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Episode: 65 What Spiritual Healing Methods Do You Use?

Ep: 65 Transcript


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose, Today, we discuss what spiritual healing modalities you use. Tune in as Sharyn shares what she’s learned about health and wellness as a child and how she has adapted to what she believes in her life today regarding healing. So let’s get started!

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What is the best healing modality?

Sharyn 0:34
Hey, everybody! Hello again and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic and Medium Sharyn Rose! Today I want to talk about spiritual healing modalities. And it’s funny, I haven’t talked about it before. I’ve talked about health and wellness on the podcast, but I haven’t really talked about modalities and the options out there versus allopathic. So naturopathic versus allopathic versus spiritual, however, you want to term it. When I was a little girl, I was watching the people around me because we learn a lot as kids at the knee of our elders, right? My mother was very much involved and enjoyed and appreciated and respected the medical community. She was about if you get the sniffles you get a cold or something wrong yatta yatta yatta go to the doctor. My father – so consequently, Mom always had prescriptions, tonics, and potions, that she got at the drugstore. Now, some of the times she actually would self-medicate as well. And that’s okay. I mean, we all take ibuprofen to some degree or Tylenol or something like that. But she was a big believer in those modalities, bringing wellness to our physical presence. On the other hand, my father came from a completely different school of thought. This is a man who believed in what was available on the planet and what was available in the bush, and what was available naturally, and that we had the power to heal. But he also drew from nature. Now, a lot of this, I think, had to do with the fact that he grew up in the wild. He grew up… so like a feral child, but he wasn’t. He grew up with his big brother, way up north. And they would spend the whole seasons living in a cottage or cabin way back in the woods, trapping. And now I want to remind you, my father was born in his 20s. 1920s. So we’re going back to days before when people would trap and make a living and there wasn’t a challenge with the abundance of whether or not there were animals on the planet. That’s what he did. But they also had to take care of themselves. And if they got sick or got hurt, they had to take care of themselves as best they could and only in the most tragic moments would they be going to a doctor. For example, my father was the one that would teach us when we were out walking, if we wanted to feel good that nature had an abundance of remedies for us. He would pick mushrooms and teach us the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. He would teach us what pine gum was – I don’t know if any of you’ve ever tried pine gum, but it’s the sap on a pine tree. And you can pick it off and it’s gummy and you can chew it, and we would chew pine gum. I really liked it! I thought it was really good. My father was a chronic gum chewer too. So the pine gum. He would drink swamp tea. He taught us how to make swamp tea out of different herbs and whatnot from the swamp and the marshes. But he also believed that he had the power to heal himself. That he had the ability to unless it got to a point of extreme and that’s how I was raised I was raised with his two very different ideals one person was really into the allopathic medical community and very respectful of it, and very involved with that and believed in your have your yearly checkups and make sure everything’s all right and the doctor will tell you if you’re okay or if you’re not. And the other belief of you will know if you’re well or not just using your intuition use your cell sense of wellness your sense of self to determine what would be the best thing for you.

What are natural healing remedies?

I remember my father getting things like pneumonia or chest colds, and he would use mustard poultices. Now, a mustard poultice – I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. It goes way back but a mustard poultice will literally burn the hide right off. Yeah. It’ll burn the skin right off you if you leave it on too long, but he would use a mustard poultice because he believed that it would bring it out. When he wasn’t feeling really well, he would eat a lot of onions. There were a lot of different food products that he would also utilize in wellness, and there were a lot of foods he would touch. And I’ll never forget my father sitting both my older brother and me down because we were little and the younger kids weren’t even around; then they sat us down. And one of us had lost a tooth. And he bought our tooth from us, instead of going to two or three, he said, I want to do an experiment, I want to show you something. And so he bought her tooth, I don’t know if it was mine or Neil’s. And he put it in a bit of glass of Coke – Coca-Cola. And he said, I want you to check back with this tooth, you know, every day, every two days, a week, whatever. And it wasn’t very long before there were cavities started to form in that tooth. What was really interesting for Neil and I was watching that process. And I know Neil doesn’t drink pop unless he’s having a cocktail, and he doesn’t drink anymore. So he’s not even doing that. And for me, that’s the only time I would drink pop is if I was having a cocktail because I saw what happened to a tooth. And I didn’t want to rot my teeth by drinking pop.

What is a self-healing process?

Those were the lessons I learned at the knee and with my father. And from my mother, I learned that you go to the doctor, who tells you what’s good and what’s not. And so I had this natural mix of ideals, but I really leaned towards self-care, I leaned towards me being able to take care of myself and, and when I grew up, as I grew up, I was constantly looking for healing modalities that I thought would serve me, and that I could share with others because I’ve been a teacher my whole life. And I’ve been sharing that anything I come along comes along for me that I love. I share it with everybody that I know. And in 2010, when I was running some workshops I was we did a big section on healing and health. And I really came across a course to do that I had to do a lot of research on because there are a lot of modalities from around the world that I had never heard of. And I’ve introduced you to some of them through the podcast and various ones. But so, for me, it became a fascination. And that led to the 2010 workshop was earlier than that in the 90s when I received a diagnosis of advanced rheumatoid arthritis, and I was told by the doctor get your house in order; you’re going to be in a wheelchair within six months. And it made me stop and think of my father who broke his back twice, well once with a tree falling on him when he was young, and he was a logger. And while he was still in a whole body cast, he built a restaurant with all of his; he put a foreman in charge who was one of his native buddies, and he had a native crew, and they built the restaurant, the first restaurant my father and mother ever owned. And he was in a full-body cast. And I remember him cutting around the arm where the arm joined the body on both sides, and the legs were joining the body so he could walk and actually use his arms and he was out helping build the restaurant. Now there’s a man who believed fully in his own power. And, of course, my mother was precisely the opposite. And so when I was diagnosed with this advanced rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, I went no, I can’t have that. That’s not, that’s not going to work. Good lord, I’m just hitting my stride with my work. I’m just hitting my stride in my new relationship. I’m just hitting my stride! My kids have just left home, and I’m just now I’m, no I can’t, I don’t want this.

What does massage therapy do?

So I started researching, researching, researching. And in the research, of course, I took courses, two courses, two courses. And one of the courses that I’ve come across was a healing touch course, that was given by an RN and her assistant. And I’ve talked about that course, in some other of the healing. If you’re interested in all the healing experiences I’ve had, go back to the other healing podcasts that are already up and listen to those as well. Because I won’t go back into the same old stories here. I’ve got too much more to share with you. But I will say that the Healing Touch course, led me into an awareness of a strong awareness of exactly what my father was trying to teach us as children, that we had the power, and we were able to have the power. He was also a very positive man who was a very positive thinker. He was a bit of a hot-headed Frenchman. And he was stubborn, but he was somebody who would stick to his guns; he would say, Yeah, that’s the way it is. And that would be the way it was. And I learned how to be resilient that way too. And I learned how to be stubborn as well. Of course, that’s a family trait. But anyways, so what I did is as I was teaching, as I took this healing touch course, and then I was doing practicum, trying to practice on people, I started to understand that I had more available to me than I realized, but I didn’t know how to access it. I didn’t know how to utilize it. I didn’t know where to go for it. But I also knew something else. I knew I was a human or a spirit with a human experience. But my human body was also kind of foreign to me. And I didn’t know all the body systems very well. I mean, I knew them I knew we have a skeletal structure and a nervous system, and we have all these, you know, different structures and systems, but I didn’t know how to utilize them, and I didn’t know when I was doing healing touch work. Where was I? Did it matter? Was it okay if my hands weren’t in the right spot, etc etc? So or it came to me as the best place to study. The best modality to study would be massage therapy. So I went to Calgary. I bunked with my son when I was staying in his apartment with him, my oldest son gracefully let me live with him while I was doing this. And I took the Healing Touch course. Or the massage therapy course. I took the massage therapy course and through it all, I decided. Of course in that process, you’re meeting other people that are healers that work in the healing field, and one of the gals that I met there was somebody who practiced Reiki, and she was a Reiki practitioner and a Reiki teacher. And I was interested in Reiki – had never heard of it before. And I was interested and keen to. t’s different from healing touch. So Google them both if you’re not sure. But I decided that I liked her. And so I took the Reiki one level with her after I did the healing or the massage therapy, I enrolled in with her and took her Reiki level one course. At the end of my massage therapy course, the instructor brought in another instructor to talk to us a little bit about reflexology. And I had heard about reflexology from an aunt who travelled to the states. And I remember her coming back and handing me a diagram of a foot. And it had all these points on it and all this stuff. And I thought it was bizarre and strange and didn’t really, and she was a bit eccentric. She was my dad’s sister; go figure. And I remember looking at this foot, and I remember her trying to explain to me what reflexology was. And she said it just made her so well. She loved it. And she always went to this doctor in the States because he knew reflexology. And it still really wasn’t widespread up here. Of course, Canada took a little while. And again, we’re talking 50s 60s that I was getting this information from her. So as I’m rolling in the 90s, the late in the 90s basically, and I’m taking the massage course I decided to enroll with this instructor in the reflexology course as well. And I fell in love with it. Reflexology to me was like a cheat sheet. It allowed me to be able to work with people’s bodies and understand just through their feet, where they were struggling with issues because reflexology teaches that the nerve endings in your foot can get crystallized. And when reflexology works on those nerve endings, it breaks up those crystals and allows for the flow of energy and also blood flow etc. Back into your body. And it’s also a painful modality for people that are experiencing reflexology. But I still, to this day, suggest it. And I still to this day do a lot of reflexology on myself and on people who want it like that not clients but family or whatnot.

What is Reiki and how it works?

So now I’ve been introduced to Reiki reflexology massage therapy. And I’m comfortable. I feel like I’m really in my wheelhouse. Because by this point, I changed doctors, medical doctors, because I didn’t like what my initial doctor had to say. And I found a doctor who was partly holistic and partly allopathic and a GP registered as a regular medical doctor. But she also had her ear leaning towards the holistic health community. And with her, I could avoid taking any medication she wanted. But she didn’t push it because she knew that I was doing a lot of work on my own.I was doing a lot of cleanses, for example, and doing them seasonally. And actually, I taught a cleansing workshop, and she was a member who came to it as a student. But so over the period of all of the years since then, which is like 30 years or more. I learned about reflexology, I learned about massage therapy, I learned about Reiki, then I started when I taught this workshop in 2010; I came across another modality called EFT or tapping. And I became obsessed with tapping. And I taught it to my students. Now I want to share with you something interesting, the group that I led in 2010 are all still very, very close friends today. They all are friends of mine today. We became very tight, and there are members there who are still using a lot of the modalities and healing modalities that they learned in those workshops that we took there I think there were 3 or 3 rounds, I can’t remember. But anyway, so they were learning about developing their intuitive aspect, but they were also learning about all of these healing and health modalities. And, of course, you can’t go into spiritual healing and health without exploring meditation. And meditation is a prime basis for a lot of spiritual cultures around the world. The Buddhism the Hindus, the Even Christianity I mean, we have prayer; I have a mala, which is a Buddhist; it’s a Buddhist bead that you use to do repetitive like it’s like the Rosary for the Christians. And they assist with meditation. And then, along with meditation, comes visualization. And I started to understand, and of course, along with visualization comes the law of attraction. Now, with the law of interest, you’re dealing with the science of energy work, plus the faith base, I guess you could put called put it, of believing and trusting that you have the power that you are bigger than just your body, that you are a soul. You’re tapped in, tuned in, turned on to spiritual energies, to the universal energies, and that there is nothing you can’t heal or do for your body or for yourself. And in some cases, help others if they want to help you. Remember, if you’re going to work with helping others, you’ve got to let they gotta want the help. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

What is the meaning of Herbology?

Anyway. So now, we’ve got my father’s training at the knee, where he’s teaching me about nature and the power of nature. And the herbalist that I bumped into sounded just like my father. So there’s herb herbology, another one that many people like that goes with the swamp tea and the pine gum. And we’re talking about massage therapy becoming a modality that I learned all the body systems through massage therapy. And in fact, I did massage for a few years as well as Reiki and reflexology. And it guided me into doing the work that I’m doing now. And again, that’s another whole story. But through that also came crystal healing. Now the mala that I have is, is made with semi-precious stones. So it’s understood that crystals carry energy they’re lives. And crystals can help you heal any aspect of yourself that you wish to recover. And essential oils came up with that because, with crystals and, stones, gems, there is what is called hot stone therapy, which uses both rocks and using oils. So essential oils became a part of it. And all of a sudden, I started to realize our world is equipped with everything we need for us to be well; what’s missing, what’s lacking is our faith in ourselves to be able to do it. And to allow ourselves to step into something where not all that sure will work. But go with a faith-based mindset and love of yourself and joy, and trust, and allow yourself actually to explore some modalities. Now recently, I’ve run into a new modality, which is a sound frequency modality.

What is high frequency modalities?

I’ve got to tell you something; I’m having the most extreme reaction to the sound frequency modality. It’s really amazing. And it’s powerful. So what I’m going to suggest here is to explore some of these modalities that I’ve shared with you because I’m going to do part two of this particular healing podcast, I’m going to do a second podcast. And I will go deeper into each of them a little bit. Not all of them, but some of them. And then, I will explore with you the healing modality of the sound frequencies because I found one that will blow your mind. And it’s going to provide you with all the wellness you could possibly want. The exciting thing is that to this day, I know COVID has been wrapping on our planet. Today it’s November 2022, and COVID was a 2020 and 2021 issue. It’s still on the earth today, apparently is still out there. It’s still active. People are still getting ill. I don’t; I can’t say I’ve never had COVID. But I don’t know if I have had COVID Because I’ve never been diagnosed with COVID. I’ve taken COVID tests when I wasn’t feeling that great to make sure. And they all came up negative. So to this day, my husband and I neither of us appear to have had COVID, which is kind of interesting because I am 70 I’m supposed to be prime and in that particular age group, but I do healing modalities all the time. I’m always doing visualizations and meditations. I’m always working with Reiki; I’m always doing reflexology on myself. Crystals – I always carry and work with crystals, essential oils I use all the time. And of course, I use the oracle cards as well, and I follow the guidance. Their visualization is enormous. I visualize my body being well, but I’m gonna go into some other healing information because if I do that now it’s going to make this podcast way too long. So you’ve got the basics. You’ve got the beginning of this podcast or the healing spiritual healing modalities. This is part 1. So we’ll do part 2. And come back into part 2, which I think is 65. So the next episode will be Episode 66, which will be the healing part to spiritual modalities.

What are oracle cards used for?

So I’m going to give you the card for today. I took it from it; it’s a deck of oracle cards which are Archangel Raphael’s Healing oracle cards. And this was created by Doreen Virtue when she was creating cards. And there’s a prayer on it. It says, “Stay positive. Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for helping me be optimistic and take the appropriate action steps that support my health.” And each of the modalities I’ve shared with you is what I would call action steps. I want you to understand that even with the law of attraction, you must have an interest. What do you find their action, the word action? If you don’t take action, you sit around and say, Well, I’ve just asked the universe to make me well; I’m going to be well; well, there we go. That’s not going to work that way. So come back for part 2 of this particular podcast. And let’s go deeper into some of the modalities, particularly the sound frequencies. It’s going to blow your mind; you will go nuts! Also, I’d like you to take a look at, if you haven’t already, the website, There, everything is, including all the services and everything that I do. I do a lot of consults via Zoom; it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We can do Zoom, or we can do phone. And you can also come into the studio. I’m here in Alberta. So take care of yourselves. Be good. Stay warm. And I’ll see you in the next podcast. Bye-bye

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