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Psychic Body Wizards – the end of day #6

Doesn’t that seem impossible?  To have no solid food for six days?  I think the thing that surprises me the most is how good I feel.  I did see clients today and the only thing I noticed was, I got hungry.  My stomach growled letting me know to step up the juice or eat.

It brought to mind the three huge meals a day I ate while studying in England. Clearly, when we psychically work with energy, it utilizes out nutritional input as fiercely as physical activity does. Of course I knew that, and today was a great reminder as I have seen clients through the week, but this is the first day of the stomach rumbles.

Knowing there is such a strong connection helps me understand some of my own eating habits. I love sugar and breads – I love carbs. The reason they became such important aspects of my diet, is because the energy provided is fast. I could grab something small between seeing clients and satisfy my hunger. Something doughy, or sweet or both would be perfect. I have often joked about my passion for cookies – love cookies. Small, fast and quick energy.

I don’t know about you but my eyes are opening wide with this experiment I am doing with my body and nutrition. The reason being this:

We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. People are becoming aware that they have the ability to awaken their own intuition to guide them. And, we are a heavier society than we have ever been.

Do you see the tip of the iceberg? Healthy nutrition amps up the psychic self, which supports all of our endeavors by assisting us when we are stuck, which would contribute to a much healthier emotional/mental/physical and spiritual society. We would avoid depression, rage, and addictions, oh heck… the list is long.

Remember, I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor – I am a psychic. So if what I say here feels wrong – ignore it. But if it feels right – you just might want to peek into the diet you are enjoying and see if you are clouding your own spiritual connection.

Until Next time – enjoy the evening and the weekend. Namaste from Sharyn