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My Personal Look Back at 2007

My Personal Look Back at 2007

bulletinshot_001.jpgWhat an amazing experience the past year has been!  In the beginning of 2007 I sent out some Requests to the Universe with the Intention that all would be delivered when they were ready to appear.  Now that I look back, I realize just how efficient that system is if I don’t get in the way.  Let me share a few examples from my experiences.

I came into 2007 with the desire to find a female medical doctor who was open to alternative therapies, and willing to take on a new patient. In November I met a wonderful female GP who is very interested in all the alternative therapies and whom I trust implicitly.  She agreed to take me on as a new patient and I couldn’t be happier.  Let’s face it, I might work in alternative therapies but a good medical doctor has training and an understanding of the human conditions I don’t have.  They are great partners in our desire to live healthy strong lives, and I encourage all of you to have someone in the medical community whom you trust.

I came into 2007 with the desire to meet and work a bit with psychotherapist and past life regressionist Dr Brian Weiss.  Lo and behold, he was on the agenda for the 2007 Hay House Spring Conference in Las Vegas for the first time ever, and I was able to take his full day session.  I came away from that session with a completely new way of looking at my life.

I came into 2007 with the desire to remove the intense fear and anxiety I was experiencing as I developed in my work.  Along came the amazing medical intuitive and neuropsychiatry’s Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz in February who guided me back onto my path with brilliant advice and workable solutions.  Her insight guided me to find the courage to go to England and study at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Development.

Coming into any new year I have the desire to travel somewhere new, and this provided the opportunity for Dave to join me in London.  We began our own adventure as we toured bits of Europe, including London, the Channel Island of Jersey and the Mediterranean Coast of Spain by Barcelona.  That was a dream come true, to travel in Europe with my partner.Lemasurier Family On Jersey, the Channel Islands.JPG

 I came into 2007 with the desire to finish a book I have been writing and re-writing for several years – it is mostly written but in no cohesive order and I seemed to be technically impaired when it came to organizing it. Now, I have a brilliant mentor and friend already a published writer herself who has offered to assist me. It looks like 2008 may see this book make it to a publisher.

I came into 2007 with the strong desire to teach from my experiences.  The Studio hosted an Intuitive Group once every two weeks, and that evolved into very successful Intuitive/psychic development classes.  So, now I am teaching regularly, and meeting some extraordinary people along the way.

I came into 2007 knowing my beautiful vehicle affectionately know as €˜Millie the Jeep’ was getting ready to retire.  She and I have traveled together since 1994, and I have enjoyed driving Millie every day.  She has been throughout Alberta several times, around the Rockies and into BC, as well as making the drive to Nevada and Arizona several years back.  Never has Millie left me in a place where I was really stuck, and I am so grateful to have had her company over the past 14 years.  Taking her place is a new member of the family affectionately named €˜Maddie the Caddie’.  She is a beautiful pearl white 2007 Escalade with whom I hope to have as many fun adventures as I did with Millie.

So, that wraps up the highlights of 2007 for me.  Many, many other things appeared along the way that challenged, inspired and delighted me – it has been an outstanding year.

It is my desire that your 2007 brought you some surprises and some of the things you have desired the most.

4534638_thumbnail4.jpg From my family to your family, we wish you all the best over the holidays and much happiness and adventure in 2008.  Until next time€¦€¦

Namaste from Sharyn   

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  • Karen Smith

    Hi Sharyn, Glad you have had such a good year and hope it stretches to all of 2008 for you, and you achieve all you wish for yourself. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. I have got 2,500 word Essay to write for my Counselling Course, its got to be Harvard referenced. (Gulp) That will be a new one for me. ! ! ! Also have to do Client case study for my Hypnotherapy Course. Am still managing to fit in the odd one or two Reiki treatments and the Tarot cards. It has been a busy year for me too. But I have achieved my Reiki level 2 and 3 in 12 months. and Started on my 3rd year in Counselling, Plus the Hynotherapy Course which finishes in January. I managed a Holiday in Malta with my family. and my 7 day stay at Stanstead. We met some lovely people there. Which was a dream come true for me. I have so wished to go there but not had the funds in the past. It has gained me my confidence with the cards, and taught me to trust myself, and spirit. Best wishes with your centre. Namaste luv n light Karen Smith xxx