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Amazing!  I have never been so aware of the desire, habit, or need to sabotage good things that happen as I have in the past month.  My life has been moving along so well, each day is bringing wonderful experiences and joy.  So why is it then that the longer it lasts the more I hear phases in my head like, “this is too good to last”, or “All good things must come to an end.” 

I have been musing over these types of statements for the last few days as I become more and more aware that somewhere, somehow I picked up the habit to think like this.  I realize you probably have moments like this too, even if they are unconscious thoughts.  Which, once again brings me face to face with my own teachings.

The power of thought is not to be ignored.  I teach that the thoughts you think are like magnets and will bring to you what they represent.  I know we manifest our own reality by our expectations and if these are unconsciously brought about, it makes no difference. That being said, we have to take resposibility for the way we think so we can manifest for ourselves the things we want versus the things we don’t.  To do that, we have to pay attention so we know the kinds of thoughts we focus on every moment of every day.

Because of the training I have done, I work hard to monitor negative thoughts and attitudes in my daily work, and thus became so strongly aware of the sabotaging thoughts that have come along with my joy and satisfaction.  So, what do I do about them and what can you do?

Well, step one is listening to what goes on in your head.  Pay attention to what you hear and how you think.  When a thought pops in that appears to be working towards a result that is contrary to what you really want, stop the thought by changing it.  This is where affirmations can be of great help.

In this example I can replace those above phrases with a statement like,”I am grateful for the joy and abundance in my life.”  Repeating this over and over will stop the attraction of a negative outcome, and allow me to continue with the marvelous life I now have. 

Another affirmation I really like that would work just as well is the following, “I deserve to have happiness in all areas now and forever.” 

So, the second part of this is a big more challenging.  That is to remember to repeat these positive statements (or one that suits your needs) in the first person, present tense until they become the new habit.  Repeating this is easier to remember if you write it down and place it where you see it as often as possible.  After all, it took practice of thought to get the negative one strongly ingrained, practicing a positive one in it’s place will be just as effective and equally as powerful.

Sabotage?  Yup, it is a process we all experience at some time or another.  How do you sabotage yourself, and what phrase could you create to build a new positive habit out of an old negative one?

enjoy your day…