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Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast…

Greetings all you beautiful Sharyn Rose Insiders. The delightful Universe has a charming, but not always subtle way of letting us know what we need when we need it. But it’s only good information if we listen. And lets face it, in this fast paced busy challenging world we often just don’t get it.

Let me explain. It is 8am. I am listening to the waves crashing on the beach. The air is humid and warm. I am sipping morning coffee in our very comfortable beachfront suite at the all inclusive Royal Decameron Complex in Mexico. We arrived yesterday afternoon, a group of ten. Three couples, two of them with two young sons each. And Dave and I, We are a mix of grandparents, grandkids, cousins, friends. We are family.

We are family who, each in our own lives have worked extra hard to get through a very trying and challenging year. We all came to decompress. To rest. And to finally let go of our pain, heartbreak, and extreme fatigue. We came to sit quietly and let frustration, and stress flow back into the surf so we can rejuvenate our depleted bodies, minds and souls. We came to reach for joy and we came to play.

Last night I choked at dinner. Nothing serious really, just swallowed the wrong way and had a coughing fit while our waiter Roberto gently patted me on the back and and handed me water. Then a twisted ankle when I tripped off a cobblestone curb about an hour later on our way to the outdoor evening show.

So Dave and I spent our first evening sitting on our balcony, sipping Baileys on ice with my propped up foot wrapped in towels and ice.

Together, we watched the lightening and listened to the surf. Together we were quiet, and together we talked. We quietly shared the pain and the hurt we were feeling. We began to reconnect, and understand one another again. We are both strong people and we count on one another. We discovered we had been there, but also trying to maintain our individual footing too. We were going too fast. We were spread too thin.

I began to understand just how serious the messages from the Universe were. How symbolically, on my first night here I choked on dinner because I felt I couldn’t voice my personal needs. My need to ask for support. My need to be softer, more vulnerable.

Twisting my ankle indicated I need to let go of fear of the future. The future for my husband and I.   My fears for a very experiential hands on busy family. It is time to back up from guiding, directing and protecting everyone 24/7. I need to recognize when it is not my circus, not my monkey. They have the right to their lives and their choices.

I trust symbology. I trust the Universe. I finally heard it and offered up appreciation for choking at dinner.   I appreciate my twisted slightly swollen ankle. I offered up appreciation for both experiences because I found parts of myself again. I found my loving husband again. I regained a bit of balance. I needed to slow down, I was going too fast.

Dave and I are regaining our footing as a couple, and as individuals. So now, I might be hobbling just a bit, but my family surrounds me and my husband walks beside me. And I still have a week to play in exotic Mexico. I am so blessed. I am loved. I am safe.

Until next time…..

Namaste from Sharyn Rose