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Profiling Your Business

Profiling Your Business

I have taken on a new role for a few months as a Business Profile Strategist. Fear not, I am still seeing clients and continue my psychic counseling work here at the Studio as before – profiling is like a hobby at this point. The desire is to write profiles for alternative health practitioners where they share their passion about themselves and their favorite modality.

These profiles will be published for up to a year online by The Violet Ray, who have a readership of 15,000 readers. That’s excellent exposure.

The intention here is to allow practitioners to share with the readers, information about themselves and their chosen field. Frankly, many people nowadays pick up a magazine and see an advertisement for something like cranial sacral massage – and they have no idea what that is. There are many, many unfamiliar modalities that can assist with personal and corporate wellness, but they are buried and unknown.

Since I love working with people, I am a creative writer, and I have a deep passion for wellness of any and all life forms – it is a natural step for me to engage my skills in this way.

Another benefit of this service is the universal touch. Having your business profile (750 words) online for a year can attract clients to you from outside your local area, expanding your reach. Setting up your own website is expensive, especially for the home based practitioner. I know many of you have businesses in your home and are challenged in getting your name out there as well as letting your communities know what exactly it is that you do. You are offering an essential service that only a few are hearing about and experiencing.

I have grown my business primarily by word or mouth, my own website and by advertising. I know first hand the costs of advertising in hard copy anywhere, and I have not been able to do a lot of it. It is just too expensive. Word of mouth is always the best advertising, but if that is all you have, it can take a long, long time to make your business economically viable. I also have to mention that my media team is almost a gift to me, since it is family – thus my costs are much less for web exposure and brochure design.

Advertising is expensive. Anywhere else it would cost at least $4,500 to have a 750 word advertising profile exposed in hard copy for one year. It is essentially a full page advertorial. Here, with this great magazine, the cost is less than a third of that, providing you with a full page on-line in two locations. A small ad in the hard copy of the magazine will drive people to your profile online, providing them with exactly the information they need to make an informed choice on their personal wellness. Presto, you have exposure and finally, people are hearing about you. Of course it also includes using my skills to assist in creating the best profile for your business.

So, to sum it all up – if you are providing a service to your community and you want more exposure, give me a call at The Studio at 403-343-6679 or email – you can become a more recognized member of your healing community. Let’s have some fun and create your profile together.

My business profile is already on the Violet Ray website at where you can click on business links and then on psychics. That will give you an idea on what a 750 word profile looks like.