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Success!! Gotta love it!! BSSE Draw Winners!!


It has been such a busy time this past few months but what  a lot of fun we have had! Let’s see.  First Gloria and I were at the Red Deer Wellness Show.  Then I was set up in Bower Mall with a private group and last weekend, Angie and I were at the Calgary Body, Soul and Spirit Expo. I have done readings, lectures, and worked on my latest writing project as well as sharing lattes with friends and the regular household tasks.  In short, it has been a very busy and social time for me and I totally enjoy it.

My work IS a social occasion for me.  It doesn’t feel like a job, or even a career choice.  It feels like visiting and having the opportunity for that hour to have a new best friend who would like some advice. Granted, I forget what we talked about as soon as you are out the door, but  it is such an honor to have clients come to me and I truly try to assist the best way I can in whatever area you need.  I had no idea that being psychically active and taking the time to train my mediumship skills would come to be so delightful.

I remember not so long ago, being scared to the point of struggling with anxiety and wondering where it would all lead.  I remembering struggling with depression and frustration, wishing I was just another normal ‘asleep’ person so life could go back to being ‘normal’.  As it turns out, THIS is normal.  Living in a state of joy and being able to share that joy IS normal, and beyond wonderful.

Joy is a state of well-being we are all seeking and it is our divine right to have all that we desire.  Frankly, if you put your life under a microscope, you will find that you are getting exactly what you desire all the time!  It is just that your desires are not very focused and rampant thoughts are creating realities you may have chosen differently if you had only been aware that you could!  Thus, the topic of my lecture in Calgary as mentioned by Angie below in her letter.

Don’t misunderstand me – I am not always joyful.  As Angie who was my assistant for the Calgary Body Souls and Spirit Expo  knows, I can be a harsh taskmaster at times when I need something done.   It doesn’t last though, and I greatly appreciate effort and smiles – I quickly find my way back to joy through appreciation.

The following is what she wrote, thanks again for your assistance Angie, and your willingness to grow and learn.

From Angie:

“What a wonderful and amazing weekend of opportunities for growth and development!

Sharyn’s lecture for the weekend at the Expo was titled, ‘The Art of Appreciation: How to Love What You Have so You Can Have What You Want’. I was able to see this concept work for us first hand.

The hotel had overbooked rooms with two double beds we had booked for the weekend and I found myself sleeping on a hide-a-bed for Thursday night. It was late but I was truly thankful for the sofa hide-a-bed.

On Friday morning the Hotel Manager still could not give us a room with two double beds, so gave us an additional room instead.  I went from sharing a room and sleeping on a sofa bed to my own room with a king size bed!  By choosing to appreciate what I had on our first night’s stay I had allowed the Divine to bring me more than ‘ reasonable compensation’.

Thank-you for the experience and opportunity,    Angela “


Tanya Jellicoe, Pam Grover and Carole Pare .   Ladies, please call us so we can get these out to you, and thank you to everyone who entered the draw.

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  • Shari

    Thanks, It was a nice reminder to appreciate some daily comforts that we tend to take for granted…..