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The Face Book Craze

The Face Book Craze

For several months now, I have been asked by many friends and family members to join Facebook so we could send notes, see photos, and just generally stay in touch. I resisted for a few reasons. I had no idea just what Facebook really was aside from a chat line which I am not that interested in, nor have time for. So, when I was having lattes a while back with a business colleague and she told me she had joined Facebook to network her business, I thought wow – networking? I took a look at it and joined that same day.

The first thing that happened was I discovered just about every member of my family is on Facebook. I also had friends I haven’t seen in years connect with me on Facebook. It surprised me, delighted me and I started looking at the various groups that are started by others so people of like mind can share ideas from around the world. tree-and-sunrise.jpg

I started a group myself called ‘Developing in Truth – Living a Sixth Sensory Life‘, for anyone who is interested in chatting with a psychic or medium or who is developing themselves and would like some guidance. This is also a place where psychics and mediums can share ideas and thoughts about the environment they work in, the work challenges and anything else that comes up.

I would like to invite any and all of you who are on Facebook to check out the group Developing in Truth – Living a Sixth Sensory Life. It now has over 80 members and is growing and who knows, you may meet a new friend or find an answer you have been seeking out. Send me a note on Facebook if you do join so I can acknowledge you there and feel free to start a new topic in the group if there is something you would like to discuss. There are some good psychic/mediums there who would be delighted to lend guidance and wisdom. Perhaps we will meet up on Facebook sometime soon…. until then, Namaste from Sharyn