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Psychic Body Wizards Day #4 Blog

By the End of Day #4 This juicing was almost the end of me!

Crabby, feeling sorry for myself – I felt so awful yesterday that I just couldn’t bring myself to blog. It was tough enough to post the drinks, and drink the drinks, let alone try to be creative and inspiring about juicing. A real yuck day!

So, yes – it is all true – you do hit the wall when you detox with a juice fast. And it is a good day to avoid people! At least for me. I did have a couple of meetings in the morning but by about one o’clock in the afternoon it was just me and my two fur babies. And what a relief to know I didn’t have to talk to anyone for the rest of the day. Hubby is at the RV show this weekend and was not home until around 8pm, so he was spared my pity party.

When he did come in, it was with two bundles of flowers – one of the tulips in the juice photo and the other, the arrangement of roses pictured here. I am pretty sure he had angels whispering in his ear “don’t go home empty handed if you value your life”… I love him to bits, and it totally brought my day to a wonderful end. Thanks Dave, you rock!

It was so odd yesterday, it didn’t matter what I did, I reacted. I was uncomfortable, didn’t like the juices (except the last one) and just was miserable. I expected a reaction on day #3 so this took me by surprise.

Now, the morning of day #5. The juice I had this morning was really good. I am starting to use coconut water to thin them down a bit and they are really good. Also, sometimes adding a tbsp of powder greens instead of juicing greens works well to add variety.

In exploring the physical/psychic connection, I know I underestimated the strength of my body and physical condition in relation to my psychic work. I keep on, I keep learning and I will have loads of valuable data for you once this process is over.

I did it … I survived so far, now onward and upward…

until next entry, ….. Namaste from Sharyn  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!