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The “Grandma/Grandpa” Generation

The “Grandma/Grandpa” Generation

Yup, that’s me, my husband and many of our friends these days.  In fact, Dave and I were delighted to be in Calgary over the past weekend assisting with the arrival of another grandson.  Dave spent his time keeping our three year old grandson Matthew fed and amused at their home, while I spent my time with his mommy and daddy at the hospital.  Little Zachary Daniel arrived at 9:07, March 1 and is perfect. I am a grandma – I can use the word perfect in describing my grandchildren because of course as everyone knows – grandmas are always right!

Having grandkids is truly the blessing bestowed upon grandparents by thier children.  They make you laugh and remind you how to play make believe all over again.  Grandkids amaze you with their brilliant minds and perfectly innocent faces after spilling their milk.  They astound you with thier ability to see the simplicity and joy in what we perceive as mundane things.  Grandkids run on an inexhaustable supply of energy, teaching us to appreciate a good nights sleep so we can try to keep up.

So, for this grandma life has taken on new color as each new grandchild adds thier own blend and it is with great joy we, the grandparents welcome young Zachary to the fold.

Comments (2)

  • Pat Crozier

    Congratulations Sharyn and Dave! Another near miss at a leap baby. Our Mike was born on March 1, 1988.
    You’re right, grandkids are a blessing. You are very lucky they’re so close!
    Pat and Tom

  • Sharyn

    Thanks for the congrats – I am blessed! Can you imagine though – a birthday every four years?