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Living and Dying – The Physical Connections

I would like to share a part of my life journey with you today.

Have you ever loved someone and not realized you loved them?  You had a relationship with them that was just perfectly comfortable, absolutely stress free and you delighted in their company and their conversation?  I have had that kind of relationship with a very special lady who was initially a client of mine.

I have known Elizabeth for about three years or so, and we became friends in the most spiritual and philosophical sense.   When her health began failing and she was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 75; Elizabeth accepted her fate with ease.  Our discussions revolved around life after death, the purpose of life, and the roles of church and spirituality in the journey we all take on once in physicality.

I began visiting her at her home, and at other times we had several long rambling phone conversations which we both enjoyed.  Elizabeth was extraordinarily generous.  She like receiving spiritual magazines which she would pass on to her friends.  She gave me a set of Mayan Oracle Cards which are so beautiful and extremely accurate.  I have book marks, and a very special birthday book that she made a point of getting for me as I admired hers so much.  She was very generous indeed.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011; I spent part of the afternoon with Elizabeth.  She was sitting in her chair just as sassy as ever albeit a bit tired.  We had a good visit while her children were arranging for her to go into hospice where there would be round the clock care. That was the last visit I had with her.  Wednesday morning I left for a five day trip to Nevada, and when I came back on Sunday the 27th, the family was all by her bedside.  She crossed on the following Tuesday March 29 at 10pm.

I did not know Elizabeth had crossed until Friday morning the 1st of April.  I didn’t know because I had been admitted into the hospital in respiratory distress at 6am Wednesday morning after a sleepless and breathless night.  It was sudden and unexplainable, but there I was for two days, exhausted and in care to get my respiratory system back on track.  I  STARTED TO STRUGGLE WITH MY BREATHING AROUND 10 PM – THE SAME TIME ELIZABETH CROSSED.  Sound strange?  Well, it is still strange as in less than three days I was back at work leading workshops and seeing clients, going to the gym, eating and breathing as if there was never a problem.

So what is the connection with us as humans when we are close to one another emotionally?  Is what I experienced unusual?  When I asked the doctor if she had seen anything like this before because it was very new to me, she suggested that it isn’t that uncommon in families who are close.

I miss Elizabeth, but I also know she is energetically around and we are destined to meet again.  Two previous lives together found us in the trenches in WW1 and as hobos drinking coffee out of tin cans.  Deep philosophical discussions were the topics of the day in those lives too.

She inspires me every day to let go of fear and do what I want to do with joy and passion.  I know she is in my energetic corner and will be offering advice for the rest of my physical life.  For that I am eternally grateful and proud to call her ‘friend’.

Namaste from Sharyn