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Red Deer Intuitive Group – Next Meeting Sept 5, 2007

Red Deer Intuitive Group – Next Meeting Sept 5, 2007

tree and sunrise2.jpgPendulums! And they actually work – I was amazed. There was a smaller group this week, just four of us but it was the perfect four. We played with pendulums. Andrea had more knowledge and experience than the rest of us and led with what she knew, then we used information I had found on the website. Did you know that if your polarity (determined by gender) isn’t balanced, your pendulum has difficulty being accurate? I didn’t know it either, but sure do now. I asked an age related question and it appears I am going to be around this earth for a good while yet so no point in sitting on my laurels and killing time. It appears there is lots to do, and I will need a healthy body/mind/spirit to do it so back to the exercise that I have been slacking off on, back to eating better and more regularly and back to daily and consistent meditation. Sigh!

The next meeting is on September 5th, two days before I leave for England. We will be delving into Numerology and how to use it to create better lives, so be sure to mark that on your calendars. Personally, I will be checking my numerology chart for the two weeks of school to see what I have to be aware of to make the experience the best it can be. You can learn through your numbers about the year, month and even day you are in. Fascinating stuff! I hoe we will see you here.

There are now 49 participants who have attended one meeting or another over the ten months we have been active. We maintain a flowing membership, and we encourage newcomers to attend if a topic feels of interest. Mark the time on your calendars and join us for a cup of tea, a sweet treat and an intuitive boost!

Remember, there is no fixed cost to attend, just a small donation of your choice to cover the costs of refreshments and admin.


The group takes fifteen minutes out of our time together and we offer a meditation to any and all persons requesting healing help for themselves, a friend or relative. Please send your requests to or call Sharyn. You can include the first name and age of the person you wish to have included in the meditation

I remind you to bookmark the Studio website at and add to your mailbox so your spam filter doesn’t clear it before you get the chance to see what’s new.

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  • Andrea larson

    I had fun and learned more about pendulums, I especially loved your yummy chocolate cake at the end!