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Past Life Regression on the High Seas

The opportunity to sail to Alaska and study with Dr Brian Weiss for a week is beyond exciting.  Hi everyone, I am currently sitting in my office writing this and waiting for my friend Karen to arrive.  Then it is off to the airport for our flight early tomorrow to Vancouver, where we will board the beautiful ms Noordam.  A beautiful stateroom to call home for a week on the water.

Dr Brian Weiss is an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past-life regression, future-life progression, and survival of the human soul after death.

Most of you know, that as much as I loves coaching, guiding and teaching others; I am a passionate student. I am driven by the need to know and then again driven by the need to share.  The events around my personal and professional life the past couple of years have managed to keep me pretty close to home.  I have missed studying and learning and mixing with others doing the same.  And to be exposed to not only Brian, but possibly take a writing class with the esteemed Cheryl Richardson and Reed Tracey from Hay House.  

My dreams are all coming true, one step at a time.  One foot in front of the other and onward – forward – upward!  I will write another blog from the water.

until next time……  Namaste from Sharyn Rose