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Five Months In Time…200 new Faces

Five Months In Time…200 new Faces

daddy-and-boys.jpgSaturday April 5th is the last day for classes until September 2008. In assessing the classes to determine which ones to change, keep or get rid of I discovered something else that amazed me. We had just about 200 participants attend classes from November 2007 to April 5 2008. Only five months and so many new faces and friends who have shared their stories, found answers and experienced growth in their lives.

Of course, while all that is going on, so is life in general and in that period of time some souls have moved on while wee new members of humanity are born. In that period of time we watched the weather change to cold and snow demanding mittens, scarves and comfy warm hats. Now, as Spring arrives we watch the days get longer, the weather warmer and the green grass peeking through. Backyard BBQ’s are being fired up, golf clubs are being dusted off, and the opportunity to once again play in the gardens, the back yard or just sit on the patio is here.

It seems time moves quickly, at least it feels that way to me. However, when I look back on events and activities I realize how much was achieved. Some things I wanted to do were completed, some part way there and I now understand why journalling our progress day by day is so vital. It validates our existence when we feel we haven’t accomplished much. I feel on track, like I am moving in the right direction. I feel incredible gratitude for all of the people who played an active part in my growth over the past five months. People who attended the classes here. People who guided me to teach what they wanted and needed, and teaching me in return. I got a lot done, and I am proud to have the awareness to recognize it. It just feels good.

Did you get done what you wanted over the quieter winter months? If not, why not? You know the truth is, it is never too late to start anything, so if something is nagging at you – just do it! Go ahead, it will free you up to create something else you really want to do. More importantly though, recognize the wonderful things you were able to accomplish over the winter months. Give yourself much needed credit for taking care and doing your part to make the world a happier and better place.

Here are some photos of family and wee ones whom I love dearly – they include the children and grandchildren I speak of so often, and I leave you with thoughts of love as well.