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Need Relief? Money? A Miracle??

Yes, we can all use a little relief from pain, poor health, and sagging bank accounts.  WANT A MIRACLE?  I am here to tell you, Miracles do happen, and to show you how during the Alberta ‘When Sprit Talks Tour’ in September.

I will be sharing stories of amazing abundance, vibrant health transformations and seemingly miraculous events.  Of course I will share the simple tools I used, so you can create your own miracles.  You will learn to tap into your psychic energy and know how to turn your life around in 7 days from negative to positive.  A fast paced  interactive teaching session with Q and A throughout so you can ask what you want to know.

Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard  connects to Spirit for you through mediumship, and he will also share his story. Shawns’ ability to connect with your passed loved ones is extremely accurate and honest. Clarity and peace of mind replaces pain of loss in his sessions.

The unique aspect of these evening events is our combined energy.  We are two Spiritual Leaders, Teachers, and Psychics coming to you for unique evenings of teachings such as has never been seen before in Alberta.  If you want to feel rejuvenated, stronger, and refreshed – you can’t afford to miss this Tour.  Check out the details on the events page and I look forward to meeting you there.

Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn