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Studio Friends

Studio Friends

Ms Elena Rousseau is a Visual arts Student I had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside when I was taking the Ceramics course at the College last winter.  She is an artist who creates from the heart and who’s wonderful work is being displayd at the Four Corners Gallery in the College Library.  Stop by the site below for more information, and maybe stop into the College for a look.  Congratulations Elena, your work is amazing!

Heather Young and the Ionic Detox Footbath – If you haven’t had the chance to set up an appointment with Heather yet for your Footbath Treatment, you should do it.  I had a treatment recently and could not believe water could change from clear to ghastly in 45 minutes. 

This footbath draws toxins out of your body and depending on the color, Heather can tell you where the strongest detoxing is taking place.  it affects all of you, from your organs, to your joints; dislodging toxins and metals that are perhaps stored for years. The treatment lasts about an hour and the cost is only $40.   Heather can be reached at 403-343-7708.  Give her a call, you will be glad you did.