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Late posting of March 17 2010 newsletter info

Late posting of March 17 2010 newsletter info

There is lots going on around town, thus a short note to remind you of the upcoming HEALTH AND WELLNESS SHOW AT THE WESTERNER THIS WEEKEND! It runs Saturday March 20 from 9 to 6 andSunday March 21 from 10 to 5.

There will be lots of good exhibits there to do with your health and wellness options.  I will be there doing half hour psychic readings in booth number 144. Be sure to come by and say hello.  As a psychic coach I am trained to assist you in clearing sticky issues you would like to change in this new season.  Plus, you can draw a card at the end of the half hour for an added extra message.

There will be a listening station for you to hear our meditation CDs if you haven’t had the chance yet, as well as the opportunity to sit for a reading.  Information will also be available on the rest of the Studio Services – especially the Energetic Space Clearing work that is so beneficial to homes and businesses in the Spring.  More information on the CD’s is on the website at

For your convenience, any purchases can be made using Visa, Master Card, Debit Card or cash right at the show.

Since you are on my regular mailing list,  you have the opportunity to pre-book for your half-hour reading at the show, you can do so by calling the office at 403-343-6679 or email me  Otherwise you will need to book a time at the show when you get there.  Feel free to get a hold of me for more details.  The link for more information on the show is . I look forward to seeing you there!!



I won’t be doing readings there, nor selling any products but will be there to provide information for you.  Many people are confused as to exactly what is the difference between a psychic and a medium.  And they are different with different jobs to do.  Come out and see me on Thursday – you can grab a latte from the Mall Second Cup and sit for a chat.  I look forward to seeing you there.  We will have the CD listening station there as well so you can at least hear the CD’s.  Since they are available at Ricks Rock and Gem, Cindy’s Tea House, Chapters and a few other locations, you can always pick up a set at the location of your choice.



Do you know anything about Ants???? Big ones, little ones and medium ones have decided to move into one area of my house.  Apparently it has something to do with living in the country.   I have to tell you, I have learned more about ants in the past few weeks than I ever thought I would know.

First of all, we called an local extermination company for information on what to do, or better yet what they can do.  Their bug lady said they would spray then quoted a price of around $800.  Yikes!  They are just ants!!

Later that day I was speaking to a pharmacist about them – just in conversation and he said his parents also live on an acreage and have had the same problem for a few years.  A few Years???  It has only been a few months for us and they are not in cupboards or on counters, just the floor in two rooms on the lower floor.  He said he hates the ants and said go for the spray with the exterminator before they overrun the whole house.  Hmm… I wonder if I talked to them peacefully…..

Later on I was sharing my ant dilemma with a finance officer from a local company and she suggested cornmeal.  She said she saw on David Suzuki that cornmeal will work and over a few weeks will wipe out the nest without any toxins and chemicals that could be hazardous to our cat or ourselves.  Off I trot to Nutters to buy cornmeal which only cost me $1.60.  I really like that better than the $800 exterminator bug lady’s idea!!!

In the meantime, Dave decided to call – yup, you guessed it – the Orkin Man!!!!  Ta Da Dah!!!!  Bug man expert to the rescue except the bug man is out of commission due to a knee injury.  But these are special bug men with sales reps!!  So after assuring Dave that spraying would only cause the ants to panic and start reproducing ten times faster than they do now, the bug mans sales rep came out.  He gathered up a few ants of various sizes to take to the injured Orkin bug man for analysis as to the kind of ant and then they will have appropriate bait traps laid.  This should be around $250 so in the middle between the cornmeal and the spray.  Isn’t this fun?  Oh yeah – he never hear of the cornmeal remedy.

Now I wonder if those wee little strong men who can carry ten times their own weight know how much of a fuss they cause by running across carpets and floors in peoples houses.  If they do I bet they get a giggle out of watching us scurry after them.

So, welcome to spring everyone – I would love to hear your ant stories if you have any – after all it is spring and tis the season!!  send your stories to and if I get enough of them I will post an ‘Ant Remedy’ page on the website.

See you at the upcoming events!!  Until then,

Namaste from Sharyn

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