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The Magic of Face Reading

The Magic of Face Reading

Do you have creases and lines appearing on your face that you attribute to age?  Have creases appeared between your eyes or alongside your mouth?  These may have nothing to do with the aging factor, but rather with the life you have lived; and you might be surprised – even pleased at what some of those mean.  For example, the crease that runs from the bottom of the nose alongside the mouth indicates that you are on track in your life.  How many women and men want to rush to the plastic surgeon to lift that area?

Then there are the ears.  A vital part of face reading, they speak of events, traumas and challenges you experienced between birth and the age of thirteen.  Did you have support, was a parent absent or emotional unreachable, did a parent have anger issues, etc.. Your hairline reveals influences around adolescence, and if you are a rule breaker, able to take intuitive leaps or prefer the boundaries set for you.

According to this book, scars can fade to nothing when issues are dealt with that relate to that part of the face.  In fact, we can reverse the wrinkle process by dealing with our emotional stuff at various ages.  Your face is a map of when trauma or challenges occurred.  If you have marks in areas representing an age you haven’t reached – (eg chin) working on your stuff now eliminates the pain of it hitting you at a later age. 

Jean Haner’s book The Wisdom of Your Face is brilliant and very indepth.  I had to order it online at as I couldn’t find it in the local Chapters store and I am really glad I did.  I can’t say all my friends and family are though as I trot around behind them noting various expressions and creases on their faces and taking pictures of their ears!   

You will want to get this book if you are the least bit interested in the journey of those you love and even your own journey.  You may surprise yourself by realizing you have been intuitively reading faces all along, just perhaps with not the depth this book can teach you.  Happy Reading!