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Phone Consultations Now Available 403-343-6679

Phone Consultations Now Available 403-343-6679

At the request of several out of town clients, Sharyn is now doing phone consultations.  These consultations follow the clients desire and employ Sharyn’s psychic sense along with common sense.  The primary difference in a personal one-on-one sitting and a phone session is the Client must have a question they would like information about in the phone session.  This provides a starting place for Sharyn to begin a reading. 

As you all know, Sharyn does not do predictive psychic work, so for example; questions about how your love life will work out will lead us to a session answering the question “How would you like it to work out?”  These sessions are designed to empower you and offer options you may not have know were available to you.  Sharyn calls upon her psychic self to assist and provide information that can often surprise both the reader and the sitter.

The Cost for a phone reading which lasts about 45 minutes is $100 and is payable by Mastercard, cheque or money order.  Payment must be received before the reading takes place. 

Here is how it works.  You call the Studio Holistic Health Centre expressing your desire for an appointment.  Arrangements are made for payment, and future time is set where you will be asked to call back and engage in the 45 minute reading.  You incur the long distance phone costs. 

So, if you have a need you would like to address feel free to call Sharyn at 403-343-6679 or arrangements can also be made by email (email readings are not available) and times can be set from there.

Sharyn looks forward to speaking with you.