me how much of a difference that message made for them that day, but they use their intuition to select the news initially. And you do the same with this; you get to choose how to use your notes. When you see Angel Numbers repeat, if you don’t trust your intuition, you will struggle. So keep at it—practice, practice, training. And so, how to ask for Angel Numbers as a sign – you can do that too. You are the sole interpreter of the messages delivered by Angel Numbers. And you can also petition the universe to see Angel Numbers as a sign. Decide what your character will be. In this case, a repeat sequence of Angel Numbers. And specify when you’d like to receive the signal and wait for it to appear. It’s that easy. You know it is that easy. We want to complicate things so much. We want things to be so hard, but it’s not. So once you see Angel Numbers as your sign, though, It’s essential to act on them as soon as possible. Working on, taking that action, a leap of faith, and moving together will create miracles. Okay? So don’t proceed after you do all this work and then ask for five more signs to confirm. Just follow your instinct, follow your intuition, and grow it. Grow and grow and work and work and work!

What is the angel number of abundance?

And I picked a card today from the Angels of Abundance: Do the work. It’s not enough to dream or pray. You’ve also got to take the positive action steps that you’re being divinely guided. This is precisely what I was talking about. Consistently working on your priorities will make them flourish like a lush flower garden. Stay at it! Stay working. Stay with your numbers, pay attention, and look for synchronicity. Right now. It’s 2022. I’m going to call it, and I’m going to quit this podcast. And thank you very much, you guys, everybody, for tuning in. And I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye-bye for now.


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