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From flat out busy, to normal speed

From flat out busy, to normal speed

Today is October 23rd, 2007. It is crisp, cool and sunny – a perfect Autumn day, as I sit here musing on the events of the past two months. My son had another birthday two days ago, and my grandson Matthew is growing up fast. (pictured below) A lot has changed in this past year, a lot is happening everywhere.  And the past two or three months have been the busiest for me.

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Since arriving home from Europe in early October, there wasn’t much time to just settle down and absorb the events of the Europe trip.  I had two days of private workshops to do myself, and of course the final touches to the Workshop with the marvelous Dr Mona Lisa Schulz.  I am delighted the workshop was so wonderful, it was the perfect way to draw out of summer and into this beautiful season I love so much.

I was honored and flattered to have been interviewed by Carl Hahn from the Red Deer Advocate last week, and even more honored when I read the article as he wrote it in the Sunday October 21st issue of Lifestyles Magazine.  His humor and sensitive intelligence revealed the story of my journey with integrity and compassion.  His questions allowed me to discover some of the things I hadn’t had the chance to digest fully since leaving the Arthur Findlay College at the end of September.  I discovered a lot in that very comfortable interview and now know that yes, the College and the decision to go there was absolutley essential to my growth. I can finally start to walk my walk with the confidence I had been missing,  and without the fear I had an abundance of.   I am using the tools and the new level of faith I discovered within myself to continue on in my life path.  Fleur and Myself in England.JPG

I am a psychic medium.  Finally I acknowledge that fact, a huge step for me in this Western culture where I grew up.  I have tried to sidestep my developing gifts, burying them under other colorfully amusing titles, but the facts are the facts.  Once I made the shift necessary, I am now free to be what I have always been.  The fear is gone, the love of life is stronger and the passion to live to the fullest makes my heart beat with confidence and just a hint of pride.  I offer my services to others with complete integrity to guide and aid them in what they are looking for.  It is simple now, and it is real. 

The changes resulting from my new awareness are already starting to manifest in the structure of The Studio Holistic Health Centre.  I have chosen to spend the next year focusing on my psychic consulting practice, writing my book, teaching my workshops and doing the environmental energetic space clearings in homes and businesses. It is truly the first time since taking the healing touch training so many years ago that I actually know what I am doing from day to day. Arthur Findlay College.JPG

The adventures with the fabulous teachers I have had the opportunity to study with and alonside, in both England and here in Canada and the US has been stimulating and eye opening.  I have learned that integrity is not always the basis for people who do psychic work, and that’s okay.  I don’t have to be like them, nor do I have to judge them for the choices they make. 

I am very clear, often blunt in telling potential clients what I can and cannot do for them. I am not a predictive psychic.  Your future path in this life is about the choices you make, not about what a psychic tells you is going to happen.  I can guide you through challenges with the help of your spiritual guides, crossed over loved ones, my psychic sense of your situation, and of course, a healthy dose of common sense.  But I cannot tell you what lottery numbers to pick or when you will meet the love of your life.  Heck, I am a member of an NFL pool and at this point I think I am in last place – I can’t even pick the wining teams for myself.  I am taking some friendly ribbing on that one.  Ah well, c’est la vie!!

So life is starting to revert to a normal pace once again, only this year it is a better ‘normal’ than I have experienced in years. I hope you had a good summer and are sliding easily into this new season with more exciting adventures ahead.

I am living proof that no matter how hard it gets, no matter how hard you fall, no matter how much you hurt,  as long as you are breathing there is another day and another chance to make it work. You just have to want it to work, and then take action and make it so, using whatever tools you can find in and outside of yourself.

Until next time……..