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Success Coach Michael Neill

Success Coach Michael Neill

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Spend your choice of one or two fun, intensive, up close and personal days with internationally renowned success coach Michael Neill, author of ‘You Can Have What You Want’, ‘Effortless Success’ and ‘Feel Happy Now’!
You’ll come away with a powerful combination of inspiration and understanding that will increase your ability to create the life of your dreams with less effort and greater ease than ever before.


September 6th 2008 9AM TO 5:00PM – THE SECRETS OF EFFORTLESS SUCCESS -at the Black Knight Inn Salon D and E – Max seating 50 – $422.00
continental b’fast served at 8am – lunch is included. All participants will be entered into the doorprize draws. Sunday at 4:30 we will draw for a Coaching Package with Michael valued at 3,000.00 !!

So much of the success literature, therapy, advertising, and self-help movement is built on the premise that there’s something wrong with you — that if you just changed your thinking, your behavior, your brand of shampoo, or your personality, then everything would be perfect and your life would finally begin to work in the way it’s supposed to be.

Join Michael as he debunks the myths of success and happiness and shares the secrets of achieving more while doing less and making a difference by living happily in the world!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on this entertaining and potentially life-changing day:
• Why success doesn’t lead to happiness (and what does)

• How to turn up the volume on the still, small voice within

• Asking for help without feeling helpless

• How to eliminate stress, fear and struggle from your life

• The 3 things that make or break any relationship

• The golden rules of diet and exercise

• How to go for (and get!) what you want with ease and comfort

If you’re ready to experience more happiness and greater success with less effort than ever before, this is a must-attend event.

REGISTER AT 403-343-6679 or email
“Michael Neill is the finest success coach in the world today.
Since using his approach to creating inner and outer success,
I have become happier in myself, more successful, and to be blunt, I have simply made a lot more money!
Working with Michael will help you to get more
of what you truly want out of life.”
-Paul McKenna,
Host of TLC hit series “I Can Make You Thin”

September 7th 2008-8am to 4:00pm – THE HAPPY MILLIONAIRE – at the Black Knight Inn Main Stage – Max seating 50 – $422.00
continental b’fast served at 7:30am, lunch is included. All participants will be entered into the doorprize draws. Sunday at 4:30 we will draw for a Coaching Package with Michael valued at 3,000.00 !!

If you are a business owner, an individual who wants to increase your income and wealth or a business or life coach who wants to create more wealth for yourself and your clients, on an adventure into the heart of making money by making a difference in the world.
You will learn
• Why making money is a worthy goal
• How to go from ‘Acquisition’ to ‘Attraction’ to ‘Creation’
• Simple techniques for making more money regardless of what you do for a living
• The strangest discipline in the world and how it will help you to transform your life
• The true source of financial security
Best of all, you will get the chance to be coached directly by Michael in real-time on your personal business and wealth creation goals and challenges!
Michael has been the secret weapon of CEO’s, celebrities, millionaires and even royalty – now he will walk you step by step through the same proven techniques he uses with his clients to radically increase their incomes with less stress and greater ease than ever before.
His clients have added hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars to their income and wealth as a result of his coaching – and in every single case, they have done so with less stress and greater ease than before.

What this program is NOT:
*A “get rich quick” scheme
*A forum to discuss specific investment, real estate or portfolio management strategies
*A place to argue for your limitations and why “other people can do it but I can’t”
We will be working specifically on increasing your wealth, but there is no point in creating money at the cost of your health, your relationships or your soul. The world doesn’t need more miserable millionaires. It needs people who have learned to capitalize on their gifts, talents and inspiration to make more money by making more of a difference in the world. It needs you!

REGISTER AT 403-343-6679 or email

“Phenomenal! High energy, brilliant insights, mind-expanding concepts. They reshape your limiting ideas of success so you can allow true success into your life. Truly astonishing!
-Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author from “The Secret.”
EXCLUSIVE ‘WINE ‘N DINE’ EVENING WITH MICHAEL – Saturday, Sept 6th 6:30pm $100.00 at La Casa Pergola Restaurant

** This is an opportunity for 20 participants to dine at one of Red Deer’s top restaurants with Michael. It will be casual and exclusive, where you will get the chance to meet and know Michael personally. This once in a lifetime opportunity is only available to the first 20 participants who register for the dinner.

**you must be a participant of the Effortless Success Weekend event to take part in the dinner

REGISTER AT 403-343-6679 or email


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Mail Cheques payable to :

The Studio Holistic Health Centre
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Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 5E3

click here if you want to know more about Michael or click on for Michaels website or go to to hear his radio show every Thursday at 1pm, 6pm, or 11pm.

this is a low profit event and refunds will not be given once your seat is reserved. We anticipate (but do not guarantee) a waiting list, and if you find yourself unable to attand after your reservation has been confirmed, you will be connected to someone on the waiting list and expected to handle your arrangements in transferring your reservation to them. Please note, we do not guarantee a waiting list.