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Meditation Cd’s by Sharyn

Meditation Cd’s by Sharyn

So far, we have recorded two meditations, and have one more to go to complete the Seeker Series. My producer is pleased with them, I am pleased with them; and hopefully you the public will be pleased with them too. The Seeker Series addresses very simple approaches to meditation, allowing for safety and comfort throughout the process.

The first Meditation is to have a question answered. It is designed to accommodate anyone who is stuck and looking for a solution to a current challenge. The challenge can be about any area of life including abundance,relationships, work, family and more. It is general and multi-functional.

The second meditation is designed to accommodate forgiveness and letting go of anger and sadness regarding a past or current relationship. it could assist with unfinished business with someone so has passed on, childhood issues left unfinished or residual emotions clogging the process of moving forward.

The third meditation is still being prepared, however the intention is that it be designed to accommodate healing. I have to say at this point, none of them have written the way I intended, so we will see if that intention alters as well. I keep looking over my shoulder to see who else is controlling the keyboard.:) .

We expect the Seeker Series to be completed to Master by the end of October and hope to have copies available for sale by mid to late November, in time for Christmas purchases.4534638_thumbnail1.jpg We anticipate each will be priced around $12 to $15 with a percentage being donated to my charity of choice, the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Keep checking back on the website for updates.

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  • Heidi

    I think this is a GREAT way of offering Counselling – these meditations are wonderful as a repeated ritual but also as new thoughts for a day. Would it not be wonderful to have a full year Meditation CD set ;-)! Sign me up as one of the first buyers of this product!!!!

    Heidi Jury (

  • Sharyn

    Thanks Heidi – your words delight me and I will see you are the first to receive copies.