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From Pen and Ink to Keyboards…

For the first time in history, it is  completely acceptable to self-publish your written or recorded work.   Many metaphysical writers, teachers and coaches are doing just that, and there is now a variety of spiritual development information available.  Thank Goodness…  It is about time.   Prior to this, writers were at the mercy of being accepted by publishing houses and were required to fall into sets of guidelines.  For those walking the path of energy and spirit, they were too far outside conventional thinking.   Therefore, challenged to get written material to the public.

Along with that wonderful change, we also have the growth of the World wide Web.  Not only do information seekers have the option of purchasing a hard copy of their book of choice, they can also download it onto their computers at far less cost.  The advent of iPods and iPads allow one to read what they like without carrying any books with them.  For the writers, they can get what they write to the public much faster, like  this newsletter for example.  Newsletter are usually linked back to websites offering various kinds of information through the written word, sometimes combined with visuals and or audios.

All the changes and modification required for the writer to keep up has been enormous.  We are a superstitious lot with habits.  We have to be holding our tongue just right, or hear certain sounds, or be in just the right place to write a word.  Many still insist on writing with pen and paper, later having it transcribed to the computer for editing and distribution.  Others have adapted and become quite profuse, spewing all sorts of stuff making it challenging for readers to take them seriously.  But through all of that, aren’t we a lucky world?  We have instant access to the finest minds on earth, we can read their words of wisdom whenever we choose.  We can learn at an accelerated rate.  Now though the challenge for the readers is, who is spewing and who is really sharing wisdom?

Have fun selecting your reading of choice, and thanks for reading THIS selection today.  Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn Rose