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Psychic Body Wizards Update – back on food!

Wow, What week! It just seemed to disappear but I have resolved a few things and will share that here.

When I fell on the ice on the 29th of January, things didn’t seem to get back to normal as I wanted so this week required a Dr visit complete with blood work, a CT scan and an ultrasound.

I don’t know the last time you had to wait for any of these but the whole process took a complete day out of my life. I think our medical system is a bit taxed.

However, it was a good move as I am now completely pain free and able to sleep through the night. Not only that, but the real bonus is – I got my head examined!! How many of you can brag you had that done huh? Lol J

Okay, lets talk about food.I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of the Blood type diet – there is actually a book called Eat Right For Your Blood Type by Dr D’Adamo that lists the best foods for your blood type.

Being a Type O (the original blood type) requires me to have animal protein. Juicing did not provide that even though I tried to substitute protein in with the greens. So the reason I stopped at seven days instead of going ten was I could see that the stomack acid in my system was getting out of control. I had to include animal protein. I added eggs – one of the seven foods JJ Virgin says we could have intolerance to and I have had no reaction so apparently that is one of the seven that is good for me. Yay! I love eggs. I am also having meat again, not lots but enough to give my body what it needs. Blood type O is not going to be super healthy without animal protein – we make lousy unhealthy vegans.

I also took all the rest of the veggies I had and chopped them up into a pot and made the most delicious soup. I cooked it down so the veggies could be mashed and whipped, then put back into the broth for a creamy consistency. Celery, carrots, beets and red cabbage.

Because it had red cabbage and beets it looks like squid ink but wow it is so good.I flavored it with some salt, pepper and cinnamon (just a bit) and today I will try it cold with just a dab of sour cream to see how it is.It is delicious hot with no addeds – even if it is the color of squid ink.

I would love to hear how some of you are doing in your search for gluten free products, recipes, lactose free products and anything else you would like to share.

Until next time… Namaste from Sharyn