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September 14th from England

September 14th from England

Hi Everyone – what a week!!  I have learned so much and it seems to have passed so quickly!  There is a large group of Dutch people here from Holland who are such a lot of fun.  And did I mention the college has a pub?  Up until last night I didn’t spend much time there – but I have met so many people and last night I table hopped and had such fun, along with a few cocktails . Thank you to my wonderful new Dutch friends.   My wee roomie and I headed upstairs around 12:30, got into pj’s she had orange juice, I had tea – and we sat on my bed and ate cookies and talked until 1:30.  She really tells the best stories.  Okay, so now you know that my social life is good.  Let me share some of the information I have learned. 

I have taken part in several exercises that have instantly strengthened my skills as a psychic and a medium.  Really practical down to earth techniques that work when you do them correctly.  We also had a guest in yesterday from Brazil – Jose Modrado who channels different artists, and creates paintings very similar to the paintings done by  Monet, Van Gough, Picasso and others.  He does a painting in about 4 minutes and they really are good.  If you google his name you can learn about the centre for light he has in Brazil to help with everything from addictions to family counselling, assisting orphans and numerous other services for his country.  When they sell the paintings by auction the funds raised go directly to the centre. 

Starting tomorrow, I am not as immersed in the mediumship training, but will be working with Astrology, and various other tools that can be used to assist the psychic self.  I understand my instructor is quite direct and we will work hard, but I am looking forward to it. 

Now I have to get off and head to class.  Be happy and I will communicate more later …With love

Namaste  Sharyn

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  • Jo Pohl

    This is really a lovely website and although I haven’t seen you, Sharyn, for such a long while, I am so contented and pleased to see that you are avidly building your gifts. I think of you often and thanks for taking the time to share your England trip with all of us! Take care and enjoy – Jo

  • Sharyn

    Thank you so much Jo,

    It is such fun to feel as if I have brought all of you with me to England so you can nergetically sip tea (or Guiness) with me. This certainly is the place to come when you need good strong teachers who work with energy, and a safe energetic environment to step out of a comfort zone to develop.

    My concern now is I am building some strong relationships with the Irish this week, and I wonder what I will sound like when I meet my Husband at Heathrow a week from now. Especially the Belfast accent. Hmmm… with all the different countries represented and with whom I have trained, I could perhaps start a whole new dialect! Thanks again, it is my priviledge to share this wonderful adventure…