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Psychic Alzheimer’s and Other Ailments

Psychic Alzheimer’s and Other Ailments

At first I didn’t think if was very funny.  Then I started to realize it was necessary and had to get used to letting go of the information that I bring through for my clients during their sessions.  Challenging to do when you grow up in a culture where remembering peoples names is a full time business!  

I thought I was developing memory issues when I realized that I often didn’t remember details, then when I actually didn’t remember clients names or faces when I saw them again I really started to worry. Let’s face it, after the age of fifty the unexpected can happen and age can do funny things to mind and body Full Article.   I didn’t want people to think I was disinterested in their journeys and stories, nor did I want them to think I was trying to be rude.  Over time however, and after doing hundreds of readings; I have gotten used to the idea that the information I share isn’t really any of my business anyway. 

I have also learned over time, that a lot of the information goes through me and isn’t from me. Which, I have to add intrigues me.  Working in the field of energy I am always amazed at the information that comes forth to the clients and is most often completely foreign to me.

Another thing I have learned since taking on this work is about my body.  It appears my metabolic rate changes to a higher speed when I do consultations and it makes sense since generally after a day of work I am really hungry.  But I never said I was smart – nope – quite the opposite at times.  Since I am not a very big eater anyway, I never stepped up my food intake but just ate until the hunger pangs were gone.  It took a marvelous herbalist by the name of Abrah to share that I was starving my body when I started losing weight and didn’t know why.  Of course, there has to be a twist right?  Sure – because of the childhood I had my relationship with food was not very healthy.  I saw food as the exact opposite of love and when she said to me”food is love”, I reacted quite strongly.  I have never seen food as love, just as a necessity to stay alive in my physical form.  Therefore, I only give it the minimum it requires.  

It seems funny because one of the tutors I had in England made a comment one day about mediums.  She said, “you will never see a skinny medium.”  Needless to say she was the first one in the dining room at mealtime with her healthy appetite and not so skinny body! In fact, our class was always the first one dismissed before lunch – she would shut it down five minutes earlier than the others so she could be first in the dining room.  I think she did see ‘food as love.’  

I know now that there is a happy medium (pun) in the approach we have to food.  Both the Tutor and I are extreme examples of how we mis-manage our bodies when we work.  I am glad to share that I eat more now and I eat healthy so I can maintain my existence here and giggle and chuckle along with the rest of you.  

Until next time…. Namaste from Sharyn

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  • Rachel

    Sharyn, I was thinking about the connections between Alzehimer’s & psychic issues–what psychic/psychological issues might lead someone to develop Alzheimer’s, especially earlier than at normal onset (not me, thank heavens, but the parent of a friend)–and I found this post. I wanted you to know that even though I’m not at all a “professional” psychic, I do read tarot & do body readings for people, mainly friends & acquaintances, and I have absolutely NO memory of any of the details afterwards and often not even the main points (though I usually know the main points from knowing the people themselves). It didn’t always use to be this way, but as I’ve done more psychic work, it’s happened more routinely, even though I have an almost verbatim memory for all the other conversations we have. Friends are often amazed that I remember conversations we’ve had that THEY have long forgotten; but I, on the other hand, am always surprised when they quote back to me something I said during a tarot or body reading that I have no memory of whatsoever. I decided, just as you said, that the reason was because the information didn’t really belong to me anyway, and it was also easier to be clear that I wasn’t responsible for it if I didn’t remember it–but I was fascinated to read someone else describing the same experience. As a fiction writer & playwright, I’m often writing down words & experiences that haven’t happened to me but that feel as though they have, and I *have* to remember those (and do!)–so I can assure you that the psychic memory loss is very specific! I love hearing that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this (I personally felt relieved when I understood that it was happening & saw it as an unconscious choice; another way of setting boundaries on that work), and I hope you get some pleasure out of hearing the same!

    Warmly, and with gratitude,