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Episode 67: What Kinds of Questions to Ask a Psychic?


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Welcome to another episode of medium well with psychic Sharon rose. Today we’re asking what kind of questions are good to ask a psychic, listening as Sharon shares some questions to ask a psychic—these range in life, romance, money, health, and family spiritual development. Learning how to ask your questions right can assist you in receiving more clarity around any life issues you’re struggling with. So let’s get started.

What do you ask a psychic?

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Hello, and welcome back again to medium well with psychic Sharyn Rose. Today, you know, one of the reasons today’s topic came up is because I’m doing readings all the time, and I’m always talking to people on Zoom or the phone, or they come in for sessions. And a lot of times, a client will come in to see me, and the question I’m going to ask them is, I’ll say, what is it you’re here for? What did you come to see me for? You must have had a reason for booking this appointment, and how many times clients say I don’t know, is fantastic. It. So what it does is it makes your psychic work hard, which isn’t a bad thing. That’s not a bad thing at all. Your psychic can work hard, and that’s okay. But what can you do to help your reading be more productive for yourself? And function better for yourself is having some specific questions in place. I’m talking about psychic work, not mediumship here. Okay. So I want to talk about that. Today, I want to talk about what questions you can ask in what areas and categories might be concerning you, especially in the world and the environment we live in today. So please stick around because I have a couple of cards I’m going to share with you about oracle cards that I pulled from the angels of abundance, who I invited to come in and give us some guidance today. So stick around to the end, and you’ll be able to enjoy those cards as well. So let’s start right at the beginning. First of all, there’s no guidebook. All right, the world of the psychic is it’s an intuitive, mystical, magical kind of place. And trust me, paranormal, supernatural love those words; I love those words because it is a magical place. Somehow, I can tune in and turn to what you want. But only once have I identified what that is. And if you don’t have a clue when you walk in here, that makes it a little more complicated.

How do you avoid passive sentences?

And then you’re wasting time. You’ve only got so much time when you book an appointment, right? Usually, they’re an hour. So let’s dive right in. We also don’t have guidebooks to life; we don’t have anything that says this is how you maintain relationships. This is how you deal with anxiety, which you will do around health concerns.
The stresses are all around the priorities in your life; pressure is everywhere. And we don’t have any guide that works 24/7 For everyone; we all have to individualize and streamline ourselves. So if this is if you go to see a psychic, can you book an appointment? I’m inviting you all to book with me; if you go to Sharon, Sharon, the website, you’ll be able to get all kinds of information, and you can find out who I am, what I do how I do it. But I would invite you to book through the website; it’s easier than by phone. It’s way easier than me trying to reconnect with you on the phone when you call. It’s easy to use the booking form on the website anyway. So, if you’re going to psyche for the first time or even if it’s more than your first time, come up with some questions, and how you phrase them can make a difference. So you want to make sure you’re specific. And you don’t wish to ask yes, or no questions. You want open-ended questions. And you don’t want passive you want reassuring questions? Okay. You want to avoid passive questions. So let’s talk about let’s go into the areas where I get a ton of questions around. And one of those is relationships. So it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get over a relationship, a breakup, maybe somebody has passed, or even trying to attract your soulmate. Love and relationship advice are one of the top reasons people come to talk to a psychic most often now that in my world, there are many careers and get many jobs as well. And this particular area of love is one of the most popular questions you can ask about love. So I’m going to give you just a few here, and it’ll give you an idea of what type of questions data and how to phrase them. So what is my path to a happy and successful relationship? That’s a good one. That’s a perfect one to ask your psychic. What I should know about my partner is another good one. Let’s say you’re in a relationship, and you’re struggling with the relationship and having a hard time many times. You can tune into that relationship and find some areas that are not strong. Why is my marriage suffering? Would it be a perfect one for that? How can I attract my soulmate? And your psychic can usually has lots of tools? I know I sure do. That can help guide you to find that perfect person. What I can do to be a better partner is an excellent question. And you can ask questions like how do I get past the divorce I just experienced or the breakup we just went through. So those are excellent questions, open-ended questions to ask about love. You can ask about your career. So a question about your job could be, what should I do to get promoted? Boy, I tell you what, you know, really, honestly,

What questions can I ask about career?

I get excited when I think about a career. Because I love the idea that we must put our time and effort into a job because we earn money, and money maintains our lifestyle. And I love career questions because we have so many skills and talents. And often, we allow the naysayers, the Poopoo errs, and the bad bosses to control us. So when you go to a psychic, ask what I should do to get promoted. What can I do to reach my career goals? And if you have specific plans that you’ve got in place, how can I start my own business? That’s a good one; should I change my career, it’s also good. And another one that comes up a lot is around coworkers because, let’s face it, you’re stuck eight hours a day inside an environment with people you don’t choose to live with but are working with. And there’s usually one or two people you can struggle with. So how can I get along better with my coworkers? Some people find their work-life balance is out of whack. So they could ask How I could balance my work life better? How can I create a better work-life balance instead of always being at work or feeling like, I’m not functioning at work? Another area that I get a lot of questions about is money abundance. And this is a huge one. And especially right now, because people are keen and sensitive to the fact that there’s stuff going on, and you can’t help but hear about it. The simple fact is it’s irrelevant to you because you create your own story, and you create your account in all ways. But if you want to go to a psychic, ask about money. Remember, a psychic isn’t a financial adviser; a psychic is also not a registered psychologist. And they’re not a career expert. They’re psychics. And so they’re using their intuitive aspect and tapping into you to help guide you. A psychic isn’t going to replace your financial advisor with a long shot. So if you have one, keep them. Don’t trust just your psychic, they can help you understand your relationship with money. So questions like how do I get cash back that’s owed to me, somebody owes you money, and you can’t seem to collect the debt? How I can reach my financial goals is a perfect one. Or I recently came into some money, what’s the best way to manage it? Or how can my partner and I communicate better about finances? Money is one of the biggest battles in households for couples in relationships. They talk about money, and they have, you know, once you hear all these theories, one’s a saver, one’s a spender. One likes to work hard, one’s more independent, and one needs to have a boss.

What are the basic finance questions?

The other one doesn’t want to have a boss. There are all kinds of different approaches to how we build our financial portfolio. And two partners that are together might have very different views. So how can I? How can my partner and I communicate better about our finances, making big purchases, houses, vacations, weddings, cars, and other big purchases? What is it that you need to know to ask your psychic? What should I know? What would help me? This is an excellent question, but what’s the best way to manage my financial situation? That’s a good one. And then questions about the future.

As you know, any of you have been to see me, and if you haven’t been to see me but you’re thinking about coming to see me, I do not predict the future. And any good psychic will not predict the future. However, a psychic can help you go in the right direction for your life. So questions like how can I prepare for my future? Those are good. What’s my sole purpose in life? I make what I call soul tracking, and soul tracks allow me to sit with my client takes about an hour and will enable me to sit and go backwards in their life to find out why they came to this planet in the first place. And I sold track back to them as a soul before they became actively physical.

Does life have a purpose?

So So, what’s my sole purpose in life? That’s fun. What do my spirit guides say about my future, and I’m What can I do to prepare for a future move? Perhaps you’ve got a future activity coming up workwise, or you’re looking at relocating home-wise; you can ask questions about that. How can I best use my time after I’m retired? You know, it’s funny because when I was an elected official years and years ago, one of the things I studied was a lot about volunteers because we worked with volunteer groups. And when somebody retires a lot of time, they want to do volunteer work or do something to keep busy because they’ve always had a busy life. But not everybody.

What I learned then was not everybody is good at all the different types of tasks that are available for volunteering; some people work well right on the front lines with people, other people are better off working behind the scenes, and they’re not people-oriented, they instead help work inside an organization that gathers food maybe. And that package is it. So, how can I make the best use of my time after I’m retired? What things can I do now to ensure that I have a secure future? How can I stop worrying about the future? Those are excellent questions to ask about the future. What can I do to be more successful? That’s a good one right there two questions to ask about family. Family dynamics are complex. And I’ve always said that we live in contrasting environments with family; I don’t believe now, in my more senior years, I don’t believe that we’re given people in our lives to make our lives easier, like moms, dads, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbours, children, spouses, I believe that everything comes with a level of contrast for us to learn and continue to learn and keep growing and becoming more prominent and better and stronger.

What makes a peaceful environment?

And so, family dynamics can be complicated. And sometimes, it can be enjoyable to let a psychic offer unbiased advice because you’re not biased. They don’t know your family. So how can I get closer to my siblings? Or what can I how can I make a more peaceful home in my home environment? Or what is the universe trying to tell me because I keep getting these inklings of knowing? And it’s trying to tell me something about my family story or situation. Or what does the future with my family look like? How can I make co-parenting easier? That’s an excellent question to ask your psychic. Or what can I do to get along better with my in-laws? Or even your family themselves? How can you connect with your family better? And then, of course, that can also happen when you talk about family to a psychic and are in the midst of a conversation. If you’re psychic is also a medium, sometimes mediumship will spontaneously happen, which has happened to me quite a bit where people come in. They’re not looking to connect with someone who’s crossed over, but they do want some guidance around things like family, sometimes the energies that come through the spirit that comes through to support that question will be someone with the correct answer for you and can help with the help the psychic as well. Questions to Ask about health and wellness. What kind of questions can I ask about health and fitness? Because your psychic will never tell you when you’re going to get sick or how you’re going to get ill or that you’re going to get sick, but they can guide you on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. So what can I do to have a healthy lifestyle? That is a good question right there. How can I improve my sleeping habits? If you’re not sleeping? Well? How can I kick the smoking habit? Or my craving for sugar or the gambling addiction I’ve got going on? What is my diet? What about my diet? Do I need to know how I can be less stressed? Because stress brings on some health issues? Is that not correct? What is so you can talk about what kind of physical activities and what methods of exercise work best for me?

What is the value of reading pets?

And what changes do I need to make to stay healthy or to become healthier? It’s incredible how something so simple as an unbiased opinion from someone like a psychic can help you change how you’ve been looking at your lifestyle and make it a better one. And I’ve had some great results with this type of stuff about your pets, pets that are alive or not, pets that have passed. Now, I will tell you right straight up. One of the most powerful things that happened to me during mediumship readings was the pets will come through nine times out of 10 and, in the last lesson that I did, it was a gentleman dog came through, and it was so funny because of the way that everything all transpired. And then I discovered this child. They were his children, and that was clear. They were his children. They acted like his children. They acted like they knew they weren’t his kids. He didn’t have any kids. His dogs were his babies. And so when animals come through, they’re so clear and vivid, and I’m not good at dog breeds, so I can describe the dog. And then, often, you’ll tell me what the species is, but you can ask questions. If your pet does come through or you want to know about a pet that’s passed, you can ask the pet: Do you miss me? Do you miss us? Were you happy with us? Did you have a good life? Will I ever see you again? Your pet will let you know. And they’ll give you clarity that will be quite profound that, you know, like, like something so simple as showing you once a past that you’d never shown me, and I share with you that you never did move their dog dish, the dog dish is still there and describing the dog dish to me. So I know exactly what it looks like. And my client goes home. And sure as heck, it’s precisely the right colours inside and outside. Everything’s the same. So things like do you? Do you like living with us? Are you? Are you healthy? Do you feel good? Or if you’ve had to help your pet transition? Do you forgive me? Are you mad at me? Because I had to help you? Is there something important you want to let me know? And do you know that we love you? And this could be to live pets or pets that have crossed. Do you know that we love you? Do you know that we care? If something’s bothering you? Can you let me know?

What do guardian angels do?

How do you like that we just got a new cat, etcetera, etcetera? So these are questions you can ask your psychic. Okay, common questions to ask about just life in general. Because, you know, sometimes we get so stuck, don’t we? And sometimes we want to know what our life purpose is. So questions you can ask around life, just life in general, is what is my life’s purpose? And your psychic can tap into that your psychic can tap into your spirit guides, which friendships are toxic, and which ones are serving you? Well. I pick that up all the time. I have a radar with people, I don’t know where it came from, but I haven’t, whether they’re sitting here or not. I can pick up on people in your life who shouldn’t be there. Is there anything the universe wants me to know? Am I going in the right direction with my life? Because I feel like I’m stuck. So what changes should I make to get unstuck and reach my goals? Which past lives have I had that are influencing this life? That’s fun. Getting into past lives can be beneficial. So that’s just basic questions to ask your psychic about life. Questions about friendship? If you come up with the right questions concerning old and new friends, you can have open-ended questions like, do I? How do I maintain the friends I have? Now? I don’t want to lose my friends. I want to keep them. Or how can I support my friends when they need me the most? So how can I be the best friend possible? How do I say goodbye to friends when I know they’re passing? Or when I’m moving to relocate? Do my friends enjoy me? Do they enjoy spending time with me? And when we do have conflict, how do I? What’s the best way for me to resolve it with my energy? How can I efficiently resolve those conflicts because everybody has a different way of dealing with issues again? Okay, the next one would be about, say, spirituality. This is also a big one in my book because we are spirits having a human experience. And our human experience is filled with contrast, conflict and challenge. And our soul self is the guiding light for us. The challenge we have in our culture is we don’t embrace spirituality. We embrace physicality. And here are some if you want to start embracing your spiritual aspect, which is your soul, your psychic self bath, asking questions like, how many spirit guides do I have? And which ones are working with me now? And why do I have guardian angels? Are they watching over me? How can I focus on my soul’s advancement? How can I become a better intuitive myself? Because we all have intuition? How can I find healing? And how can I do it my way? Versus having to go the allopathic way. Maybe I want to use standard methods found in my kitchen or at a health food store.

How do I connect with my soul?

How do I connect with my soul self? That’s a good one. How can I reconnect with my soul because you weren’t related? And you are connected? And connecting with your spirit guides? How many do you have, et cetera, et cetera? Spirit guides are a perfect one too. So are you ready to have a psychic reading? Is that something that you should be doing? Well, you’re prepared if you’re willing to open up, want judgment-free advice, and are ready to hear the truth. A good psychic isn’t going to say what you want to hear. I had. I’ve had distressed clients because I wouldn’t tell them what they wanted me to say. I told him the truth, and they didn’t like that very few.

Most people are pretty good, but As you can tell, you’re ready if you’re willing to receive some judgment and free advice, and you’re prepared to hear the truth. It’s a great way to learn more about yourself, and it’s a great way to grow spiritually. So prepare good questions, the best questions for you to help you improve relationships, reach your goals and be happier. And tons and tons of excellent psychics out there would be willing to help you. I will share the two cards I pulled from the angels of abundance stack. This is an Oracle deck that Doreen Virtue created. And the first one that I drew, I started laughing because I knew what my topic was today. And it says no more complaining. Complaints are affirmations of victimhood, which is never genuinely spiritual.

How can I attract more abundance?

Take back your God-given power by affirming that you have many choices and freedoms. And with your increased confidence and assertiveness, watch these positive affirmations blossom into reality. Isn’t that good? Don’t you love it? I do. And then, the second card, words of abundance, you can instantly manifest abundance by choosing powerfully positive comments. Always describe your own and the world’s economic situation lovingly and optimistically. And that is what you attract for yourself. And for others. It’s tough to ignore the news. But do ignore the notice. Don’t watch the news. Somebody will tell you what’s going on out there. Whether you ask or not, they’re going to let you know. So don’t watch the news because you don’t have to go through all that. And see the world as a beautiful, joyful, wonderful, delightful place. I do. And I love my life. Until next time, thank you for tuning in, tapping in turning on to medium well with psychic Sharyn rose. I’ll see you again next week. Bye bye.


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