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Interactive Advice Column online at

Interactive Advice Column online at

How many of you ever read Anne Landers Column in the newspaper? Or Dear Abby? For years when I read a newspaper I had a system. The first things I would read were the comics. Nothing can replace a good chuckle during the day, and Garfield or Ziggy or another comic always lifted my spirits.

Then, I would look for the horoscopes and the biorythm so I could decide what kind of a day I was going to have. I particularly loved checking to see what kind of day I was supposed to have at the end of the day – just to see how close they were. Then, I would look for the advice column – Dear Abby was one I became quite familiar with. I wanted to see what kind of a day others were having too. I used to think “wow – wouldn’t it be fun to have a column where I could offer advice like that!”

Carol at the Violet Ray Magazine has offered me just that. Starting immediately I will be writing an Interactive Advice Column in the magazine. That gives anyone the opportunity to write to the Violet Ray – ask a question and if the question is chosen, they will receive an answer in this zippy and informative magazine.

My column is ‘titled Advice U Seek with psychic counselor Sharyn LeMasurier.‘ I think this will be such fun and a wonderful opportunity to reach out into the community and assist in a new and broader way.

What kinds of questions can be asked? Well, I am a psychic counselor and deal with any and all life issues that affect your happiness. If you feel blocked, stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled in any area of your life – those are areas I can help with. Utilizing my psychic abilities will assist you as it has assisted hundreds of clients who have consulted with me.

Of course I will attempt to respond to you personally but not all of queries will be published due to space in each issue.

Carol and I invite questions now to the Violet Ray. Please send them to and put ‘Advice U Seek’ in the subject line. Maybe you will see your question in print where, have no fear – we will only use your initials so as not to violate your privacy. To check out the magazines website go to .

By the way – since I stopped reading the newspapers much, I have Garfield sent to my email and see his antics every day first thing! He still makes me laugh.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!