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Monday Evening Sept 10 from Stansted Hall England

Monday Evening Sept 10 from Stansted Hall England

It is currently 8pm here, and I have been in development classes all day.  This truly is one of the most powerful energetic places I have ever been, and it really makes learning easy.  The first thing I learned is that I have been accessing my energy backwards.  That may not make much sense at this point but I will demonstrate the correct process when I get back for the people who wish to know it.  Anyway, being left handed has pretty much meant I approach everything backwards – so this news wasn’t that much of a surprise. 

Today we did a development exercise with a partner and we had to go energetically to one anothers homes.  Well, what a blast!  She was so surprised when she went to my home because it is so large and uncluttered.  But se was right on with the description, right down to the flower pots.

When I energetically connected to her home – the first thought and image was a cottage – an old cottage and she does live in a 150 year old cottage.  I was able to describe the home inside right down to the type of curtains, the table cover the color of the kitchen and the furniture.  Since we were a bit ahead of others in the group we played a bit more and I picked up the energy of her husband and a white dog.  I told her her husband was home having tea and reading the paper and there was a white dog.  She looked at her watch and said yes, he would be.  It turns out the dog isn’t hers, it is the neighbours but visits them all the time.  Simply amazing – I got so excited I was literally bouncing in my chair! 

The teachers and Tutors are an amazing bunch, and I have met so many people from all over Europe.  Today we also learned how to sit in a circle of power, tomorrow we learn how to run a development circle.  That can be a circle for healing to name one of many.  I know this type of circle will be a wonderful addition to the learning for the Intuitive group. 

About my delightful roomie, she stops by the pub that we have here at the College every evening for a Guiness.  However, she struggles at the early morning rise time, and has given me more than a few giggles.  She also corrected me on her age – oops not 73 but rather 77 years of age!  Full of stories, and get this – she still puts on her makeup in the morning and dresses to the nines. 

Way to go Heather on getting into the College for Massage!   You will love it! All for now,




Comments (2)

  • Loretta Gumm

    I’m really enjoying your “experiences” from England!!! I am so proud of you Sharyn for following your dreams and obviously being quite successful at it. Take care—-and don’t have too many Guinnesses with your wee roomie!!

  • Sharyn

    Thank you Loretta, I appreciate your encouragement and interest. It is fun to know that people who connect me to my childhood are following this interesting journey without judgement. Love to you and Ben.