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Your First One Person Workshop! (OPW)

How would you like to attend a workshop?  Just you!  No one else, and best of all, you can do it right in your own home, at your own speed, and even better … FREE!   Oh Boy, does it get any better than that? 

I am going to post a variety of One Person Workshops (OPW) right here over the summer 2019 for you to  access. You activate them at your leisure.  The hows, what and why will be posted here – you just need pen and paper or computer to kick it off for yourself.  Sound good?!  Ok then, here is the very first one… 


First:  You need three pieces of paper to identify WHAT you want.   At the top of each page, write down one thing you really want to have in your life right now. I know you have more than three, but just for now and for this One Person Workshop (OPW) you only want the top three.  Give it some thought an be sure these are the three you wish to focus on at this time.

Second: This is where you identify WHY you want it.  Make a list under each  desire of the reasons why you want it.  All the reasons.  Take your time with this step – it’s important.

Third: This is where you get clear on the Reasons you believe you can have it.  Turn the page over and list all the reasons why you believe you can and will have your desire.  Why you deserve it.  This also requires some thought as we don’t often believe we deserve the things we truly want and don’t put thought into why not.  So here, you will clarify the reasons you believe you will  have it.  Become very clear on the knowing that you deserve and can have, be, or do whatever you focus your attention on.  Stay positive.  Have Fun!

Fourth: Every day, take a look at your lists, the reasons you want what you want, and the reasons you deserve it.  Enjoy the feeling of knowing you deserve, enjoy the feeling of knowing it is becoming your reality and will arrive soon.  Trust yourself and love your life in the process.  Now go and reach for the best day ever!

You can contact me by email at or by phone 403-343-6679 if you have questions, or if you wish a personal appointment check services on the website to assist with this further.  I am excited to meet you soon.

Namaste from Sharyn