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Requests for Workshops Overwhelming!!

This past month has seen me out and about more than I have in the past few months.  I am amazed at the number of people who are looking for workshops and so I am going to be announcing some really special events to come up this summer and fall.  I get bored easily, so keep your eyes open for absurb, fun and inspiring new blends of services.  I have been networking and have met some talented people who are willing to travel to Red Deer with their very unique businesses.  I love being a working psychic coach and medium, I also appreciate those who provide services in the field of energy that I don’t provide.

I will say right now that come September, I will be running  three separate two-day Psychic Development Classes again.  They were so successful in 2008/2009 and I really get the feeling it is time to bring them back.  Those classes are psychic dev. level 1, level 2 and level 3. I am also going to teach everyone who attends any class how to connect with their crossed over loved ones themselves, so they don’t need a medium to do it for them. Love is the key, and what a great way to strengthen your mediumistic muscle.  Also, everyone who attends a class will get a reading with me, no matter what level they are in.  So, if you go through all the levels, you will end up with three readings.  What fun!!  Of course, you must do the levels in order no matter what skills you have at this point.

Currently I am looking for a psychic artist, so if you know of anyone please give them my number. 403-343-6679 or forward the website address to them .  I am pretty sure there is a lady in Red Deer who draws past lives for people – I would love to get her name and connect with her.  If you can help me out, I would appreciate it.

So, right now let me whisper in your ear that a few of us are planning a very exclusive ‘Pampering Your Psychic Self” day for you, complete with an elaborate meal.  It will include an intimate group of about twenty women and men only so if you want to know more please watch for the upcoming newsletters.  You can pass this info to a friend as well, they may want to attend too.

I have inserted this photo of the group I studied with in Sept 2009 so you can see we are all as normal as can be!  In fact the College has a wee pub attached and I have to admit – being psychic and working as a medium does not mean you can’t enjoy the occasional beverage and good party together.  These are a fabulous bunch with whom I still am in touch.  One of them, Adrian has just published his first book entitled ‘Soul Chants’.  He is an amazing medium from Ireland.  You will find more on him at .

I hope seeing this photo will inspire you to take up the study of your psychic self so you can start using your intuition in your everyday life in a more conscious way.  Wouldn’t it be nice to finally know what decision is the best one without losing a nights sleep?

I will see many of you in the classes, and I invite any and all of you to write and tell me your development story.  I love hearing from people as all of us seem to walk just a bit differently than one another.

Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn

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  • Leona Stonehocker

    Hi Sharyn,

    I would love to take your class in September. If you are taking a list of names, could you please add mine to it? I would be registering in level 1. I look forward to hearing from you.