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Prosperity Tip

Here is a prosperity tip that everyone can use.  Prosperity is available for everyone.  Money is  only limited by what you believe and think.

Pick a figure for your income that you believe  that you can make within a year.  The importance  here is that you believe that you can receive this

amount of money.  Next write on a piece of paper,  “I make $(fill in your amount here) a year.”  See  yourself as receiving it (now, remember that you

must believe or this will take a much longer time to manifest.)  Place this affirmation in a red  envelope with three Chinese coins.  Put the envelope

in the prosperity corner of your bedroom.  As you  stand in the doorway to your bedroom the corner  opposite you to your left is the prosperity corner.

Every morning and evening before you retire say  the affirmation out loud with passion and purpose.  If you follow these instructions to the letter, it could just

happen for you.  Good Luck!   — from —

Comments (2)

  • Joyce Rogers

    Sharyn Rose: does it need to be Chinese coins – just do not have any?
    About your ants – my neighbor uses ground coffee – fresh, (do not use the ones you have already made coffee with)
    He puts a line of coffee along the foundation of the house and between the step & house. He has not had an ant since last year!

  • Sharyn

    Hi Joyce, No, it can be any coins you happen to have around. It is more about the intention that is formed by performing the ritual of the process.
    About the ants – thanks for the tip. The ants are just about gone now – It just seemed to need a dusting of powder around the perimeter of the room.
    Thanks for the email – good luck with enhanced prosperity.