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Readings in-Studio, by Phone, at Trade Shows

This is the first year that I am doing readings outside of the Studio.  What an experience, and it has brought home the need for me to expand my services to reach more people.  Over the past few years, I have an increasing number of clients travelling from outside Red Deer to see me, some of them from remote areas of the province.  In fact, it is not uncommon for clients to make an appointment when they know they are going to be in the area visiting, some of them coming from the far eastern provinces, others from the US or farther.

That has lead me to think perhaps I need to be more accessible.  So, I am now going to focus on doing phone readings as well as taking appointments in the Studio, and seeing clients at the trade shows.  It will provide different time frames as well as a convenience for clients who cannot or prefer not to travel here.  Since beginning trade shows a month ago, I have seen close to fifty additional clients I would never have met.  Many of them inquired about phone services.

So, here is how I am going to set it up.  Phone consultations will be thirty minutes in length.  I can take Master Card or Visa, and payment must be made at the time of scheduling the appointment.  The client will be responsible for calling the office on the appointed day and time for their consultation.  I will only be opening a minimum amount of phone times for the first month or so, and all appointments must be scheduled ahead.  The cost is $80 plus GST = total $84.

I prefer to have an area to focus on when doing the phone work – eg; relationship, family, work, money, career and remember – I do not do predictions.  If you are unclear as to how I work, please go here and read up about me.

Chat to you soon….   your call in number is 403-343-6679 to leave a message – I will call you back ASAP

Namaste from Sharyn