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New Site for The Studio Holistic Health Centre

New Site for The Studio Holistic Health Centre

Yahoo!!  We now have a new look for the Studio online and hope you like it as much as we do.  I want to send out a big thanks to Dan and his crew from  for all their hard work to get not just the site ready but in getting me trained.  Nice job guys!  I am really grateful.

This is timely as now you will be able to communicate to me about anything you see here, or even something you don’t see if you wish.  All you need to do is click on the comment button at the end of the posts and you can respond to the post itself.  Perfect for us to be able to chat while I am travelling for the month of September so I can share all the delightful adventures with you. 

The link I will be using will be ‘The England Link’ so keep an eye on it as I begin the training at the Arthur Findlay College on September 8th.  My classes run for two weeks, and on the morning of Sept 22 Dave will be meeting me in London to start our two weeks of holidays.

We will spend a few days in London, then off to the Channel Island of Jersey off the coast of France, and ending with a restful visit in the resort town of Sitges in Spain.  Sitges is just out of Barcelona on the Mediterranian Coast where it will be warm and sunny.  I look forward to hearing from you as I go, and to keeping in touch from my end  as well.

Comments (5)

  • Andrea larson

    I love the new look for your site!

  • Beth Richardson

    Looks great, Sharyn! Have fun in England.

  • Sharyn

    Thanks Andrea and Beth – I am glad you like the changes.

  • Brenda Wheele

    Nice job on the new site! My compliments to Dan. Hope that you have a wonderful time in England, my love to both you and Dave

  • Sharyn

    Thanks Brenda, Dan is rather amazing isn’t he? I will look forward to posting information from England for you to share, and much love back to you.