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Mystical Magical Meditations by Sharyn

Mystical Magical Meditations by Sharyn

The Seeker Series is completed and I was right! Someone was most certainly using their energy to assist me in the writing and recording process. As I suspected, the third CD is not about healing but is about manifesting. It appears that is something wanted and needed -I can only go in the direction I am guided. Anyway, I love the work we have done so far. With one son preparing the soundtracks for us, and my other son taking care of all the artwork and design, this is truly a family affair. In fact this is a project that has sat in the back of my mind for a couple of years and it is such an honor to be able to create it with these two wonderful young men.

The Seeker Series is three cd’s that are packaged as a set. They are entitled Insight, Release and Manifest. Each is about approx. 20 minutes long and designed to accommodate anyone of any age. It doesn’t matter if you have ever meditated before, you will not struggle with these as they are very simple and direct and full of imagination. You WILL notice results.

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Being fairly new on the market, they  make excellent gifts. You can order  by contacting the office at 403-343-6679 or email . The set of three market for only $44 plus $2.20 GST – a fabulous introductory price for not one, not two but THREE different and magical guided meditations. You can use Visa or Master Card to purchase by phone or email and your order will be sent by post to the address you specify. $3.00 Postage will be added. To pay by cash or Debit Card, you will need to drop into the Red Deer office and you can pick up your sets at that time.

You can now order online and pay via Payal using mastercard, Visa or Debit Card and we will ship your CD’s to you.

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“This meditation is complete. The protection segment allowed me to relax, let go and feel safe. It is the first time I have experienced that in a guided meditation. The length of the meditation is just right, I found myself bringing back a piece of peace. Thank you Sharyn, I love it!”
Debora Leigh – Business Owner/Realtor_________________________________

“The meditations flow easily with Sharyn’s voice leading you to achieve the results your heart desires. The length of the meditations allows me to feel comfortable and safe to use them daily – even in my busy whirlwind world. Thanks you Sharyn, I like them a lot.”
G.D.G – Accountant_________________________________

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! All three meditations are excellent in helping us with both physical and spiritual aspects….. they are very effective… just the right amount of time.”
Shawn Callin – Small Business Owner________________________________

“Whether you are just beginning or experienced with meditation, you will receive the peace, calmness, grounding and insight to allow answers in as little as fifteen minutes. Thanks Sharyn, great job!”
Heather Young – Massage Therapist________________________________

“Sharyn’s meditation CD’s effectively led me on a journey to peace, tranquility and clarity. As I listened, I thought “WOW”! I felt such beauty through the words, music and inner visions that surfaced. Her CD’s truly touched the core of my soul! Sharyn’s CD’s are a “must have” for your spiritual development tools regardless of what stage you are at in your meditation practice”
Carol Uchytil, Owner of The Violet Ray-Natural Health Magazine________________________________

We welcome any business owners who would like to have five or more sets for resale in their establishments to contact us. We will deliver them or ship them to your facility. Current retailers who are carrying the Cds are as follows:

Divine Mine in Cagary at Bay 222, 11566 – 24 Street S.E. phone 403-279-9555 or email

Chapters Books in Red Deer

Cindy’s Tea House in South Red Deer on Gasoline Alley

Ricks Rock and Gem in Downtown Red Deer

Therapeutic Kneads in Downtown Red Deer

Comments (5)

  • Janet

    Hey Sharyn
    it is just awesome to hear about your c.ds. I would love to buy a set and listen for myself..
    I often buy c.ds but they come from many far away places. it is so
    awesome to have a c.d. come from a local source..

    we are still drumming so come out some time and sing with us..

  • Gail

    The artwork alone makes me want to buy a set of your new CD’s; beautiful with some mystery. Congratulations.

  • Sharyn

    Thank you Janet and Gail, I am grateful for your kind words. This project of love has been a long time coming.

    Namaste from Sharyn

  • Cynthia

    Hi Sharyn,

    Wow! Congratulations on this journey! The artwork looks just beautiful and I’m sure the meditations are wonderful!
    Please put my name down for a set to purchase. I will catch up with you when I come into the Stuck Like Glue on Nov 22nd, if
    that works! Cynthia Sebry

  • Sharyn

    Thank you Cynthia – a set is reserved for you. Thank you for your support and we will see you on the 22 of November.
    Namaste from Sharyn