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Rose Academy Video Series – 10 Video Bundle


Great value! Get all 10 classes for 25% less than if purchasing individually.


Receive all 10 videos at once for an amazing value of only $440! That’s a 48% savings over the standard price of $850 if you purchased each class separately. Purchase now and receive access to the following video classes:

  • Identify your Hidden Psychic Strength, and Use it Every Day
  • Your Spirit Connection to Pets and the Animal Kingdom
  • Family – Why them? Why Here? Why Now?  Why Me??
  • Holistic Business Development Tip Guide
  • Money, Spirituality and Your Divine … yes …Divine … Connection! 
  • Your Body is Talking to You – Are You Listening?  Learn How to:
  • Do You Have A Job – Or do you Have a Career? What’s the difference and does it matter?
  • Relationships – The ones you love and the ones you Leave.
  • Law of Attraction – Get What You Want by Wanting What You Have.
  • Feng Shui and Energetic Space Clearing – Spruce up Your Environment.

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