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Let’s Catch Up at the Studio October 2009

Let’s Catch Up at the Studio October 2009


 The two recent winners of a free reading at the Studio are Linda Morgan and Karen Baudais.  Congratulations ladies – I look forward to seeing you.  Remember folks, when you come in for a private appointment, purchase a set of the cd’s, have any space clearing done, or take in any of the workshops or lectures; you are automatically entered into the draws for free readings.  It has been so successful, that we are continuing it for 2010.





It is so exciting to have the Mystical Magical Meditations circulating in Europe.  I know they are now in Scotland, Switzerland, England, Ireland – both north and south, Denmark, Holland and France.  Perhaps they will find their way to other countries but I am so honored to have them there.  Of course with them already in Canada and the US, that means they are now International.  It just proves that if you want something bad enough, it will happen by incorporating faith and patience. 

The Meditation Cds are available in Alberta in Calgary at Divine Mine

Red Deer at Chapters, Cindy’s Tea House, The Rock and Gem Studio and here at the The Studio HHC. You can also purchase them right here on the website through paypal.



Afternoon appointments from Monday to Thursday every week.  Last scheduled appointment is 4pm

Friday and Saturday appointments available every second weekend, at Sharyn’s discretion.

The Studio is closed from December 23rd to January 11, 2010

Sharyn only sees clients by appointment so please don’t hesitate to call if you have a need. 403-343-6679 or email 



As many of you know the focus for me at these sessions was mediumship.  Since I have developed strong medium skills, I wanted to learn more and be able to bring better, clearer information forward from the energy of Spirit to those of you wishing to connect to a departed loved one, a guide or a teacher.  


During the first week, we worked very hard on reaching for more evidence, identifying deeper information and securing stronger messages.  It was exhausting but so exhilarating at the same time.   The one thing I didn’t think about when I registered for these classes was that I would be getting messages from my departed friends and family and I found it very moving.  I am so used to doing the work for others – it was such an honor to have other mediums sit for me.  There were several contacts made and lots of information shared.  

This week brought me to the realization that I need to sit for myself, which I never thought of doing.  I now know that I can bring my teachers, guides and loved ones through while sitting on my own. I also learned how important it is for me to up my activities.  Not just to be healthy, but to allow myself to let go of the workday.  My Tutor suggested that when I leave a work day – I take it with me.  All the trauma and pain of the client because I don’t properly end the sessions.  It sounds like I am being sloppy in my work as I say this, and perhaps I was being arrogant more than sloppy – figuring I was not being affected and didn’t need to formally close the sessions out.  Well, I know better now and I can feel how much stronger I am because of it.  

Discipline is necessary to do this work, fortunately I was in an advanced class of mediums who were all disciplined.  It made me smile as I struggled with that when attending the College two years ago.  This year however, I was delighted at how far I have come in my work.  

There are several Spiritualist Churches around England, and four of us were selected to attend in a community called Bilericky.  Three went to demonstrate mediumship, and I went to do opening and closing prayers.  Sitting on the stage behind the mediums as they worked I found myself linking into them and picking up the energy they were communicating with.  It was exciting and in fact, we had a class on doing just that later in the week.  

Margaret stood in front of the group and tuned into a communicator.  When the communicator was identified as another class members grandfather, I then joined Margaret on the stage.  I linked my energy to Margaret and immediately connected to the grandfather with the grey button down cardigan.  The recipient identified that yes, her grandfather did wear that kind of clothing often.  Then another student joined us, linked in and also provided information.  Now there were three of us linked to the same energy and bringing various pieces of information through for her-  all of us continuing to share what we felt, saw, heard.  It was amazing and very strong.  Like a triple whammy reading.


When two and a half years ago I had the opportunity to speak privately with world renown medium Gordon Smith from Scotland, he wasted no time in letting me know that when I went to the College I should be studying with a Tutor named Janet Parker.  This week was the first chance I had to connect to Janet’s teaching schedule since that time, and believe me it was worth the wait.  Janet Parker is one of the most amazing women I will ever meet and her classes are brilliant.  She has a very strong sense of how we connect Soul to Soul in this physical reality and takes her time to teach the same principles in connecting with the non-physical.  Emotion is her vehicle of choice and she teaches that by connecting to the emotional aspect of our Spirit Communicators we deepen the value of that connection.  We are then able to bring more fulfilling messages from Spirit to those who wish to hear from them.  

Since working with Janet and returning home, I have resumed my reading schedule at the Studio.  When I realized that I feel as if I have been fine tuned I chatted with my husband about it.  During the chat, I needed to help him understand what I was talking about.  Here is how I explained it to him.

When I first started doing work as a medium, I struggled with the emotion of Spirit, that is no longer an issue.  Then I struggled at times to see a clear picture for the client, as being clairvoyant I have the ability to see Spirit.   The next challenge was providing details that only would be know by the Spirit (non-physical) communicator and the client, which meant making that Soul to Soul connection with non-physical energy and receiving more precise details in our communication.  Finally I said to David, “you know how they keep upgrading the quality of televisions?  Well, I have been upgraded from being a so-so medium to working in High Def.  Images are sharper and clearer as if someone adjusted the channel just a bit and brings a much clearer focus.  I am a High Def Medium!”  Of course we both got a chuckle out of that analogy, but that is the best way i know how to describe it.

Certainly both weeks at the College lent themselves to this growth for me, now though I feel as if I can be more precise and I feel as f I am able to make a stronger link with Spirit and feel what they feel in a sharper clearer way, along with seeing what they show me.  Each day I learned more about my abilities and practiced honing them so I can better serve my clients.

This particular week showed me that I have a future in my work.  I can make a difference and I just need to stay true to the truth and in integrity.  I don’t know exactly what the future holds, I just know I have a personal vision of what I would like it to be – only time will tell if I can achieve that vision.  Enjoy the photos I have posted here – most of them of classmates and tutors, but they also show you the grounds and rooms of the College.  To link to other photos I posted two years ago just look on the right side bar of the home page and click on ‘The England Link’.   

Namaste from Sharyn

our dorm room for first weekanother shot of our dorm with an orbAFC classmate from Irelandmy English roomie and dear friend Maureen

Both M and J are outstanding MediumsSteven and Karna -delightful Scottish couple who made me smile   

Steven and Karna -delightful Scottish couple who made me smile
Janet Parkers Class in the Sanctuary
Janet Parkers Class in the Sanctuary
Janet Parker and I taken in the Conference room
Janet Parker and I taken in the Conference room

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  • Gloria

    Sounds like you had an amazxing adventure – Mu computer crashed and was out of commission for over a week so I will call you next week and hear all the details So glad that all went well and you are home safe

  • Barb Brockman

    Sharon your time away sounds amazing—– how exciting!
    It fascinates me looking forward to hear more