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Psychic Toolbox

Psychic Toolbox

Psychic Medium Becky Walsh says:

“Bear in mind that things like Tarot cards are just tools, and whilst you can find a tool you enjoy using, be reminded that they are like having stabilisers on a bike; once you learn to ride the bike, take the stabilisers off. Many psychics keep them on for fear of falling and failing during a reading.” She continues to say, “tools are useful for developing skills, but you must have faith in your abilities in order to progress.”
I completely agree with Becky, and in the work I do as a professional working psychic, I know the important messages will come through –tools or no tools. I use tools sparingly, relying on my psychic sense, but many psychics are known for their continual use of tools. Lets explore some of them here.thumbnail1.jpg

Tarot Cards: a deck of 78 cards, 14 in each of the four suits and 22 major arcana cards.These cards are symbolic and can be used by the psychic to access their inspiration.

Palmistry: This is the study of lines on the palms of the hands; readings usually include looking at the shape of the hand, the length and width of the fingers and the size of the mounds on the palms.

Tea leaf and coffee reading:
Otherwise called tassology. this is reading from the residue left in a cup after the client has finished the drink, which can form patterns.

Graphology: This is the art of understanding another through their handwriting.

Astrology: This is the study of the movement of the planets and how this affects us according to their relative positions at the time we were born.

Numerology: The vibration of a persons name and birth date can add clarity through numbers as to life purpose.

The Pendulum: This can be any weighted object on a thread, chain or string. Considered a tool of perception, this has been used over the centuries by midwives. They dangle a wedding ring over an expectant mother to determine the sex of the child.

Scrying, or often called crystal ball gazing: This has been used for years as a focus for clairvoyant sight.

Scry for yourself; An Exercise

Use a bowl of water and a wax candle. Pour the hot wax into the water to form patterns. These patterns may be the shape of something. See what meaning these shapes have for you.Do they relate to your past and possibly a lesson you haven’t learned? Or is it a symbol?

Have fun, until next time Namaste from Sharyn