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Missing Loved Ones at Christmas

Missing Loved Ones at Christmas

4534638_thumbnail1.jpgWhen we lose a loved one, we miss their physical presence we shared while they were here with us on earth.  Christmas makes that even harder, no matter how long they have been gone, and this is especially poignant when they themselves were actively involved with, and loved the holiday season. 

In my work as a medium, I see the pain of loss every day when families come to me to connect with loved ones who have passed on into spirit.  I am fortunate with my gifts to be able to communicate as I do. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share their stories and often sooth the pain a bit by relaying facts and information to validate the presence of their loved ones in a sitting. 

Sittings are private affairs between the family and spirit, so I won’t share names, but here are some examples of information I have received for clients.

A spirit who showed me Ferrier Rocher chocolates, and it turned out she stored all of her jewelry in that particular kind of chocolate box. 

Another spirit who showed me a red pickup truck relevant to the relationship between himself and his father. 

Yet another spirit who described to me a particular necklace he wore and wanted his wife to start wearing. 

I had a spirit who arrived two hours before his daughter arrived and gave me his name that I throught was for the client currently in a sitting.  When he popped back in two hours later, his daughter and I both chuckled at his impatience.  In fact, that was the second time a spirit showed up before the client. The first time I heard “Hey Bro”, which was relevant to the client when he arrived. 

So many facts that have been delivered to so many people that validates we do go on from here, this is just the physical part of the journey.

It is important for all of us to understand that our loved ones are still with us in spirit, and they will always help us help ourselves and assist whenever they can to guide our lives until we can meet again.  My job, together with those in spirit is to allow loved ones to know, really know that life doesn’t end with the loss of our physical form. It just changes form back to energy, back to spirit.

This information assists my clients in realizing that they have choices in how they wish to live the rest of their lives. They discover that being loving and kind to all those around them, and  honoring themselves is to honor their lives. They learn life isn’t about stuff but about the journey and the experiences, and they can choose which ones they want for the rest of their time here.

So, if you are struggling with the memories of a loved one who will be missing in your life this Christmas, know they are truly around you in spirit.  Talk to them, share your laughter and remember them when family gets together.  They know and love you for it, and they especially love to see you laugh and be happy.  Know in your heart they are celebrating with you and watching over you until you have the chance to meet again.  Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith and just know and believe.

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