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Psychic Body Wizards Juicing Journey Complete

Psychic Body Wizards Juicing Journey

Today would be Day #8 Juicing and not eating but:

I think seven days on just juice is enough for this round.I am really proud of myself for doing the full seven days honorably.I have learned over the years to pay attention to my moods, and to continue on with just juicing would be to never juice again once I was done.Yup, moody I can be when unhappy.

So, on to delicious cooked veggies and salads and fruits for seven days.I am excited as I can indulge in my delicious sweet potato bake – it was my daily go to when I was eliminating the seven foods from my diet.Gads, that seems like ages ago now. So I will still keep those seven out of my diet with the possible exception of eggs as I like them in the bake and I like them for breakfast.

Just a reminder – the seven foods that may be causing intolerances in your body are gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, sugar, and corn.

Now that I have discovered coconut – the all purpose go to healthy option in everything from oil to milk, I have managed to restock my pantry to suit my tastes. Even gluten free pasta when I am ready to go there. It is getting easier and easier to find healthy alternatives these days.

To close the juicing week, the total cost of the week for me to juice was the original $76 plus about five more when hubby picked up a few things through the week.Divide $81 by 7 and it only cost 11.57 per day or $3.86 per meal for me to eat.Yup – I was a really cheap date for seven days!

Today is now Day #1 and I have been alternating between juicing and food.Tomorrow, right back on track to enjoy day 2 of fruits and veggies.

Enjoy your evening folks … and until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn