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Exercise from  His Book, ‘You Can Have What You Want’ by Michael Neill

Exercise from His Book, ‘You Can Have What You Want’ by Michael Neill

Use Your Head, Listen to Your Heart, Trust Your Gut

1. Use your head to design a really great question for yourself – Think about an area of your life in which you would like to make a breakthrough. If you were going to ask a very wise friend for advice but you were only allowed one question, what question would you most want to ask this person in this moment?

2. Listen to your Heart – Put your hand over your heart, take a nice deep breath, hold it for a moment and let go. Do this three or four times…

Now think a happy thought. Think about something that you love or someone who you love, someone who loves you, something that loves you, a warm fuzzy. My daughter likes to imagine a little bunny rabbit in her heart. My son prefers to think about playing with his friends. I like to reflect on a really happy memory. Do whatever it takes to give yourself a nice warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

According to research by the Institute of Heartmath, focusing on your heart in this way actually allows your body to align itself to the dormant rhythm of your heartbeat. When you’ve created the state of ‘heart coherence,’ you are in the ideal state to ask and answer any question that you may have about your life.

As well as the question you have designed for yourself, play around with what you intuitively feel would make a positive difference in this area of your life. Use the following “sentence starters” until you find which one works best for you:

I’ve got a feeling…..
I want….
I sense….
I know …..

example: How can I have more energy throughout the day?
I’ve got a feeling that eight glassses of water a day is too many for me. I want to eat less dairy and cheese. I sense that if I slept more, my skin would clear up. I know that the more often I tune in to my intuition, the better my life goes. I know that if I don’t sleep, I feel tearful. I know that I feel best when I eat four or five times a day.

3. Trust your Gut

When you’ve consulted your head and listened to your heart, be sure to trust your gut. Don’t just assume that because your head or your heart said it, it must be right for you. Check in for a feeling or “rightness” in the very center of your tummy – a quite literal “no-brain” yes or “no-brain” no!

Remember, that you are the expert on you – and be sure to put your inner wisdom to the test in some situations where making a mistake is no big deal before you use it in situations where your best guess will be mission-critical!

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