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Interview that Appeared in Red Deer Life Magazine

Interview that Appeared in Red Deer Life Magazine

With the permission of the Red Deer Advocate I am reprinting here the outstanding article that was written following my personal Interview with Carl Hahn.  This article will only be on the site for a short time as it is copywrited and being released to me electronically by special permission.  I hope you enjoy it.

Psychic abilities need training


LIFE staff

The first time Sharyn LeMasurier saw a dead person, she was caught a little off guard.

This was no corpse. It was standing up, open-eyed and communicating with her. She was working a client’s calves, she says, when she looked up and saw a second man standing at the head of the massage table. Initially she had no idea he was a friend of her client. Or that he was a ghost.

Now a practising psychic and medium, LeMasurier didn’t really know what to make of it at the time. It was definitely scary, but she didn’t understand why it had happened.

At some level she was aware of her intuitive abilities, but had been effectively denying them for years, she says. She was letting them filter out through more socially acceptable practices such as massage therapy, reiki and “healing touch,” where she could use her gifts for healing without presenting them as psychic ability, she explains.

“It really became clear that I wasn’t using my intuition to the maximum of its ability.”

Even after coming to grips with her “mediumship” €” the ability to communicate with people who have “crossed over” €” she still was in some degree of denial. She called herself an intuitive, but was “paranoid” about referring to herself as a psychic €” until her recent stint at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Development in England.

Like the fictional Hogwarts, Arthur Findlay College is a place for people with special “gifts” to learn how to control and maximize their abilities in a secure environment with like people. Since coming home from her two intensive weeks there in September, LeMasurier is finally ready to drop her title of “metaphysical therapist,” and come out of the closet to call a psychic a psychic.

“You are what you are,” she says. “They’re gifts, they’re not curses.”

She was thrust in with a group of nearly 20 people of professed psychic ability. It was very comforting. The students discovered common experiences from their childhoods and how they had suppressed their own gifts to seem acceptable to family and friends.

“When I was little I saw a lot of colour around people and I just thought everybody did,” she says. “I knew things I wasn’t supposed to know; I saw things I wasn’t supposed to see.

“You start shutting it down, because you’re not getting the level of approval you need.”

The students claimed different abilities, such as clairvoyance (seeing things beyond their physical vision) or mediumship and varying degrees of skill. But all went through exercises together with experienced instructors.

“They have the best tutors and trainers in the world in mediumship and psychic ability,” LeMasurier says. “I studied from nine in the morning till nine at night for 14 days.”

She was able to remove the hobbles from her intuitions, then learn how to rein them in. She recalls exercises in which she contacted dead relatives of classmates and struggled for control. One was a dancer and she couldn’t stop moving as she passed on the message. Another was extremely sad and it was too much for the messenger.

“The emotion that came from that energy to me was so overwhelming all that I could do was just cry,” she says. “Spiritual energy is really powerful.”

Now she says she’s learned how to step back when she needs to, how to interpret symbols and messages she receives and how to maintain more control over when and whom she contacts. She’s also developed a formula to elicit information from the spiritual energies that will confirm to her clients that the contact is real.

LeMasurier now hopes to offer a stronger spiritual element to her service at her home business, The Studio. With some background in psychology and sociology, she still offers confidential talk therapy using her intuitions about the client. But if people want perspective from crossed-over relatives, she’ll provide that too.

“Almost always I can pick up the energies for them and those energies will oftentimes bring some sense to the situation that they brought.”

She will also pass on messages from recently deceased loved ones, “if the timing is OK for the person who has crossed over.”

Whether a client has come for a quiet talk or even reiki, if spirits volunteer useful information LeMasurier will convey it, if the client wishes.

“I will use every tool that I can find to help my clients be well,” she insists. “Somebody might just show up. If it happens, great. We’ll get the benefit of that.”

Spontaneous ghostly appearances don’t happen often anymore, though.

“It’s very rare, because I really am disciplined.”

Clients shouldn’t ask her to predict the future or pick lottery ticket numbers, however. That’s not one of her gifts. She doesn’t own a crystal ball, doesn’t wear a babushka and believes we control our own future by our choices, so she doesn’t fit the stereotypes of the traditional gypsy fortune teller.

“I do have a black cat,” she laughs. “In fact, I’m a really normal person, just like everyone else.”

LeMasurier cautions people also shouldn’t worry about her “reading their minds,” or spirits showing up unannounced to talk behind their backs. Occasionally she picks up random information about people through energy, but simply discards it, she says.

“You just give it back because it’s none of your business.”

Asked if any dead people have followed me into her studio, ready to tell my secrets, she laughs heartily.

“I have no idea,” she says. “Do you want to know?”


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